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Photo Trip Report: Worlds of Fun

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I had to go to Tulsa for a business trip so I decided to take a detour to Kansas City to go to Worlds of Fun. This was my first visit to Worlds of Fun and I must say that this is a great family park. There are a ton of rides for the entire family to enjoy...for the young ones and for the thrill seekers. Unfortunately my WOF experience was cut short due to weather closing every single ride, but I was able to do everything I wanted within 2 hours. Here's some highlights...


Spinning Dragons - Just your typical Spinning Coaster and I don't like the inside facing ones. I'd much rather be facing outwards. I'm glad I did this low-capacity ride first, because when I was done there was already a 20 minute wait.


Patriot - I was super impressed with this B&M coaster. I thought the forces were great (both positive and negative Gs) The first loop had some great positive G-Forces while the floater air was unexpected to. I only got to ride in the back once but it was still a great ride.


Timber Wolf - Closed. Too bad. I heard this thing beats the crap out of you so I wasn't upset that I didn't get to ride it.


Detonator - I always love these free fall types of rides. Great thrills


Mamba - This was my first "true" Morgan Hyper Coaster. (I've ridden Steel Eel but that's not considered a Hyper coaster for those nerds out there. Good airtime in the beginning and that helix at the end is a wannabe SFMM Goliath helix of death. It stills ran pretty good though.


Boomerang - Got my credit and got a headache...thanks...


Prowler - I was very disappointed in this ride. I was hoping it was going to be a fun GCI ride but this thing beat the sh*t outta me. There was so much bumping up and down I couldn't re-rdie it. I was pretty bummed.


Planet Snoopy - WOW! There were so many rides for the kiddos! This was a great area and I'll definitely have to head back to the park with my family and have the kids go to this area. Very well done.


I also spent the extra $5 and did the Dinosaurs Alive walkthrough area but I will post that in a later update.


Below are the pictures...


Mandatory picture out of an airplane...I give you the Rockies!


My breakfast stop in the morning...these places are great!


I see Worlds of Fun in the distance! Mamba takes over the sky!


Entrance off the road. Anything with a Dinosaur makes it that much better!


There's so much land here...why don't they build a hotel or something...


The Patriot as seen from the road.


Great view from my parking spot


At the entrance. This park is themed to "Around the World in 80 Days". Or...you can do the entire park in 80 minutes!


Here's the Map. Different lands represent different "Worlds"




The Grand Carrousel is a classic.


When things have plaques out front, you know they are classics!


First Ride of the day!


Your typical spinning/puking type of ride.


People screaming...and spinning...and then puking...


The backside of the train car! I see its butt!


Pandas are so cute...except when they spin you around


The backside of Bamboozler! I see its butt!


This is SteelHawk. I did not ride because I didn't want to get stuck and not make my trip down to Tulsa.


Patriot! Make 'Merica Great Again by having more B&M coasters like this one!


Through the trees!


The World is upside down!


Looks like everyone is having fun making 'Merica great again.


I love this inversion...


This was supposed to happen today...but as you'll see later, weather was not kind to this event...


Walking around, the theming was great that it was to the Peanuts Brand




Haha...I get it...it's like Darth Vader but with Darts...HA


I see you Patriot over the Joe Cool Arcade!


I was not upset this was closed. I like my kidneys thank you very much.


NEW FOR 2017!!!! Great ride for the family


The sun decided to torch Detonator.


Mamba! Be careful...you might hiss your pants on this ride.


Wait...did we transport to Knott's in a different dimension where there is a Hyper Coaster behind Coasters?


Great ride!


This is their Rapids Ride...


...but the Fury looked a little weak today...


Dammit...I hate these things...


Hear it is...in Africa


Loop in Africa


NEW FOR 2017!!!


Little brother in the foreground...Big Brother in the background.


Great addition. I really like these rides.


A lot of people were riding it today


Falcon's Flight...through the trees!


Is this show risqué?


Oh sweet! I like these rides.....oh wait....


...I don't think it's opening today...


Damn you Prowler! I wanted you to be so good but you were not. I might have to go hunt and shoot you dead.


The rain started coming down so that meant it was time to ride the train


Oh look...a plaque...that means it's a Classic.


A true Steam Engine!


While on the train, it offered some great views of Prowler...even though I would never ride that coaster again...


Doesn't it just look fun...


...but it was so damn rough!


Turn back and don't ever ride Prowler again!!!


Even Prowler's station was abandoned...no one wanted to ride it.


Bonus points if you know the name of this ride!


It was still raining so that meant it was time to eat lunch.


When in Kansas City...you need to have Barbecue!


It doesn't look like much...but between the bread was heaven in my mouth...and then the Mac and Cheese too....SO GOOD!


It stopped raining for a little bit so time to check out Planet Snoopy


Hey! I'm having cookies with Snoopy!


Why does Snoopy always seem to be going over a Waterfall. That just doesn't seem safe.


Curse you Red Baron!




Snoopy's just waiting for someone to hug him.




My favorite Snoopy character...the World War I flying Ace!


Time to run people over!


Sally even has a ride that's not themed to her being a psychiatrist.


Great theming on all these rides.


There's even a Woodstock sighting!


These are fun too...all around a fun place.


Everyone was in the Playhouse since the weather was being very rude.


Time to buy some merch!


Snoopy's Toy Box......


There's a Scrambler here too...


...and a Dragon Swing


The Park really is beautiful...but the clouds and lightning started to come...


...and then it got dark....


...and then the downpour happened so that was my queue to head down to Tulsa for work.


Mandatory picture of flying home...Check!

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nice little park, but seems to be pretty . . . "generic" ?


reminds me, of Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, KBF. . . basically the other Cedar Fair parks I've been to, but just not as . . um. . . unique?


if I was in the area, I might stop by, but don't think I'd plan a trip just for Mamba.


thanks for sharing tho, great pictures.

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Dinosaurs Alive!


This was a $5 upcharge attraction at Worlds of Fun. I thought it was really well done but there were some animatronics that didn't work when I walked by and it also looked like nature has taken over some of the Dinosaurs. That being said, kids would really enjoy how the Dinosaurs come to life and interact with you. There were also some Dinosaurs that you could move by pushing their buttons...that's right...their buttons!


Anyway...on to the pictures of Dinosaurs Alive!!


Dinosaurs Alive!


Signage right before you enter a time travel machine and it takes you back in time to see real life Dinosaurs.


Time Portal! BAM! Now we are back in time!


Look! Jurassic Park III


Irritator really irritates its prey to death!


A Dinosaurs who's buttons you can push and it'll move for you!


It's a Trap!!


Now we are in Jurassic Park II


His name is Al!


There's something behind me in the trees....


Oh look...this one is half buried.


What a Horny Dinosaur!


A triple Horny Dinosaur!


Time for Horns!


I'm out of Horny jokes


Time for music!


Say that name 5 times fast...


A dino with a weapon on its tail.


I see something long and straight ahead in the trees....


What a long neck...


Check it out!


What a neck!


And then this little guy thinks he can take out that large of a Dinosaur.


My money's on the tiny one.


And they even made the dinosaurs anatomically correct...I see its butt...


It looks like this guy doesn't want to be messed with


Another one where you can push its buttons


The real reasons dinosaurs died out...they couldn't swim...


It think there's supposed to be water around them but ... they're dying...


More dines dying!


I think the squirrels got this one.


Oh look! Science-y things


The most accurate rock formation you will ever see!


Little reading material.


Oh damn...they really did die by drowning...


And now we are digging for them...Oh geez...this is getting morbid...


Look at all the dinosaur bones!!!!!




Gigantenous indeed!


What is this dinosaur looking at and why is he pissed off?


Oh...I see...He sees a trash can and a waterslide he can't get to...I feel his pain.


The more you know!


What is that?


It's Little Foot from Land Before Time!


He's so cute!




Now it's time for the main attraction!


I think I see something...


Be vewy vewy quiet...we are hunting Tywanasorwus Wex.


There he is!


Oh god! He saw me! RUN!!!!


This thing is HUGE!


I got my money on the Triceratops


He just looks pissed off!


Looks like the T-Rew got a bite out of the Triceratops.


This little guy is pissed!




Time for a group hug!


All these little guys are hugging the big guy to the ground.


He's just hugging him to death kids...it's ok!


Another Button pusher...




There's babies!


It's a family reunion!


The Titan of the Oloros


And the real reason that dinosaurs died out...they put them next to Boomerang.


Thanks for the great time Dinos!


But seriously...why next to Boomerang!?!?!

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Seems very "Dorney Park" to me. Glad you had fun!!


you nailed it. . I actually forgot Dorney Park was Cedar Fair. . . that's exactly what it reminded me of!


(but WoF seems to have way more trees/shade than DP)

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Awe. You really missed out on Timber Wolf, it really isn't that rough, I actually REALLY like it. I like it a lot more than Prowler. But I was also let down by Prowler, too. I had really high expectations going in being that it won the Golden Ticket for Best New Ride of 2009, I thought it would become my new favorite GCI. The I rode it. It thought it was more uncomfortable than Timber Wolf. Maybe it was because I was expecting a rough ride on the Timber Wolf and a smooth on on Prowler. My favorite GCI is still Ozark Wildcat. And I also didn't think that Boomerang was that rough either, one of the better Boomerangs even.

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Nice report! If you didn't like Prowler, then you definitely wouldn't like Timber Wolf. It is much better since the GCI retrack--it now waits until halfway through the ride to murder your kidneys! Dinosaurs Alive is very popular with the kids, and I enjoy the walk through the woods.


Battle Creek is actually a very good lunch place. There's better barbecue in KC, but there's not better barbecue in a theme park anywhere. KC is all about the Q, and I'm glad you got to try it. There are really two categories of people: Those who know KC style is the best, and those who are wrong.


Oh, and Le Taxitour. Where do I collect my bonus points?

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Nice report! If you didn't like Prowler, then you definitely wouldn't like Timber Wolf. It is much better since the GCI retrack--it now waits until halfway through the ride to murder your kidneys! Dinosaurs Alive is very popular with the kids, and I enjoy the walk through the woods.


Battle Creek is actually a very good lunch place. There's better barbecue in KC, but there's not better barbecue in a theme park anywhere. KC is all about the Q, and I'm glad you got to try it. There are really two categories of people: Those who know KC style is the best, and those who are wrong.


Oh, and Le Taxitour. Where do I collect my bonus points?


^ Your Bonus Points are a pat on the back! Glad someone reads these things!


Now it's time for the fun time I had before I even set foot in Worlds of Fun...


My flight got into Kansas City at 8:30, I got my bag, got my rental car, and then arrived at the Holiday Inn right across the street form Worlds of Fun at about 9:30. When I came to the front desk of the hotel, I found a man being extremely rude to the lady at the counter about his room not being ready. He stormed off to the bar all pissed off and cursing under his breath.


I came up to the desk and asked if I could check in. The wonderful lady at the desk (her name was Brittany), told me that they overbooked the hotel and that she didn't have a room for me. I decided not to be an @$$hole like the guy in front of me so I politely asked her my options. She told me that all the hotels within 20 miles were full except the Casino. Me, having never been to this city before, had no idea what the Casino was so I said I'll just stay there. She then mentioned that the Casino cost $150 more than what I paid for, for my room at the Holiday Inn. I told her that it didn't matter...it was late and I just needed a room. Brittany than told me I had to take some paperwork to the Casino and that Holiday Inn would pay for my Holiday Inn room cost and then I would have to pay the rest and then I told her that was fine.


Next, she told me a route to the Casino that would avoid all the construction they were doing on the highway. I said thanks and I wished her the best with the rest of her night.


I proceeded to the Ameristar Casino and to my surprise...it was actually a pretty awesome place! It still had live music going on, a bar right up front and a great surrounding inside. I walked to the front desk where I was helped by Theresa, and told her that I was the guy the Holiday Inn sent over. I was expecting to pay for my room so I started to pull out my credit card but then she told me that Brittany from the Holiday Inn called back over and that they worked something out so my room was FREE! That's right...FREE!


So instead of being a complete jerk and actually being nice in the situation, good things do happen.


I walked around the Casino and it was pretty great. Below are the pictures of my FREE night and morning of the Ameristar Casino.




I was greeted to Shining Lights and Music to the Casino


When Casinos have a fake sky, you know they are legit Casinos! This was the Depot Bar in the front with Live Music and a place to eat inside a train car!


Colorful Fountains!


This was their Buffet. It was very well themed to America!


The venue where shows are held to the left and a HUGE play area for kids on the right. I guess for the parents that want to gamble their kids college tuition away, they can at least put them in an area to play.


Another Restaurant!


The next morning, I got to see what it really looks like...not bad.


Any place that has Canadian Geese roaming the parking lot is a win in my back. I'm sure Gertrude would be proud!


They even have theming at the back of the hotel to a River Boat!


And the train out Front lets you know where you are. It truly was a great time!

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Wow, you got a great upgrade! I work in the travel industry, and this sort of thing happens all the time. In fact, my very first job at the company I work for currently was facilitating relocation arrangements like the one you experienced. Usually the overbooked hotel just pays the asking price from the receiving hotel, but sometimes the receiving hotel is willing to take less because it's a room that would have been empty anyway.


One thing you probably don't know is that Missouri law only allows gambling on riverboats. That cool bit of theming you pointed out? Yeah, legally mandated. The casino literally could not operate if they didn't have it. Bizarre, but that's how it is. The riverboat doesn't have to go anywhere, and it can be attached to a permanent structure on the shore--and, get this, the riverboat can also be a permanent structure not designed to move ever--but it has to exist for the casino to operate legally. That's my state.

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JimmyBo - this must be your first new park in 5 years or so, and you still deliver a great story with your PTR


Seems very "Dorney Park" to me. Glad you had fun!!

At least Cedar Point left some of Worlds of Fun's soul. I really enjoyed my one trip to Worlds of Fun a few years ago.

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^ Thanks Larry! It's my first new park since visiting Mall of America in 2014. It's a bit harder to make these trips nowadays since I have young kiddos running around. So when I'm going on a business trip anywhere near anything...I will take the extra time to make a trip to a park. Glad you enjoyed the read!


^^ ytterbiumanalyst, I thought I heard someone mention the "River Boat" Casino thing while I was having drinks at a bar and I thought it seemed outrageous and they drank too much. I guess they were right and it totally makes sense why the "River Boat" theming was in the back of the hotel.


Jimmy "I'd love to see the Casino actually float on a river!" Bo

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So instead of being a complete jerk and actually being nice in the situation, good things do happen.


I walked around the Casino and it was pretty great. Below are the pictures of my FREE night and morning of the Ameristar Casino.




A similar thing happened to me at the Providence, RI, airport when the plane I was supposed to take back to Richmond blew a tire, and everybody had to be rebooked. People were going ballistic on the poor guy at gate as though he shot the tire himself. When it was my turn, I was very nice and unassuming--which got me a seat in first class.


Good life lesson there.

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Worlds of Fun is a great family park, but that's it. I find myself bored when going there. I do love Prowler. Timberwolf has been meh for many years for me. The problem with Mamba is how it's run. They slow the chainlift to a crawl so the next couple of hills you have little to no airtime and the MCBB nearly stops you so the train crawls back to the station. Such a shame! When it opened, it was a fantastic ride!


Of course, my biggest disappointment with WOF is not being able to ride Zambezi Zinger and Orient Express. I really miss those rides!


Again, nice family park.

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I've actually stayed at that Ameristar Casino hotel myself! It really wasn't that bad, and it's quite close to WOF... we had a room that in fact had a view of the park!


And I do agree with many... WOF is a nice park, but at the end of the day, nothing special. When I initially rode Prowler many years ago, I did love it. It has gotten rougher with age, which is a shame... when it was smooth, it was pretty great.


I will be going back in a few weeks myself, mainly because I'm a sucker for Troikas (there's none in CA!) and Condors, which are also relatively rare... I don't believe there are any on the West Coast. So I have to ride them when I can. Don't know why I love them so much, but I do.


The last few pages of this thread talked about the abysmal operations... I hope that's getting sorted out...

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Just to ask you Jim - how did you feel about paying the up-charge for the Dinosaurs walk-through?


The same thing is/was at Cedar Point, and Bert and I decided not to pay the fee and see the exhibit.

We got to go through the Gift Shop, of course, but I think we both agreed that for a park to spend

as much as they did for everything else - and then charge an entry fee for something like this?


Maybe next visit. (And as Hotel Breakers' patrons, we thought maybe this could be a 'perk' for us.)

Edited by Nrthwnd
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Great TR Jimmy! I feel I must accept full blame for your ribcage issues. You know why. And for that, I am internally sorry.


See what I did there. I used the word internally as a pun for eternally. Because I think I inflicted permanant damage to Jimmy's internal organs, while at the same time being extremely sorry for doing the damage in the first place. Comedy people! It ain't easy. And JimmyBo is a master!


Guy "I see your butt." Koepp


Sent from my testicles using my penis to hunt and peck on my keyboard.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Just to ask you Jim - how did you feel about paying the up-charge for the Dinosaurs walk-through?


It was only $5 at WOF for the upcharge...I pretty much had that in quarters from the Casino. I don't know what the other places around the Country are charging for these things but I don't think I would pay anymore than the $5 because a lot of the animatronics were worn out and some didn't work. It was still a nice walkthrough.


Jimmy "Plus, I got to see a dinosaur butt" Bo

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