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Photo TR: Sea World Australia

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Just got home from a day at Sea World on the Gold Coast! The park has closed quite a lot of attractions in the past few years, such as; Skyway, Sea Viper (Arrow Coaster), Vikings Revenge Flume Ride and Spongebob 3D. The problem is they haven't replaced them with new attractions! The park did say that they will construct a replacement for Vikings in 2019. Leaving only Storm and Jet Rescue as the only thrill rides in the park. But they have just built the new Nickelodeon Land with 3 themed areas (TMNT, Dora the Explorer and Spongebob). Definitely a great new fresh of life to a dying kids area. I got 2 rides on Storm Coaster and 3 on Jet Rescue. So lets get to the photos



Spongebob's Boating School Blast! a Zamperla Gravity Coaster


Patrick's Jellyfish Frenzy, a Zamperla Demolition Derby


Good Morning Sea World!


Donatello's Ninja Flyers, a Zamperla Magic Bike


Very quirky ride.


The Nick entrance


The abandoned Vikings Revenge Flume :(


Over it goes!


Hands up


I still feel like it was a complete waste of 20 million dollars, they could of gotten something so much better!


Artsy fartsy



It is very photogenic


About to go into the bow of the turned ship


Here we go!


The all new shade and hub of the park.


The sad remains of two closed attractions (even though one was really stupid)


Polar Bear!


Shark Bay really looks beautiful


2 new Polar Bear cubs were born this week but won't be out on display till September.


The games kind of ruin the nice feel of the hub.


Really well themed exhibit


Nice and new



The ride that will get you the most soaked... Battle Boats


The awesome climbing play structure



Very well themed corner of the park


The castle were the 3D theatre and Vikings Flume were, only just under 3 years until something replaces it.


Welcome to Castaway Bay


As well as an awesome RCI Ropes Course... which is closed!


Finally we finished the day with a walk through Creatures of the Deep, a marine themed Dinosaurs Alive area.


Giant SHARK!!!


It is the Kraken.


Then we had a few laps saving some Seals on Jet Rescue. All you San Antonio folks will get to experience a very similar experiences soon!


What a perfect view to end the day.


We were having a whale of a time. hehehe


Such an awesome ride, personally I enjoy it more than Superman: Escape at Movieworld

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The park looks wonderful, I especially like the Nick area. However, did Storm Coaster really cost around 20 million USD? Quite the investment for a park that small.


Yes it did, but that also includes a bit of deconstruction of Bermuda Triangle Flume Ride.

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The thing I remember most from this park was how terrible the food was. Has that improved at all recently?



The food at Sea World hasn't improved that much at all. However at Dreamworld and even Movie World the food has dramatically improved. Just don't get a burger from the village theme parks

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The park looks wonderful, I especially like the Nick area. However, did Storm Coaster really cost around 20 million USD? Quite the investment for a park that small.


Most of the major parks in Australia are all owned by a chain, similarly to Merlin. Movieworld, Dreamworld/land? and this are all owned by village theme parks group plus maybe more I forgot.

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Most of the major parks in Australia are all owned by a chain, similarly to Merlin. Movieworld, Dreamworld/land? and this are all owned by village theme parks group plus maybe more I forgot.


half correct. Movie World, Sea World, and Wet n Wild (both Gold Coast & Sydney versions) are owned by Village Roadshow Theme Parks.


Dreamworld is owned by a company called Ardent Leisure.

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