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[PKT] Little Lake Family Park (Season 2!)

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Little Lakes Family Park


So, I picked up parkitect a little while back and didn't really play it much up until the other day when the theme park bug bit me for some unknown reason and I decided to give Parkitect a go. Now I don't really have a whole lot of free time to actually spend playing the game and making a park so I choose to go small (also one of the reason I choose Parkitect over Planet Coaster (the other being that I love the RCT2 vibe and that I don't actually own Planet Coaster)) in the form of the 60x60 map that I hope to make into a small family park.


Anyway enough random chatting let's get on with introducing you all to the actual park. Firstly however a couple of points:



I won't be using any custom objects or mods as per usual

I will be using the money and simulation part of the game as well so will have to try and make that work out for me (this could mean that our little park goes bankrupt at some point in time but let's hope not).




Little Lake Family Park


So, lets get on with introducing you to my new little park. Built on this lovely plot of land that my family own, my parents gave me the deed and a small sum of money and sent me on my way (well, so much as you can when the plot of land is attached to your Mansion and grounds). Now, as you can see from the next couple of images you can see how the plot of land is laid out and why the area is named what it's named, with the fishing lake in the middle. The gate to the right leads off to my parents estate.



So, anyway I got to work quickly on getting something to actually start bringing some money in so we can afford to expand this place, starting pretty small with one coaster and some flat rides just to wet the locals appetites with things to (hopefully come)


Rather annoyingly however, apparently as the year went on we came to the conclusion that this money thing is hard to do (OOC: I also had to remove the path around the park to stop people getting bored and tired wandering around randomly).


Don't worry though guys and girls! We did the super sensible thing and took out a loan, not really reading the small print about paying it back and may now be in a bit more of a problem. Still optimism is a brilliant thing right and I'm sure we'll get through this!


Oh crap.. the pictures, should probably actually get round to showing you them shouldn't I as I'm sure that's what your here for. Prepare to be amazed!


So, lets start with this carousel, happily spinning round in the rain.


Moving on we come across this Twister ride, totally not here just to get guests into the park!


Finally for the ride line up (I ran out of money alright!) we have Lakeside Coaster, this small family offering (OOC: I think the nausea may be broken though as its at like 56% and high but nevermind) as far as coasters go bought dirt cheap off a travelling fair.


Anyway, as you can probably see in the Twister image we also have some basic amenities in the park with the afore seen toilets and this small burger and chip joint near the entrance.


And that is basically it, I'll have to leave you now with this overview of our tiny park while I go and see if I can grow a magic money tree to help us out a bit!


See you next year!


(OOC: Pretty short first entry but there's not a lot to show. My plan going forward is to try not to go bankrupt and also to post a entry for each in game year as I think it'll be an interesting way , along with the money aspect to keep a park blog.)


Till next time!

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Ace Of Spades: Thanks, glad your enjoying the park. I can't imagine the park getting really big in the future as it doesn't have the space but I hope I can keep you interested as it grows (provided of course that I don't go bankrupt!)



Season 2


So, season 2 was a bit of a slow one for us with not a lot happening as we tried to sort out the books a bit and get some profit back into the park. Firstly we switched to a fixed entry price and then free rides which, somehow worked despite charging £25 for two flat rides and a tiny coaster! We also chose to up the price of our food a little bit to try and scrape more income that way. As you can see from the spreadsheet below though (please don't show this to the bank manager, we keep telling him we've lost it!) we haven't quite got there yet, though encouragingly it is a lot closer charging for park entry rather than ride entry.



Meanwhile we still had to add a ride for season tow to actually encourage more guests to come visit the park so we bought and very lightly dressed up this teacup ride!



Still that's all we have for season 2. apparently though, the marketing team and design team (which just happen to be the same person) have a brilliant, though expensive idea to help out with season 3 so I'm waiting with fear and curiosity to see if that actually helps us get somewhere near a profit!


Till next time!


(OOC: sorry about the short season, I really did spend a lot of it trying to get the park to actually run near a profit before we used up all of our loan! Also ignore the fact that I took the finance screenshot partly into season 3 lol.)

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