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Robb & Elissa in the UAE - 2017! Dubai & Abu Dhabi!

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Wild Wadi looks awesome.


Love the idea about going from slide to slide without getting out of your tube - that's some great engineering there.


And of course, the food looks really good too...you all know that I'm going to comment on that!

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Maybe this is the "transport method" Disney World should use, instead of the gondola thing?


Fun ride but the luggage would take a beating.


Slides and food look awesome, Robb!

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I mean, I love Schlitterbahn....but Wild Wadi looks like heaven. The fact that you can use the master blaster system to get around, ride a bunch of slides and it'd be difficult to repeat your previous trip is amazing. The views look great!


Did you enjoy Wild Wadi or Yas Island more?

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I love a good water park, and Wild Wadi looks like one of the best in the world. Between Wild Wadi, Atlantis, Yas Waterworld, and Ski Dubai looks like there are plenty of fun ways to beat the heat in the UAE.

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This TR leaves me more and more speechless with how much fun you guys are having! The water park is seriously like my dream. Since I was little I've thought that there ought to be a park that's basically one big lazy river with different tube slides and you don't ever have to get your butt out of the water for hours on end. So cool to see something like that exist!! The pictures and videos really let me feel like I was able to experience it a little bit. Thanks for taking the time to write this up, I'm sure there's a massive amount of time invested in your TRs.

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We have arrived at Ferrari World! Home to the world's fastest roller coaster Formula Rossa!



Here's our humble little group for this trip!



I've got Starbucks, a media pass, and ready to have an awesome day!





Starting off our day with a preview of the new Turbo Track! While we didn't get to ride as the attraction was still under construction, our cameras DID get to ride! Take a look...





IMG_8541.thumb.JPG.344166db486aa4627300c8b3ffe9b7b6.JPGFirst coaster of the day we got to ride (and of the trip, actually!) Some family-friendly multi-launched Ferrari racing goodness!


IMG_8538.thumb.JPG.7f1320cf6f078311d9210069fdc98923.JPGSexy looking trains!




Holy cow! Formula Rossa is still quite possibly the most intense launch coaster in the world! INSANE!!!


IMG_8548.thumb.JPG.723b60dfc09b5b49fcf9a6ecb4e8be7b.JPGGoggles on and we are ready for the world's fastest roller coaster!


DSC06449.thumb.JPG.20a88c0a72fd1164bc9dc5eb9ac54250.JPGThere you go at 149MPH! INSANE!


DSC06450.thumb.JPG.8a4b2e6ca7aec35f552efbd2ee680bec.JPGWhile yes, they do brake you on the initial uphill (and they do this so you won't DIE!) you take the rest of the ride at a pretty swift 90MPH or so I'd say!



Here's my "Formula Rossa Face!" lol!





And check out this cool 360 video we did! (You may need to watch it on your phone using the YouTube app..)


Next up....and AWESOME new Intamin coaster!IMG_8661.thumb.JPG.9992a3ddbfa07921ee25675ee6e05aa1.JPG


IMG_8669.thumb.JPG.7a8cf3ae16525e3be4d20f5c8cc3f97a.JPGSeriously, this ride was AMAZING fun!


Interestingly enough, not only is the coaster itself great, but it also has one of the most elaborately themed queues for any roller coaster. Take a look...








Here we go!




And here's a little bit of coaster porn for you...








And now some awesome 4K footage!




And yes, of you want to drive a real Ferrari for an exotic car experience, you can!


IMG_8511.thumb.JPG.ad9a2ea5400b5d4dfec1d2aa11105f42.JPGMy favorite girl and my favorite number!


IMG_8515.thumb.JPG.ebec6ce94e795c9bae1fbe1944b49e8a.JPGHeeeeeey you two!





The karting track at Ferrari World was amazing! Was super fun sliding around slick tracking all over the place!


IMG_8556.thumb.JPG.e260d37d7c892e3f9c447a4944f84603.JPGI cannot come up with a caption that can possibly match the humor of this photo. So I won't try. Instead just enjoy a photo of a bunch of grown adults with condoms on their heads!



Benno presents his own ride! Loved this cool interactive dark ride!




DSC06481.thumb.JPG.dc5517ec57a28d0c2e4e84bc3b1b0cb4.JPGIt's awesome that the interactive games you play while on the dark ride are more like "mini-apps" with things you have to do instead of just "shooting targets." We thought this was GREAT!






If your child is too small for the dark rides, you can put them on the ride in these Ferrari car seats! Amazing!





Did we mention that @FerrariWorldAD also has some excellent theming throughout the park?



The lift hill on Flying Aces is like a ride in itself! The steepness and the speed of that lift was crazy!



The staff at Ferrari World were AWESOME to work with today! Huge thanks to the marketing & operations team!





Kristen also had a GREAT day at Ferrari World today! There is plenty to do for all ages here!



IMG_8645.thumb.JPG.d78ad2125851f06117ff82c177241ac6.JPGOh yeah... We aren't talking about this!


Thanks again for reading! We will be back with another installment soon!


Oh yes, be sure to POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!

(we took the time to write the report, the least you could do is say something nice about it!)

Calico System.nltrack





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I would definitely love to check out UAE....these parks look amazing and I am intrigued about some of the other plans for parks.


And of course the food and architecture all look amazing too!

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Thanks for the report, the park is really growing and adding some nice additions. A couple more and it might be worth the long plane ride for me to get there so I can get my 'Formula Rossa Face!'. What I really want to comment about is the , "Oh yeah... We aren't talking about this!" track. But since your not talking I won't. Could you be plied with copious amounts of alcohol to talk? And since alcohol was just mentioned, do they offer it at the park or is that off limits?

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^I think Robb was mostly being funny. Some online searching and you can easily find out that it's supposed to be a pretty bad ass Dynamic Attractions coaster with inversions and launches. No opening date has been set at this point.

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Last I heard the SFX coaster was opening this summer, but I wouldn't get my hopes up since it was supposed to open a year ago.

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And since alcohol was just mentioned, do they offer it at the park or is that off limits?


Hotels only for tourists. I believe there are some spots to buy it if you have a license provided from the government for home use, but that's a Dubai Dave question.

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And since alcohol was just mentioned, do they offer it at the park or is that off limits?


Hotels only for tourists. I believe there are some spots to buy it if you have a license provided from the government for home use, but that's a Dubai Dave question.


The "only at hotels" rule is a good general statement, but the UAE has, in order to promote tourism, allowed alcohol service at a number of other locations that are not connected to a hotel. For example, most all sporting events and other performances (concerts, festivals, etc) sell alcohol. Even all of the shows at the Dubai Opera House and the Dubai World Trade Center offer alcohol service.


Many parks in the region also serve adult beverages. Ferrari World has (I believe since opening) served it in one of their restaurants. Dubai Parks & Resorts has a number of licensed restaurants in it's Riverland area - as well as 2 licensed restaurants in Bollywood. Even some of the water parks (such as Iceland and Dreamland Aqua Park) serve alcohol.


There are a pretty good number of liquor and beer stores throughout the Emirates - these are fairly hidden from view and most tourists won't spot them. But, as mentioned, most of these stores require a government-issued license for an individual to make a purchase. There are some stores outside of Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, though, that do not.

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Awesome report- it's great to see queue lines themed to something other than concrete and sunburn. Robb, how would you compare Flying Aces to Skyrush ( ) in terms of intensity? I know they have immensely different layouts, but I'm still curious as an Intamin fanboy.

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^I'm not Robb but Skyrush is much more intense and has a lot more airtime. Flying Aces is a lot of fun and a great solid ride, but not the same crazy intensity that Skyrush has.

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Thanks Elissa! That is how it seemed from the POV. Probably a good call by the park; I love Skyrush, but it seems to push the limits of what the GP is comfortable with based on how divided the community is on it.

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Thanks Elissa! That is how it seemed from the POV. Probably a good call by the park; I love Skyrush, but it seems to push the limits of what the GP is comfortable with based on how divided the community is on it.


I rode Flying Aces in March and I'd say Skyrush is much more intense. There were a few surprises on Flying Aces (I didn't watch a video so I was surprised) but I just still loved Skyrush much better.

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Hey Robb and co.


This makes me feel quite bad. While having the pleasure to go to Ferrari World last week. The big one, the mighty one, was closed due to annual maintenance, which was a shock. I was already seeing myself kicked to 240kmh but no...

Flying Aces and Turbo Track (in the backwards seats) was still a lot of fun. And being in the first row and experience that insane lifthill was just super cool.


I might have to come back when the new ride will open.

Gr8 photos btw

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