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Throwback Thursday-Knott's Edition

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Back when I visited Knott's in the 1990s and the early 2000s


Anyone remember these rides??


The Steamboat around the lake


Head bangin good time on Windjammer lol


When Cedar Fair took over in late 1990s


Little did we know then how Windjammer would turn out to be...yikes! But great concept nonetheless


Driving by construction on Perilous Plunge


That scrambler has been moved around so many times lol...first as headpsin, then near windjammer, then wilderness scrambler etc...


When Hammerhead was still around


When the Boardwalk was "new" and Jaguar still had fire


RIP Boomerang...postcard from the 1990s


When Supreme Sceam was new


Old Park Map from 1998


Remember some of these attractions from the "Boardwalk" in the 1990s??


When Ghostrider was still under construction 1998


Loved the tumbler!

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What are we actually looking at here?

My guess is someone reminiscing about old Knott's, back before Cedar Fair destroyed it with all them rolly coasters, you know like Boomerang, Montezooma's Revenge, Jaguar! and Windjammer. Oh wait those were all put in by the Knott's family. My bad.

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No I meant some of those images that look really weird. Are they pictures of slides or something?


It looks like they took old postcards, park guide, printed photographs, and other items and put them on the carpet or a black folder, as backgrounds, to take digital photos of them to post. He just took a photo of a photo instead of scanning it.

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What are we actually looking at here?


It looks like we're looking at pictures of pictures.


Like, if I old had maps or old photos, and couldn't necessarily scan them, then I'd just snap photos of what I have. I know it's not the most "romantic" way to go about it, but I definitely do appreciate the fact that he has put the effort forth to share them. I especially love that Supreme Scream photo of the Knott's maps front page. Man, takes me back, I think I have that map!


All these photos provided hit me straight in the heart. I love them. They remind me of old Knott's. I am so thankfull all of these images have been shared and I would applaud anyone who has similar images to share them just because of the memories. I will never knock people sharing photos that might not be the "best quality" just because I am so happy to see them.

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