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[PKT] Ghastly Estates

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Considering the fact that Parkitect comes with no actual scenarios, I thought I might utilize one of the features to spice up the game a bit. I toyed with the scenario editor to try to create a playable management scenario. I may consider doing some more, and hope more people could even follow-suit at some point.


This scenario's theme is based around an amusement park that sits on a wealthy person's property. After the owner died in their home, there was no one left to take care of it all, so it all eventually fell to neglect and was abandoned altogether! Time passes with many of the park's rides being sold-off, the benches and wooden roller coaster rotting and falling apart, and plenty of trash bins knocked over by wind and trespassers.


This park is heavily influenced by the Rotting Heights park featured in the original Roller Coaster Tycoon. Your goal is to breathe life into this neglected park. Bring in a fresh new crew and clean up the entire park.





The game doesn't allow me to re-order the objectives/goals, so they are listed out of order in the game. Nonetheless, they are as follows:


1: "Have at least 80 people in your park."

2: "Have at least 200 people in your park."

3: "Have at least 300 people in your park."

4: "Have at least 400 people in your park."

-"Have a happiness rating of at least 80%.

-"Have no loan debts."


The completion of each goal/objective comes with a hefty reward. The guest milestone numbers come with the park's boundary instantly expanding to other areas of the land. At 400 guests, you practically have the entire map.


The game has been a bit glitchy in allowing me to have the goals progress with each accomplishment, but I was eventually able to find a way to do it so that each guest number milestone reached will properly expand your useable park size. I'll see to giving the devs a heads-up about it though since the scenario editor has been something they've been focused on lately.


I'm still tweaking the park so that the rewards are a bit more rewarding, more scenery is added to make the park look more neglected, and so players won't be too limited with what types of rides they can plop down. Currently, though, the scenario is already very playable and I seek to maybe give one or two more further updates before releasing it.


Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this.

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Neat. I actually made a scenario type of park called BronzeWood Thrill Park, The park is a finished park but its kinda small, Its next to an air strip, like Silverwood park, and the aim is to make money to purchase the air strip land to expand your park, and I think i threw in a number of guest in park target as well http://www.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=3490

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^Nice park! Reminds me much of a simple Six Flags or Cedar Fair park. Though somehow after a few minutes into the scenario, 36 people died across two coasters... not sure that was supposed to happen there! Maybe it was because I forgot to download the mods you listed as well. Either way, it's probably not your fault.


This also brings me to my next point, my park isn't going to require any mods to play. I mostly just wanted to let people download it and play it with no extra things required. It might lack in the aesthetics of things, but the focus here is more on gameplay and simply running the park.

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I think i know what happened.... as i use mods, I use the track edit mods a lot to create for free coaster layouts and since the latest update theres been a few glitches with track connections Dam! great that your using no mods, I'v got to a point where I literally can't play with out mods as I use them so much, I guess that's kinda shame in a way

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There's no shame in it. I pulled it up on my laptop, which has no mods downloaded, but my desktop has plenty of mods on it for the game. Heck, I used mods to get my park the way it is (I populated hundreds of people with a cheat mod, and let them smash benches and garbage cans). I'm certain most people who currently play Parkitect have a handful of mods installed.

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