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Half term riding fun: Photo TR's from England!

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So, it is May half term in England, and I am seriously bored with exams, and so, I am going out riding rides. May I warn you, these reports will not contain the most thrilling or exciting rides you have ever seen, but it is just a few days of rides and fun, you may enjoy reading. First stop was a local fun fair near me, that I just cycled down to. There was not much there. Really. Realy really. There was a Miami, a Waltzer and a tiny and pretty disgusting Crooked House ride, that ripped me off real good. Also, there were some dodgems. Overall not too bad, but at the same time, very underwhelming. These fairs are always really hit and miss, and I did not even get a new cred!


I will try!


Here are the dodgems. Pretty standard, but very fun. A nice guy gave me his token, saving me £3!


The star of the show. A classic ride that will never grow old.


Meh. A Miami ride is a Miami ride. I have actually been on this one two moths ago, but it is run on manual operation, so the ride was different.


Back here. I love the colorful signage.


This ride pulled some serious lateral force. Almost the same sort of effect as Stealth's launch.


Check out the on ride 360 video I took for the ride cycle.


Colorful facade.


No pictures or riders. It is always awkward when there are small children about, so I am respectful about the pictures I take. This one seemed very well looked after. The majority of the time, I had the ride op giving the ride some massive spinning speed.


A smaller version for smaller people.


Inside the crooked house. The lovely elastic wires which smelt and felt like sweat and goo.


It was seriously Disney style theming in here!


Here is the view from the top of the house.


Next stop, Wicksteed Park.

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Part 2: Wicksteed Park

It has been a few days, so it is time for another trip report. Today I decided to head up north on the train and visit Wicksteed park. This is the first time I had gone by myself to a theme park travel and all, and it was great.


The park itself is really nice and pleasant to be inside. Entrance is free, so anyone can come in and take a walk around and have a picnic. This is the second oldest theme park in the UK, the first being Blackgang Chine. Getting my wristbandtook a very long time, because I wanted to save myself 4 pounds and use my Coaster Club card, and guest services was packed out. While I can deal with It, there was a very long queue which disabled people had to stand in.


The rides themselves are nice, however this is definitely a family park, which is nice to see. For a family park a lot of effort has gone into all the rides and everything looked really well looked after. There are a total of e coasters at the park, the main one being a Pinfari, which does beat you up but not too much, but is still a great coaster for the park. I also paid some extra £££ to go on the park's zip wire and bag drop.


Overall a really good day, and if you are near, go and look the place over, it is really nice. If you count coasters, it is a good place to up your count as well!


Getting there was simple.


Just two trains up the line, then a very short taxi ride.


The park had this fun little laser arena. Not exactly high tech, but good fun for three minutes.


The park is really nice, and there is green everywhere.


Did I mention how green the park was?


For a Pinfari, actually pretty nice looking.


There was also these go carts, which were fun.


The park is very large, however, the rides seem to be grouped together in very small clumps, which is actually really nice.


A tiny rollercoaster, but still, like everything else, really fun.


I think I have a problem with these small Zierer rides. I had to ride it twice, even though I got the cred ten minutes earlier. Same thing happened on Barnstormer at Adventure Island, they are for some reason...addictive!


Some happy riders. The main attraction for me at the park was the main rollercoaster. The queue was not too bad really, only lasting about 10 to 15 minutes.


Some close ups of the park's main ride. The trains were looking in really good condition, and had recently been painted by the looks of it. All the harnesses were clean and in tact as well, which is more than I can say for many other parks.


A good lift hill, nice and fast, and a good gradient as well. Almost like Flying Aces!


A close up of the trains. They had three, but there was no urgency on dispatches, even on a busy day, so I don't really know why they did not get rid of one. They had a separate station for unloading, and if operation were better, I could see the point in a second train, but the most of the time, there was essentially three trains not moving.


Lots of straight track, which sharp pull ups at the bottom of the drops. It is jolty, but fun.


For all those who love newly painted pinfari trains, this one is for you.


Here is the station. This coaster is probably in my top 50, but with only 70 creds, that is not really saying something.


Anybody want some lift hill porn? I've got some!


The view of the lift hill.


This here was the parks zierer junior coaster, and I wondered where I had seen that face before...


Hmmm. Could it be...no...wait...RCT3 THROWBACK!!!! It looked exactly like the train on RCT3! Saying that, the whole park looks like a RCT 3 park, even down to the queues and shops!


The angry flower will kill you as you pass! I actually took this picture to highlight the on ride photography at the park. Every ride seems to have it. All three coaster do, as well as smaller rides, and even the parks slides take pictures of you as you go down!


Smooth and functional, what is not to like?


Happy riders on RCT3 coaster.


The theming was OK. Better than nothing, and it did not look sad, but a little more inspiration would be nice.


There was this nice looking Paratrooper, but I gave it a miss.


It made for some nice pictures though, and it looked well looked after.


Can you use your phone and drive if it is a ride? Illegal or not, it allowed me to get another angle of the coaster! This seems to be the main ride at the park, and it has a proper queue. I almost skipped the ride, but I just thought of how angry Coasterbill would be, so in the end, when the queue had died down, I went and had a ride. More on that later.


A sign of quality. Trying to get arty with the camera. Very hard to make any Pinfari look nice.


I have many pictures of the seats, don't know why, but I do...The staff were very nice at the park, allowing you to take pictures, without feeling judged or like you are being an irritant. *COUGH* Adventure Island *COUGH*


This chair swing was very substantial. Surprisingly fast and had some nice forces too.


Next, food! Whenever I go to a theme park I have their fish and chips. This was a pretty standard fish and chips really. A little dry and lacking flavor but some of the chips were very soft. About 6 out of 10.


This was the slowest ride I have seen in ages. I could not muster the energy to even sit in the ride, yet the height restriction was really high. 1.1m! It only went half way up the tower.


A whole family riding cock together on the carousel. Sorry, had to make that joke. There was something really refreshing about seeing classic rides being made, the chair swing opened this year.


One of the biggest surprises for me at the park was this really good drop slide. It actually made me nervous.


Inside this building is an actual vertical slide...yes, properly vertical. Not like those Wiegand giant slides where you have to write the word vertical in quote marks!


This picture does not really show how tall the slide is, but that boy was pretty large, and it dwarfs him.


On the edge of glory...When you push off, you actually leave the slide for a moment, with perfect airtime, more intense than some drop towers, like Atmosphere. Think this as a Larnson drop tower, but as a slide. Also, note the camera. A great ride any adult would actually get a thrill from.


I went to say hello to some of the animals, which can be found randomly dotted around.


I rode it 5 times in total.


The bottom of the drops are actually quite forceful, but it only lasts a few seconds.


Back here for some re rides on the Pinfari. (I have never said that before!)


Can't comment if this was a good ride, but similar ones I have been on failed to impress as anything but a chair lift that does not go anywhere.


Almost there Coasterbill. The queue was still far to large to ride at this point, especially considering last month I was at Chiapas with a walk on queue.


The go carts are completely self controlled, and are limited to the perfect speed to allow fun rides, but also to enjoy the scenery and not terrorize small children. To ride alone, you must be 1.6M.


Trees make all rides look better.


Is it illegal to use your phone while driving...on a ride? Meh, illegal or not, it gave another angle to photograph the rollercoaster.


A sign of quality.


I like this ride, but don't love it. The layout is nice, but the drops could be steeper and swoop more, more like Cliffhanger.


Coaster selfie, why not?


A sneak peak at the ride. Fro the outside you cannot see what happens.


Enjoy the ride!


Here is the station. It looks like I am not in England! They even played music out of speakers in the station.




The effort in this ride was also very nice to see. Around this bend was a waterfall directly in your path, which stops the moment you are about to pass through. More scary when you go on it and you don't know if it will stop!


Lots of greenery around the track makes the ride seem much more substantial than it was.


However, this small park had added water effects to the ride, including this. There were underwater cannons which blasted a large quantity of water into the air, splashing the riders. There were three which go off as you pass.


It featured a small meandering section, followed by a small drop.


Eventually I got to the log flume!


Lakes, trees and rides, what more could anyone want!


This view just shows how nice this place really it.


This is a piece of history. Literally. It is a listed ride, and a classic old ride. It was installed in 1926, and still running strong.


The scenic railway around the park looked good, but I decided not to ride it this time. It featured a tunnel.


This was not operating, which was a shame, I like these.


Clowns everywhere on the clown coaster. If you were to go as a family, this park is perfect, or even if you just wanted to relax by yourself.


It is more rare than a wacky worm, so I am happy about that!


Basically a wacky worm, but smaller, if that is possible.


The train creeped me out.


There was also this coaster. Yes. I rode it.


As mentioned, I also did the bag drop and zip wire. THe zip wire was OK, but the free fall with nothing on you was sensational. Falling from that top platform was sensational. It actually does not feel right at all to throw yourself off the top of that platform, with no harness or helmet or anything. Really good, and if you are there, do it!


That concludes this trip report. I hope you enjoyed reading.

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What exactly is that old ride from 1926, in the woods ,with water? Is it some sort of Shoot the Chutes type ride ? It looks interesting. Any more pics of it?


I am going to upload a video of it soon, many pictures I took have for some reason been corrupted, and take a while to fix, but here is another picture I took.


Basically, you walk up some stairs up to a room, probably 10m high. You then roll slowly sown these tracks at a gradient of about 30 degrees, then splash down into some water, then get pulled up to the top. Think archaic nautic jets.



Some great photos, Henry.



I'm glad to hear you rode the flume just so you could avoid my bullsh*t. From the looks of things, it seems to be the best ride in the park.

It probably was the best ride, and was definitely the most substantial. The park does not seem to know though that you can fit a person of one, and a group of two into one boat. When it is one boat every 45 seconds, it made the throughput quite low.

Looks like a fun little place! Thank you for the TR.

Thanks and you're welcome!


See the splash behind the the pond.

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Hello all!


Sorry for the delay for the final part of the TR, but as I said at the beginning, it would be a three part photo trip report. My final adventure was in Watford! Yay! There was a fun fair there that I had researched, and in past years they had many great travelling rides, like KMG's and Mondial top scans. Apart from Winter Wonderland, I have not been to a large fun fair with big ride. If you check out my first TR in Harpenden, you can see what I usually go to. While this year the fair was not as good has it was in other years, as Milton Keynes stole all the good rides, there was still a decent collection of Spin and Pukes, making it the second biggest fair I have been to!


The best ride was the Ice Jet. It was really quite intense, and went very fast. It is how I imagine an Arrow inverted coaster would have felt like. Also, honorable mention to the, essentially, knock off KMG oblivion. It was made by a company I still have not figured out, and it had nothing on the KMG rides, but it was OK. More nauseating than the KMG rides, while not giving as much air time, or forces.


There were many more things, including two of my favorite small fun fair rides, the super trooper and Orbiter. Sadly both ran incredibly short cycles, none the less made me happy.


Time for some Extreme rides!


Miami? No thanks. These are not great rides, and very uncomfortable. Fine for my local fair, but that is it.


There were two fun houses. Both were significantly better than the one in Harpenden. Out of the two, this has the better slide, but not as good everything else.


Trying to photoshop some of the images to look more creepy. I think this is a success.


The crown of the fair. Very intense, very fast, and very disorientating.


Here is the Super Trooper. Very fun rides and quite thrilling. Basically a better version of the ride I missed out on at Wicksteed a few days earlier.


It tilted fully down in both directions, giving a great free fall/pull up sensation, as well as some good swinging.


Waltzer. I had enough of these, and my stomach is not made of titanium plated steel.


This was the second fun house. I could be sure I recognize the name??? Not sure where from?


This was the better fun house. Note the cool water feature of the floating tap. Also, note the graphics of the water ride this is trying to imitate.


An attempt at photo shopping it to make it look more creepy. Not sure on the success of this one.


This was actually a really top notch ghost train for a travelling fair. It was old, but it was actually really long, and there were lodes of scenes with sounds, lights and moving things.


Probably the best ghost train outside of winter wonderland.


This does not do it justice. How my camera on my phone did not blur this image is beyond me! The speed this thing goes is insane. Almost like you are on the end of a helicopter propeller, about to take off. It is kind of rough, but a fun rough.


High speed, quick transitions, high forces, unpredictable at times. What more could you want from a ride? Well, this thing has one more trick in its sleeve...


IT DOES IT AGAIN, BACKWARDS!!! Move over Movie Park, this ride did it first. Wow, never have I been so disorientated,as when this thing fired itself up, and blasted backwards for a few seconds.


Also, a really long cycle. One of the best £2 I have spent.


The orbiter in action.


This packed a punch. I have been on a better one at a small fair in the Isle of Wight, however it was still fast and furious.


Mixed feelings about this one. It was OK...and that is it.


I was super excited to ride this one, and the fact it took 20 minutes to dispatch was not a nice thing, especially with the solid seats and ghetto harness pushing down on you. I would try it again another time, but it just did not hit the spot this time around. Vortex seemed to swing to a greater angle than this, and it is a park model.




There! I like this picture for all the wrong reasons. My work is still not done on it.


There was also a cred! Yay. Now, lets see what I can do to this to make it look scary.


This coaster was actually a great family ride, and for a fair, a good coaster.


Better than a Go Gator, and it counts as a coaster!


It is powered by a single tire in the station, which first launches (Yes, launches) the train backwards, then launches it forwards through the rest of the track.


You get about 10 circuits.


I asked to ride back row. Not sure why! Maybe more air time!


Also, the ride was themed to Shrek. Obviously it was correctly licensed, what else would you expect!


This ride is love...this ride is life...If you get that reference, may God have mercy on you soul.


I was going to not post all these pictures, but someone might be obsessed with this ride.


An overview of overcast Britain.


There was also a range of games.


This is a great walk through haunted house, and the graphics on the front are actually really good detail.


At this, I say good bye for now. I hope you enjoyed reading, and if not, then please give feedback on how I can make it better.

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