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[Photo TR] Bobbejaanland

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Hello everyone, I went to Bobbejaanland today for my first time in Belgium, it was about a 2 hour drive from my house in Germany. I arrived there at 11. The park was really quite and the maximum queue length all day was maybe 5 mins. The coaster collection is great for families and the water rides were great Too. Highlight of the day for me was of course Typhoon and I really enjoyed SledgeHammer the Huss Giant Frisbee. The only thing I think that needs Improving is how dirty the coasters are, a repaint is in order I think. Me and my Partner had a great day and didn't have any complaints, Its really fun park and worth if a visit if your near by.


Can anyone tell me whats with the ferris wheel device with the drop on the river rapids? was that once operational? It looked like a cool concept so I wondered why it wasn't working anymore.


So anyway on to some photos from our day


Yay i'v arrived


First coaster of the day was Typhoon as its right by the park entrance.


This was a great dark flume ride,


A view of Naga Bay from across the lake


And another nice view across the lake.


Dream catcher was good


It didn't swing very much but was fun anyway


Speedy bob


Weirdest ride ever...?


Naga Bay or Dizz spinning coaster- loved this ride.




One of my favourites of the day.


So high in the air!


The bobbejaan Windmill


loop de loop


Thats me waving...


Great drop



Spinning calm river ride of doom! and a nice view of Typhoon

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Great report


The Ferris wheel on the river rapids never worked well. It took way too much time to put it in the right position, so there was always a long queue of boats. They decided to remove it out of the ride. A couple of years ago, they had plans to replace it by a belt, but it was too steep.

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