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Photo TR: Lewa Adventure (July 16, 2017)

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Lewa Adventure (July 16, 2017)


I finally went to Lewa Adventure today. This park is odd. Scream Valley Train is a loopscrew and people who are more than five feet, seven inches tall are not permitted to ride it. This has me rethinking China entering the foreign market. If their rides can't hold westerners, then Chinese companies should not send their representatives to trade shows in western countries to sell rides.


The rest of the park is very nice. There is a rocket ships style ride that I was happy to ride. Flash is a great coaster and is the star of the park. There is hang time in during the loop and a few spots of good airtime. Dinosaur's Spine is easily the worst Golden Horse SLC I have ridden. It is too rough. Crazy Mining Cart is okay. Motor Rider is fun. I hope to see more of these from Golden Horse, although seeing the real thing like Jinjiang in Shanghai has would be better.


The reports of the boomerang copy being removed are not true. It is still there and is still on the 2017 park map. It seems it hasn't carried people in a while.


I finished my day having ridden 5 out of the eight coasters here. The kiddie coaster and boomerang were closed and they say I am too tall for the loopscrew. I have now visited 547 parks and I have ridden 1079 coasters.


I finally made it to Lewa Adventure!


Chinese parks love this style of carousel.


Crazy Mining Cart was my first ride today.


Dinosaur's Spine was my second ride. That is an odd name for a coaster. This was needs to be melted down.


Here is the knock off boomerang. Rumors of its removal have been greatly exaggerated. It is no longer operating.


This is what a knock off of a Vekoma train looks like.


This is the ride I came here for.


That is a big loop!


Here is another view of Flash. That god awful Chinese POS is blocking part of it.


This is the second inversion on Flash.


Here is one more bit of Flash porn for you.


Yet another Chinese knock off....


Lewa's Soot the Chutes is big.


This ride adds a nice classic touch to Lewa Adventure.


Scream Valley Train requires that riders be 5 feet, seven inches tall or less to ride. This is screwed up big time!


Here is Lewa's kiddie coaster.


Horse Roller Coaster was the final coaster I would ride today.

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The reports of the boomerang copy being removed are not true. It is still there and is still on the 2017 park map. It seems it hasn't carried people in a while.


The shaping of the cobra roll on the knock-off Boomerang is so messed up. It really makes me wonder how (terrible) it rides... anyone here been on it??

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Great report! I shudder to think how bad knockoff Vekomas could be. It's like something out of a nightmare.


Let's just be thankful they went with a major manufacturer for their hyper coaster. Though I'm sure Golden Horse will try their own version of a hyper someday and it will feel like a trainwreck.

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I am thinking that maybe foreign manufacturers should stay out of China to avoid putting this technology into the hands of Chinese people. You can bet that soon, a Flash or Blue Fire clone from Golden Horse or another Chinese company will open someplace. Lewa blew it with Sky Swirl. They had the real deal and pissed it away.

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