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Wish me luck...

Mind Eraser

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Ever since like 3rd grade (I'm in 6th now) Florida has been persuading us not to smoke. They say that if you are smoking (just in case) when you try to quit, you should try to avoid people more because you become moody and bored. You know what I mean? Smoking is kind of a hobby, but an addicting one. They say you should chew gum, just like Shockwave is, you can work on your other hobbies you have, or you can be creative and just draw. You can basically do anything but smoking.


BTW, congrats on the 1st day w/o smoking, Shockwave


I hope you understood what I said I make short stories long...



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Keep up the good fight Tom!! Yes that is very wise to find other things to do when you get that urge. Find something, find anything to do to take your mind off it. Best of all HANG IN THERE BUDDY!!! You can do it!!!

Same goes for those who want to try quiting aswell!!


Remember YOU are in control!! IT does not have control over you!!

Just keep reminding yourself of that too!!!


I wonder how the thread starter Mind Eraser is doing aswell?!!

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Yeah, just over 4 weeks now. The time has just flown by!


OK, so we're now at 3 days and feeling a little less stressed out at the little things in life. I still get a lot of cravings after meals, but I'm chewing a lot of gum and I keep eating snacks to avoid that.


Don't worry about me gaining weight either, I just seem to stay thin whatever I eat!


Yes, I weigh a tiny 133lbs! That's 60 kilos.

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I gained some weight from quiting smoking(the few failed attempts I had before finally kicking the habit).


Though I'm not sure how much of the weight gain was due to smoking, increased beer drinking, quiting my part time job, or the freshmen 15.


I've put on about 50-60 pounds in the last 5-6 years. Though it's not really that shocking considering how under weight I was before that.

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I think my 'falling off wagon' last year, about same time, probably/possibly kick-started my weight gain thru all those months.


Once (and after) I stopped again.


Hmmmph. That's most times the biotch of quitting; controlling weight and food, etc.etc.


Hang in there, tho, no matter what the bod does, it's better than cancer any time, hmm?


Yay all you quitters out there!

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Excellent Tom! Good to hear that.


My birthday will signify five years without the evil weed...

(not that weed, har har)


Can't believe it's actually been that long w/o cigs. Considering how long I'd been smoking the wretched things.


It also helps that you have someone with you, to help you thru 'stuff that happens' - and it will, believe me. Hang in there, lol!



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