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D23 Expo 2017 News Roundup

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What will happen to California Screamin' I guessing they will re-theme it to some thing incredibles related or Buzz lightyear or even maybe the Inside out.

Okay, an Inside Out theme doesn't really fit a roller coaster. However, if they fully enclosed the half tunnels, then added more of them especially to the launch, and included lighting effects, it could well fit a Buzz Lightyear theme. Not toy Buzz but "real" Buzz, like the opening scene from TS2 or the cartoon series.

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Oh, I dunno. If they theme the coaster to the idea that each car of the train represents one of the emotion "balls," I think they could pull off an Inside Out theme. I mean, in the movie, there are tracks all over for the movement of the balls...

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We're back for the final day of the D23 Expo 2017! We'll have more photos from the show floor to share today!'



Like a Fastpass for shopping, Storepass is still available for Mickey's of Glendale, the Dream Store & the Disney Store!





The Ultimate Fan Street Party at the #D23Expo just rolled through the show floor!












Checking out the Disney Dream Store at the #D23Expo 2017!



Space Mountain, Star Tours, Pirates of the Caribbean & Epcot all have anniversary merchandise at the Disney Dream Store!



"We wants The Redhead!"



A new Hipster Minnie figure is available for purchase at the Disney Dream Store at the D23 Expo.



Vinyl records of classic attraction and film soundtracks can be purchased at the Disney Dream Store at the D23 Expo.



There is a new 360 degree VR experience presented by The Lion King available to test out on the D23 Expo 2017 show floor!



Any Funko fans out there?



We found Oogie Boogie on the D23 Expo show floor!



The Disney Animation pavilion at the D23 Expo features a short preview of the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph sequel!



Guests are lined up at the Disney Parks pavilion for a look at the model for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge!



The Oh My Disney pavilion on the D23 Expo show floor features unique programming throughout the day including special guests!



Fans of the classic Disney Home Entertainment releases will love this unique cosplay!






Time for the Voices of the @DisneyParks Presentation!



You can take a photo with Oswald and Ortensia on the D23 Expo show floor!



Actor Bob Joles will be the new voice of the Disneyland Railroad when it reopens later this month!



Even more cosplayers at the D23 Expo!



Guests have had a chance at the D23 Expo to jump into Scrooge McDuck's Coin Vault from DuckTales on DisneyXD.



There's a Thor: Ragnarok video opportunity for guests to enjoy on the D23 Expo show floor.



The D23 Expo Emporium is a section of the show floor dedicated to independent vendors where collectibles can be purchased.



At one booth we found an old poster from Disney's California Adventure!



Any fans of the former Alfredo restaurant at Epcot's Italy Pavilion?





Guests had the chance to experience "The Voices of Jim Cummings" on the Center Stage at the D23 Expo.



Billy Hill and the Hillbillies also performed on the Center Stage at this year's D23 Expo!



A Jedinosaur visits the @DisneyParks pavilion at the #D23Expo 2017...



They are here to change the world!



The stars of @tangledseries @TheMandyMoore and @ZacharyLevi greet guests on the #D23Expo show floor!



Pirates of the Caribbean fans have this photo op to enjoy at the #D23Expo 2017!



Disney Vacation Club has a virtual reality experience at their booth as well!



Just like at the @DisneyParks the D23 Expo offers a location for guests to indulge in Pin Trading.



A guest is cosplaying as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!



Thrilled to see UniqloUSA at the D23 Expo this year! They're even offering early launch items for guests of the event!





Coffee is a little more magical with the help of Mickey Mouse!





The Grandmaster and Valkyrie's costumes from Thor Ragnarok can be seen at the Marvel pavilion.



A different take on the Dapper Dans!



At the D23 Expo you can see three Sphero Disney products, all available to test out while here!



Another look at the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad car on the D23 Expo show floor!





A fan of Paint the Night created his own Cars segment costume to wear throughout the show floor at the D23 Expo.



The Beast is here at the D23 Expo!



She's Yondu Poppins y'all!



Drax, Mantis and Gamora assemble on the D23 Expo 2017 show floor!



Statues of the children of Thanos as they will appear in Avengers Infinity War were revealed yesterday at the Marvel pavilion.





Ghost Rider's car and L.O.L.A. from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD as seen outside of the D23 Expo.





That concludes our live coverage of the D23 Expo 2017!

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In general, I am pretty floored by these announcements. Some thoughts.


Sure, Universe of Energy wasn't a great ride. But I don't necessarily feel that the Guardians of the Galaxy ride fits into the vision of Future World. The whole land needs revamped, for sure.


There are obviously some rides that you don't mind seeing go because times change, but for whatever reason, I really enjoyed The Great Movie Ride. I know it probably just wasn't responsible for Disney to invest heavily in a refurb, and if they can make this new ride work well in the Theater, I guess all will be alright. The park is going to be kind of barren for a while here. Nothing new has really opened up and a whole lot has closed down.


The Magic Kingdom theater up front is brilliant. I hope they don't tear down anything and just put it off to the side by the parade prep area. If they do that, it will sure help out some of the congestion in the area and will eat up a good bit of crowd every few hours which is nice.


I wasn't thrilled when they put Frozen in Norway, not necessarily because I thought Malestrom was perfect, but really just because I felt uneasy about including Disney movies so heavily in the World Showcase pavilions. I guess I was okay with character meet and greets because they were subtle. But if this is direction they are going, so be it. It would definitely be interesting if half the countries had an actual ride in addition to the entertainment and movies available currently.


So Tron has me torn. On one hand, the movie lent itself very well to a ride like this which makes it such an easy choice. It seems like the Shanghai version is wonderful and immersive. But, on the other hand, the movie isn't necessarily a Disney classic quite like most other movies that get a ride after them (with some exceptions, I guess).


Really, though... it seems like they announced a lot of new stuff and provided some additional details on quite a few existing projects. The parks are going to look so so different when I return sometime after 2020. Thanks for the great, great report. It was exciting to read and really thorough!

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