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(Photo TR )Movie Park Germany

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Hey all, So Movie Park Germany is my homework being about 25mins away, and plus because of where I work I get 50% off entry price SCORE! so I haven't been to the park in about two years, But I wanted to go check out the new Mack coaster Star trek Operation Enterprise, so today was the perfect opportunity to go ride it. The weather was 34 Degrees all day but the park wasn't really busy at all, every coaster was running only one train but I got a walk on to ever ride apart from Star Trek which had a 30min wait all day.


So Star Trek, Never judge a ride by a video, I must say seeing the videos of this ride I was a bit disappointed, But it actually rode well and I enjoyed it. The ride is not intense what so ever so if your looking for that then your not going to find it. I sat in the back, and the first launch is just a little something, the backward park was cool and being at the back you travel up the spike quite far, The third launch was okay but nothing intense. The drop out of the tophat thing was good and you got a real pull, The inversions where cool if you like hang time and then the last section has some nice pops of air time and a few whippy curves. Overall really enjoyed it. The second time I rode it broke down in the transfer section before the launch so I had to sit waiting for about 10mins but soon after it was up and running again. The queue line was also cool and has a nice pre show with some nice theming. This and GoldRush are both a similar concept but both completely different rides, With GoldRush being in my eyes far more superior.


MP Express, was just plain darn right awful. Worse than I remember and after riding I questioned my self as to why I actually rode it. And same goes for the Bandit.


Van Helsing was down all day which was a shame because thats actually a pretty decent attraction.


The High Fall is the best attraction in the park, I got four riders, and its a drop tower that really packs a punch.


All the water rides were perfect for the weather and me and my fiancé had an overall wonderful day.


I see a new coaster to ride


The park entrance


its running!



Inside the queue


This cool mapped projection was awesome


The new park area entrance


The ride entrance



You can get some get shots of the ride form the entrance of Bermuda dreieck







I Guess this is like the new signature shot of the ride


Drop tower my favourite


And this one is so intense.


Ghost chaser a wild mouse coaster


Jimmy Neutron is a pretty decent family suspended coaster


Dora the explorer was perfect for a hot day like today


A lovely empty mainstreet


Van Helsings was closed :(


And this needs to be removed.



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Thanks for sharing. Interesting review of their new ride. Pretty much as I expected. As a person who loves really intense rides and fast launches, I don't think this ride is an excuse to make the trip down to Germany yet, but for the park it looks perfect, and very well themed.

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The High Fall is the best attraction in the park, I got four riders, and its a drop tower that really packs a punch.


Packs a punch to my nuts, that's for sure.

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