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TR: Wanda Nanning Indoor Theme Park

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Since I'm spending the summer in Nanning, I was able to visit Wanda Group's newest park, which is a medium size indoor park with a few rides that are supposed to represent Guangxi Province's culture, ok.


By the way, I should be clear: When I was making the decision to check out this Golden Horse prototype 4-across seating mine train with drop track, I was not under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances, I was not being held hostage or black mailed by any group or individual.


Now move on to the park, it looks like just an average Wanda or Happy Valley park but indoors, most rides are pretty sketchy and only the Zamperla mini drop tower is not made by a Chinese manufacturer. They have a Back to the Future/Simpson style ride that I didn't care enough to remember the story line of, two water rides that weren't open yet, some catalogue family rides scattered around the park, a hot air balloon ride suspended from the ceiling, and the mine train.


Now about the mine train, maybe my expectation was way too low, but when the train returned to the station COMPLETELY INTACT, I was pleasantly surprised. The ride is very well-done for a Chinese manufacturer, somewhere around the smoothness and intensity of SFFT's Road Runner Express. Now the main star is the drop track. I haven't been on Th13teen, Verbolten, Polar X-Plorer or Darkmare, but this one felt well-made with a great pop of airtime. Overall I'm pleasantly surprised with the quality of this coaster. Unfortunately I was not able to film a video on it as they have a pretty strict loose article policy. Now move on to the few pictures I took:


Exterior of the mall/park complex. Of course I went to McDonald's for dinner.


This spread out turn looks a bit odd but the train passes at a rather high speed so it's not as bad when you see it in motion.


Knock-off Mack seat?


Phoenix with a hugh square ass.




The Main Street that you ignore.


The Back to the Future style dark ride that I didn't care about


Look! Just like IKEA!


The log flume that isn't quite ready for opening yet. But at least there weren't any animal swimming around!


Track for the suspended hot air balloon ride plus a carousel that looks worse than my 4th grade art project.


The ceiling is quite high, it feels quite impressive actually.


Very weird train configuration, it's like two Euro Fighters connected together like X-Cars.


Entrance of the station

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Drop Track on a Chinese ride... GH (I believe that is who made this) are really moving forwards fast.

Their new inverts are going down well apparently. The tilt track rides are apparently poor but at least they are trying.


Give it a few years and id say GH will be a viable alternative to the cheaper ride builders out there.

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^ Yes, track work is at least decent now. But they still have issues that make their coasters not as good. For example, at the drop track, they didn't consider the front and back clearance, which means if you extend your arm beyond the train at the front and back row, you can touch the track if your arms are long enough. Which is very dangerous at a drop track.

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Love the TR, shame about the park, but that is what happens when your country is red I don't know, I hate the design of the 'main street' and buildings, they look so obviously fake that it just does not feel right, same with the disappointing rides.

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