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I saw this on another forum of mine and thought it was so cool, everyone should have it. I'll get you all started off.


This is for all the people that think video games train people for killing:


I play Resident Evil, and yet I've never gone on a zombie killing rampage.


I play Hitman Contracts, and it's been years since I've strangle someone with piano wire, or sniped a prominent political figure.


I play Call of Duty, Brother in Arms, Medal of Honor etc, yet I have no desire to travel back in time to fight in World War II.


I play Tony Hawk Underground, and I'd be lucky if I could land an ollie.


I play Soul Calibur II, though the likelihood of me picking up a sword to save humanity from an evil sword is slim to none.


I play Metal Gear Solid, and yet I've never tried to infiltrate a high security building single handedly.


I play NBA Street Vol. 3, and I'd be damn happy with myself if I hit a 3ft jump shot.


I play Splinter Cell, yet I'm about as stealth as a one legged dog on speed.


Add more you guys!

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I've played pacman and I don't run around in dark rooms munching on pills and have ghosts chase me. Wait a sec, I'm currently taking sinus medication so I do pop the pills like pacman


I've played Mario Bros and I'm not addicted to shrooms or hit my head on low ceilings or crawl through pipes.


I've played Metroid and I still can't manage to roll into a small ball and roll around or do a flippy jump.


I play RCT but yea...I do ride coasters and stuff but that's different.


I play Super Smash Bros and I still don't have any special moves that are unique to me.


Personally, I think that people who blame video games are just finding an excuse for their lack of responsibility towards their children. It's like "My child beat up some kid today at school, got expelled but hey, I'll blame that new Mortal Kombat game he just bought last night."

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I play GTA, but I've never been behind the wheel

I play The Sims, but I don't wait for someone to tell me when to go to the bathroom

I play Minesweeper, but I don't go walking around in minefields.

I play RCT, but I don't get lost in a park, puke on the paths, or complain that the ticket prices are to low.

I play Doom, but I don't go "to the other side" armed with a shotgun and a rocket launcher. Nor do I go on a rampage in a school.

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I play DDR, but I have no desire to go clubbing.


I play Full Spectrum Warrior, but I can't even navigate myself around my own house.


I play Counter-Strike, but I've never shot a real M4/AK47 in my life (maybe an M16...)


I play Halo 2, but I have yet to fly into space, land on a ring, kill all inhabitants, and destroy it.

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I play Monkey Island, but I don't want to be a pirate.

I play Day of Tentacle, but I don't put rodents in a microwave.

I play diverse Star Wars games, but I am studying photonics and I will finish my light sword when my Siemens Air Hook arries.

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I play Quake 4 and I have no desire to head to a desolate planet to fight mutants


I play GTA: San Andres,but I have no desire to "pop a cap in someones ass" .


I Play Sims 2: University, yet I have no real interest in sitting on the floor and taking a hit off a bubble hooka or streak across campus.

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I play MVP 2005, but all I ever do in real baseball is bunt


I play Madden, and I weigh 107 and my sister could tackle me (sarcasm of course)


I play NBA street and I'm happy when I get a layup to go in


I play Jak and Daxter, but not once have I gone outside to the nearest volcano, put a rodent-like creature on my shoulder and ran around witth a laser gun shooting giant monkeys and "metal heads"

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I've played and beaten.....


Def Jam: Fight For NY, and I have yet to beat someone down, using street fighting, wrestling, submissions, or kickboxing tactics.


Mortal Kombat: Deception and have yet to Punch someone threw a roof or wall, or perfore a grissly fatality.


Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and I have yet to purchase a Candy Red SLR Mercedes McLaren and drive insanly fast all over Pennsylvania...or race other people on the highway in high performance cars.


Enter The Matrix and have yet to beat someone down in slow motion.


Resident Evil: Outbreak and have yet to go around shooting so called "Zomibes" with a pistol or shotgun.

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