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[PhotoTR] Florida to Ohio

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Hey all, I just got back from my awesome holiday and I wanted to show just a few of my favourite photos from each park I did. I flew Germany to Orlando and Orlando to Cleveland. This was my second time to Florida the first time being 15 years ago, so I had a lot of new stuff to see and do. Due to my time frame I had to sacrifice a park that being Magic Kingdom, and this time skipped water parks. And then I made my first, a long over due trip to Cedar Point. Due to my time frame and how the flights worked out I couldn't make it to Other parks in Ohio but maybe next time.


First off I never really had anything negative to say, I overall had a fantastic time. I never once used fast pass or bought refill souvenir cups or loads of merch etc as I was kind of on a budget, but I made it work and actually managed to ride every coaster 3 or 4 times despite the fact it was peak times and being solo made it easier. My favourite attraction on the trip was 'Avatar Flight Of Passage' it was incredible and I just didn't expect it. My favourite park was obviously Cedar Point. My favourite coaster in Florida was Mako and on the whole trip it was Maverick.


I love Surprises and there was a few rides that I thought i'd ride once and then that would be it, but I ended up returning to them over and over. Gemini & Magnum both were just so enjoyable and quirky I absolutely loved them, which was a total shock to me. Another was Cobras Curse, I thought it would just be a kind of Average Family ride, but no, I totally loved it.


Rides that I still loved but were kind of underwhelming were, Cheetah Hunt, I don't know why but my expectations were greater for some reason. Valravn, now I still loved it but I thought the restraints really effected how it rode compared to Shiekra. And Gringotts for went down the 3D screen path too much and I wished it was more coaster, still a fantastic attraction but I kind of thought that about the whole of universal, there were only so many 3D screen rides I could do before I was kind of done with it but again regardless still fun day.


The Line for Avatar was crazy but I waited anyway as a lovely store worker in the gift shop said to me if there's one thing you do today then it's Flight Of Passage, And man she was right. Speaking of long lines Kraken Unleashed wrapped up a 420min line....thank god for the save your spot on line service so I managed to ride it twice, but with out VR as I do get a tad motion sick with those kind of things. But the VR just took so long, one train was dispatched every 15 minutes creating the long wait.


Now for a few of my favourite photos from each park that I took.


Hogwarts Selfie


Loved the Hulk, And I loved the new trains.


Totally loved this compared to other 3D rides


Splash down!


Red Dragon was still my favourite out of the two just like I remembered 15 years ago.


Next was a universal,


Rip Ride Rockit was rougher than i thought it'd be.


Loved the non inverting loop.


Spider-man..sorry Transformers


Cobras Curse was excellent



Monty proved it was still favourite of mine.


My first big dive coaster, Why do we get the small ones in Europe??


Kumba was good classic B&M goodness


Cheetah Hunt gave a really long ride which I liked


Nasty spinning coasters haha


Animal Kingdom was next, and this was the day the massive storm came.



Loved this attraction, great theming and idea.


Pandora was just spectacular everywhere you looked


The floating islands.....made great shade for when the sun was blazing.


Next up was a visit to Hollywood Studios


One of my favourite themed attractions


Great fun and much prefer it to paris.


And I also prefer the original Tower or terror to the paris one.


i literally went to Epcot for 2 hours as a quick evening visit.


and did just Soarin and Test Track.


So I managed to get to the FunSpot Parks


Mine blower kicked a$$


Fast passed and loads of air


The other Funspot was larger and had a couple more things to do


White Lightning was real fun, for for the family compared to Mine Blower


And freedom Flyer was a really great family suspended coaster.


Last day in Orlando I went to seaWrold


Mako was a walk on, so I did it 4 times in a row


Manta had operation problems, and had a real long line, and no duel station happening.


Mako is the distance, my favourite Florida coaster


Bye SeaWorld


Then I made why why over to cleveland Ohio


MF I'v dreamed of riding this, I actual greyed out a little on the first overbank


Maverick had everything I love on a roller coaster in one.


Gatekeeper, Im not a big fan of Winged Coasters but it was huge and really long. No pun intended.


Valravn, Damn those tight thigh restraints.


Photographs well tho


Rougarou was awesome! Now my favourite Floorless coaster


MF and Rougarou magic


Magnum took a little piece of my heart.


More GateKeeper


Wicked twister, as iv said many times I don't like going backwards so much, so I only rode once


Raptor was all kinds of crazy! the speed it takes the elements was mental.


That big a$$ inversion


Classic Corkscrew, with an Airtime hill??


Dragster was down a lot but I rode it 2 and a half times......3rd time we had an E-stop on launch and got taken off.


Magnum in the sunset


Gemini, was a Gem of a coaster. Who knew... well not me.

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great report. . we too loved Gemini, and ended up riding it multiple times (while for us Raptor was 1 and done (as was corkscrew & blue streak).


but yeah, agreed highly so on Gemini

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I'm glad you got two rides on TTD! I wasn't able to the last time I went to CP as it was down all day (weather-related).


I also find Gemini to be an underrated coaster at the Point. It would be a top 3 coaster at many parks IMHO.


Did you have any super long waits?

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To be honest the waits all depended on what time of day I did which ride. I was there 3rd 4th and 5th of July. Heres roughly how it was..

Magnum - walk on

Blue Streak - Walk on

Gemini - walk on

Rougarou - walk on

Corkscrew - walk on

Woodstock Express - walk on

Cedar Creek Mine - walk on

Power Tower - 5 mins

Gate Keeper - 45 in the morning, afternoons 15 mins, after 8pm a walk on

Dragster - closed mostly but I waited 20 mins. When it opens later it gets a surge of people so can be 60mins

Iron dragon 20min - VR iron dragon 60mins

Wicked Twister - 45min after 8pm a walk on

Raptor - 45min after 8pm a walk on

millennium force - 45min all day but sometimes a 30min

Valravn - 90mins - after 8pm a 10 min

Maverick - 90mins - early mornings a 20min

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great report. . we too loved Gemini, and ended up riding it multiple times (while for us Raptor was 1 and done (as was corkscrew & blue streak).


but yeah, agreed highly so on Gemini


What he said. And those are great sunset shots of Magnum and Gemini!

Great trip you took with all those parks! Thanks for sharing it.

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What an awesome trip! You packed in a lot and it looks like you had a great time with lots and lots of rides. I just got back from a trip to Cedar Point yesterday so it's great to see your pics and pretend I'm still there haha. Did you see any shows at any of the parks? I haven't been to Sea World in 17 years so I'm sure a lot has changed but they had some great animal shows and exhibits back then. Cedar Point has a fantastic show called All Wheels Extreme and I love their roaming brass band that plays fun songs around the park!

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Did you see any shows at any of the parks? I haven't been to Sea World in 17 years so I'm sure a lot has changed but they had some great animal shows and exhibits back then. Cedar Point has a fantastic show called All Wheels Extreme and I love their roaming brass band that plays fun songs around the park!


I did see the 'Dolphin Days' and 'Pets Ahoy' at SeaWorld which are very good, Didn't get a chance to see anything else as they just didn't work out with my kraken return ticket time things and with how long I waited for Manta etc and eating in-between plus my shuttle came at 6. At Cedar Point I didn't see any shows, maybe I should of taken the time to do that, but I was just in Coaster Heaven and just wanted to ride everything so much. Thanks for your kind words about my trip, I need to plan one for next but i just don't know where to go yet.

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