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(Photo TR) Slagharen 2017

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Hey all, Today I took the 2hour 15min drive to Slagharen, This wasn't a park I was ever really bothered about going to until they added Gold Rush. If a park doesn't have a decent coaster then I'm not prepared to drive more than an hour to it. Any way, Entry only cost 10 euro so already no complaints! The park was very quite apart from the school trip of kids who were everywhere but they left around 3.30/4pm so then Gold rush was kid free and I got a few rerides.


The park had some strange operations maybe to save money on running attractions or staff? I don't know but rides would share operator so while Apollo was open, the Free Fall Tower was closed and then vice versa. This seamed to be happening on many attractions through out the park but it didn't stop me riding what I wanted to. I thought the park was clean and tidy and the attractions had a nice bit of theming. The Circus show was great! The magic tricks were awesome and I'm still trying to work them out now.


So... Gold Rush! It was so good, They were only using rows 1,3&5 for some reason all day, which meant it had queue between 5-10min which is still nothing really but for an empty park I was a bit confused. But the back row rides amazing, the launches are forceful, the drop out of the first Top hat is intense, the injector airtime on the airtime hill was so good, and the snap action in the last inversion felt awesome. My only complaint with this ride is the seats cut into the backs of your legs as the staff push the lap bars in so tight. But I really rate this coaster, I think it is on the same level as Lost Gravity and I loved that. I hope the Star Trek another shuttle launch coaster at Movie Park is as good as Gold Rush as they are both a similar ride.


other rides I enjoyed, The Free Fall tower was actually more intense than bigger ones i'v ridden like Lex Luthor so really enjoyed that. The LogFlume was cool, And the Junior coaster was nice and sweet. And I hit up the Water Park later in the evening as it was open till 8 and the entrance fee is only 8 euro and me and my Fiancé had a blast. Overall a wonderful day had.


We are here!


it's empty yay!


I love drop towers, and these Fabbri ones a really intense


That me on the left side


Gave Apollo a miss but it looked like a really interesting chair swing


The Junior Coaster did what it says on the tin and with extra rattle


Was fun anyway a actually had a couple goes.


Log flume was perfect for a hot day like today.



The cable car ride was very handy for getting to the other side of the park.


Over the main entrance plaza


Getting Closer


Is see Gold Rush


Here she is!


Such a great ride


And it's been placed very well in the park


The drop out of this tophat was cray cray


Over the top



Very snappy dive loop, really great ending to the coaster




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Awesome photos! Rikki and I are 95% set on going to the Netherlands for our honeymoon next year, and if we do, I definitely want to swing by this place and check it out. Very helpful!

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I definitely want to swing by this place and check it out. Very helpful!


If your in the area i'd definitely give it a visit, So cheap to get in, I just checked on line for tickets as in the summer I believe they are 27 euro instead of 10. Maybe a half day kinda park if you were wondering. Im planning on going to Italy to visit Garadaland & Miribilandia for mine and Ritschy's Honeymoon next year as well

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