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Paramount Selling?

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I know Cedar Fair woudn't go for that. (Using the paramount name)


What I would like to know is why would CF buy yet ANOTHER park in Ohio. (PKI)


Even buying PGA is pushing it considering they already have Knott's. I could see them buying Canada's Wonderland, Carowinds or PKD but not PKI.

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(What I am about to say may shock some of you.)


Six Flags is interested.


Don't ask.


With their financial problems I don't see it happening, but they have made odd decisions in the past.

Six Flags gets the dumbass of the amusement industry award. Why would they sell WoA and their European division?

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^ Same here


The last thing we need is a Cedar Fair monopoly in Ohio. That can only lead to bad things. Six Flags would kill Paramount Parks. Could you imagine the reliability/capacity of Volcano, Hypersonic, Flight of Fear, etc. under Six Flags control. I don't even want to think about it.


People give Paramount a lot of crap (some of it has been earned), but i really can't imagine anybody with the exception of Hershell (SDC), Disney, Universal coming in and actually making an improvement.

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^ Or a Togo stand-up.


I'm kind of unsure about this. Not sure if this will be good or bad.


So what happens if the group of outsiders buys them and not CF or SF? Is that good or bad? Not sure which that would be having the parks bought by a bunch of unkowns.


At least with Six Flags and Cedar Fair we know their strengths and weaknesses.

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Personally I see this as a good development in the industry. The group looking to make the purchase is headed by a "park" person, who knows the business. I'd like to see them make the buy out and become sucessful.


With Universal's parks possibly being sold off from GE/Universal, and the shaky financial future of Six Flags, it would be good to see a dedicated park company (besides CF) that does well and could be a possible buyer.

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^^ I agree.


Paramount honestly didn't do much at all with the parks.


At first they had the Star Trek guys walking around and such, but they really didn't start doing tie-ins with Viacom companies/products until the past 5 years.


I just hope they can keep all the parks together as a "package" I'd hate to have to buy a one-day pass to PKD lol!!!


With the exception of PKI, I think Cedar Fair buying the parks would be a good move.


I don't think Cedar Fair would jack up the prices or anything if they bought PKI. Look at GL, they are still only charging like $27 for admission!

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  • 9 years later...

^Those probably wouldn't have been the names of all of them.


Not to mention, many of the Cedar Fair parks above were never Paramount Parks. The only Paramount Parks were

-Kings Island

-Canada's Wonderland

-Great America


-Kings Dominion

...all of them had the "Paramount" title before the name.


They also ran Star Trek the Experience in Las Vegas, which Cedar Fair kept operating for a short while before closing.


Cedar Fair purchased the parks and the other parks listed above were purchased before the Paramount deal. Michigan's Adventure was acquired from Roger Jourden in 2001 and Geagua Lake was acquired from Six Flags in 2004. Paramount never owned any of the other parks except for what is listed above. Six Flags would've never attempted to buy out Cedar Fair (mostly because, at that time, with their debt load, they couldn't) and because they didn't want to mess with Worlds of Adventure again.

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