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Photo TR: Walibi Holland

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Hello all, as I had the day off from work, I took the 2 hour drive to Walibi Holland, This wasn't my first visit but last time Lost Gravity was being built.


It was a really great day, it got really sunny in the middle of the day which was nice, The queues where up and down as it was kind of busy, The first ride I went on the Express Platform 13 which I waited 30 mins for, The queue line is really awesome though, But then later on in the day it was a walk on. It was better than I remember, was smooth and the launch was good.


Then I headed to Lost Gravity which blew my mind, Looks so much better in person than from videos and the trim break wasn't as strong as i'v seen in POV's Pray the lord for the Single Rider queue because I used and abused it.


I waited 40mins for Goliath which was doing a 1 Train operation, but it later switched to 2 and also became a walk on so I got a few rides and the new colour scheme looks great, reminds me of a tiny Millennium Force.


El Condor...... I skipped, once a few years ago was enough.


Robin Hood was running well, I waited 10mins, Its not a bad coaster at all, Yes it's rough but it has some cracking air time.


And speed of sound had a 15 min wait, and for a Boomerang its pretty good. Nice vest restraints the theming is cool, the tunnel makes its that extra bit interesting.. I'm still not good anymore at going backwards on rides, Still blaming Namtab in 2015 LOL


So on to the photos..


The entrance main street if you will


We arrived!


Literally one amazing coaster



Loved the theming


Great drop


upside down


a definite must ride if you haven't



Thats this element called? was weird but I loved it


Thumbs up for air time and drop, everything


Not the worst.. Good ole Vekoma Woodie


Break run, the moment you thank god your alive still


lift hill shot



more lift hill goodness


Space shot, I love a good tower ride


Great centre piece for the park


Gave this a miss i fear of feeling sick - Not as tolerable as I used to be


I thought this Huss magic was cool looking


Also gave it a miss, One time at Alton Towers I went on an enterprise...... you know how that turned out


El Condor! ..... Photographs well



If only she rode as good as she looked


Obligatory Shot


lift hill, I love this coaster is great and packs a punch


Geek shot


The Queue Entrance and a view of the lift


well...The best boomerang i'v been on, how about you?


Loop de lopp



It's kinda tricky to get pictures of Express Platform 13 from inside the park


This was taken from the rapid ride station




Was actually a pretty good flume!


And as we left I took a couple photos of blue Goliath from the car


And one last one

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^Hey, even Goliath gets the blues sometimes.


Thanks for the report. This is a slightly underrated park. I was there last year, and our group was blown away by Lost Gravity (not to mention Goliath). All it needs is a good dark ride.

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I think Speed of Sound is one of my favourite boomerangs, from around the world.

And Goliath is AWESOME, no matter what colour they paint it!

And Spinning Vibe was definitely my favourite flat ride there.


...And I have no idea ^ what happened at Alton Towers.


Great TR! Thanks for sharing your trip there. It's a fave park of mine,

and I hope I'll get to visit it again, some time soon.

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Great tr! What happened at Alton Towers?


I was just joking about the enterprise as I think the last enterprise I rode was at Alton Towers many years ago, It made me feel funny and I threw up in my dads car. So I haven't been on one since haha

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Walibi Holland looks like a phenomenal park. I wish that America had more rides like Lost Gravity and Goliath. I do wish Goliath was green though as there already is already plenty of blue Intamins around but that's just my opinion. On a side note, Spinning Vibe is one of the most interesting names for a ride.

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I thought it was one of the nicest and best laid out "franchise parks" I'd been to, in a long time.

Definitely worth a re-visit, now that Lost Gravity is open.


I made new friends at Walibi Holland! Taken Sept.12-2015.

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