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[RCT3] Springfield Park

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Hello everyone, you might remember me for creating Appleton Amusement Park a few years ago. I've returned to the world of RCT3 making with a new park, Springfield Park. I've really stepped up my abilities in the game and I'm excited to show everyone what I'll be working on for a while. The catch is that, unlike my last park, I'm not going to include a story line. Personally I'd rather have anyone viewing the park to appreciate it by itself without any kind of characters or plot. With that said, enjoy the opening year of 1976.


The park entrance and guest relations.


Looking down on main street where we see one of the most popular rides so far, Parachute Plunge.


The classic carousel sits in the corner surrounded by trees.


Looking across the carousel is the Springfield Gift Shop, nearby where the train crosses the path.


Looking to the left where more shops remain, plus our Turn of the Century Grill restaurant. In the distance is the Springfield Train Station.


The bakery where they sell donuts and cookies and other delicious goods.


The train takes guests to the back end of the park where our most popular ride is. What it is? Find out in the next update.

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The most popular ride of Springfield Park is the Corkscrew made by Arrow Dynamics.


Guests walk under the bridge where the train passes to reach Corkscrew.


Corkscrew is the largest attraction in the park, and undeniably the most popular one, featuring 3 inversions.


A picture of Corkscrew's station taken from the queue. Both corkscrews are over path. One for the main, and the other over the exit.


Riders on corkscrew first take a U turn out of the station into the lift hill which takes riders to a height of 80ft.


The train makes its first drop into the loop. The most unique aspect of Corkscrew is how the coaster travels through its own inversion.


Corkscrew goes through its loop...


Then enters two consecutive corkscrews nearby the station.


After leaving the corkscrews, the train makes a left incline...


...And makes one final small drop before making its way back into the station. Tune in for the next update where we look at the other attractions in the park.

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I welcome you back to Springfield park, where I showed off the main entrance area and the Corkscrew. But it's time to showcase the other great attractions that dot the landscape in opening year 1976.


Here is the station that houses the mine train roller coaster Gold Digger. The majority of the roller coaster takes place in the woods, where riders encounter airtime hills, and a western town. It's the perfect roller coaster for guests not brave enough to ride Corkscrew.


A look towards the many trees from the exit. Lots of room to expand in the future.


Like you saw before, the parachute ride soars over the midway leading to it. Many other rides surround it.


One of which is the Automobiles, where riders can drive in cars guided by the track into a neat little forest.


A neat part of the ride where the cars go over a small hill nearby the path.


Far in the distance is the Musical Chairs. As you may have noticed Springfield Park contains lots of uneven terrain. It does require lots of excursion to walk on some of these paths, but it allows the park to keep its natural beauty.


Another hit is Shockwave. An enterprise installation that provides lots of spinning for those looking for it!


Right next to Shockwave is one of the main restaurants, The Victorian. Serving sandwiches, salads, and baked goods.


Springfield park has been a tremendous success to local crowds. There's no doubt that in the future Springfield Park will expand and offer even more thrills and leisure. Thanks for coming to see Springfield Park's opening year of 1976. A new ride for next year is almost certain to increase attendance, so be sure to be there!

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