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Coastin through the Ohio Region 2017

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Hi guys! So i figured with as mch workign and traveling I will be doing this summer, this is where I will post all of my trip reports!


-Great Wolf Lodge March 23rd-24th, 2017:http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1782382#p1782382

-Keys To The Kingdom Event, Kentucky Kingdom 2017: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1782733#p1782733

-Dollywood, April 2017: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1785369#p1785369

-Mystic Timbers First Rider Auction & Opening Day 2017: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1787686#p1787686

-Holiday World, May 2017: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1795137#p1795137

-Coasterstock at Kings Island, May 2017:http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1796586#p1796586

-Cedar Point,Early June 2017: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1799512#p1799512

-Carowinds, June 2017 http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1803957#p1803957

-Kings Dominion, June 2017: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1804341#p1804341

-Kennywood, June 2017: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1805442#p1805442

-Cedar Point, June 2017: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1807901#p1807901

-Coney Island / Strickers Grove, July 4th!: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1814220#p1814220

-Michigans Adventure, Late July 2017: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1822958#p1822958

-Indiana Beach, September 2017:http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1831195#p1831195




I recently went to Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio for a couple days before heading to Kentucky Kingdom for the event on Saturday (that's still in the process of being made). Anyways one big noteaable change from last year is that Starbucks is now....................gone. The gift store is now one big place with one entrance and where the entrance was originally occupied with Starbucks, has now been turned into a Dunkin' Donuts! Slide Reviews:


-Water Coaster: Not as long as the other three I have rode (Deluge, Mammoth and Wildebeest) but fun and enjoyable!

-Family raft slide: Really fun! Did it once with three people and it paced pretty good but with 5 people in one tube................................WOW

-Bowl slide: as always a fun ride and if you have a heavy mass like some people (Myself) do, you get some good spins.





Boy i love the back side of things ;)


Nice view of KI from here to!


The lodge's family raft slide!


An indoor look at the front of the waterpark


I might have snuck outside to get some nice shots of Kings Island....


Sweet action zone. I would like to say that there where a couple backhoes and dumptrucks over in the area. Intresting


Best invert ever?


Another view from the 4th floor.


Trains are on the track.


A view of some of the main slides. Most notably the worlds first Triple Funnel Slide! (Its fun!)


Some land for expansion. The outdooor section could use a new slide or two.


Main outdoor pool.


Remnants of the old KI Inn



The detail in the Magic Quest game




The main Kid's area


all is calm.........


Exit for the three main tube slides.




Another back view.


Howl at the moon golf! Fun but small mini golf course with black lighting!

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Thanks for sharing! It looks nice and pretty fun for an indoor waterpark. My daughter and I are staying there for a couple nights with my brother and my niece in May. We will also be making our first ever visit to Kings Island, so I'm pretty excited.

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Thanks for sharing! It looks nice and pretty fun for an indoor waterpark. My daughter and I are staying there for a couple nights with my brother and my niece in May. We will also be making our first ever visit to Kings Island, so I'm pretty excited.


Indeed it is! Hope you have a great time at both parks!


As I would like to continue from this past weekend, Myself and many other coaster enthusiasts where recently invited out to Kentucky Kingdom for a nice little off season tour of the park and let me just say that it was really fascinating! Hers some things we learned today from various questions:


-The Original chassis from T2 (now T3 but T3 has new trains) where exact replica of what Arrow Dynamics made. So in a sense, Vekoma copied and pasted Arrow’s design.

-On ride photo’s will be returning for the 2017 season on T3!

-A beer garden will be added into the catering pavilions

-THIS WILL SHOOT DOWN ANY RUMORS OF WHY SIX FLAGS LEFT KENTUCKY KINGDOM IN 2010. Six flags wanted to have to pay no rent and the state had declined it, thus Six Flags abandoned the park and took two roller coasters with them.

-As for right now, Thunder Run will not receive a second train but………….It is an option!

-The carousel is unique to the park as it is the only one ever to stop in the same spot where it started on, which allows disabled guests to enter and exit the ride easily.

-For expansion………they still have 120 acres!

-As long as the park’s Enterprise is reliable it will stay. If one major breakdown occurs during this season, don’t be to surprised to see it start to get removed this season.

-Originally, Eye of the storm was going to replace Enterprise for this season and sit on the enterprises location but plans changed.

-Until RMC came in with the idea of Storm Chaser, the park wanted to combine Twisted Twins and Thunder Run, extend the layout out near T3, and wanted to have the world’s longest wooden roller coaster (which would break The Beast’s record)

-Operating hours have been in the idea of extended.

-The Zeppelin kiddie ride is the only one left in The United States

-The area around the waterpark will be used for future rides, more than hoping for that B&M Hyper that's been rumored.

-Finally the 2018/2019 plans are set to be released in April of this year.


For more pictures from the event please click here: https://coastermattproductions.wordpress.com/2017/03/26/keys-to-the-kingdom-2017/


Old T2 Trains


Purple Lightning Run train waiting to get back on track with its relative, Green train, who is back on track!


Such detail.........


Old T2 Chassis


An amazing pic I will never capture again


This is the last season for Mt. Side Hai


All of us from the event and thank you Kentucky Kingdom for inviting us!


Some weird guy that kinda likes this ride.


Just thinking of actually being on this.

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On April 5th and 6th, myself and Josh from FYE Coasters made a 5 hour trek to visit Dollywood. Needless to say, I was highly impressed with the whole park. We did manage to score a ride on all the coasters (despite the crappy weather involving rain wind and cold on Thursday), some more than once, and one rare treat in particular. Overall the service was amazing, and I honestly felt at home with everyone being so polite and caring. I would like to point out this was my first time ever being at Dollywood. So here's my reviews of the coasters:


-Lightning Rod: H.O.L.Y C.R.A.P. (Is that poo-poo running down my leg?). I have to say it. Best ride in the park! We rode front for our first ride and back for our second

ride and I was highly impressed. I never knew that you could experience airtime from a turn! I thought I was highly impressed with Storm Chaser but

this...............this just blew it out of the water (It's still not my number 1 but it'll take #2 on my wood coaster list). Sadly though, before we where leaving the park

we decided to try and get a third ride on. Well. We got on, got about 3/4 the way up the "lift" and rolled back 10/10

-Blazing Fury: An okay indoor coaster, It was interesting really. 6/10

-Tennessee Tornado: This was Fun! it was definitely different than the other two Arrow Loopers I have rode (Vortex and Corkscrew) and I honestly found it to be really

smooth. 8/10

-Wild Eagle: I liked this ride mainly because It fits where it sits, and its a great ride! It was a little different than Thunderbird or Gatekeeper, and it was fairly smooth

but like some (mainly every) B&M it has that rattle. One thing I do hop eis fixed with this is the vest restraints. They really dig into your shoulders going though the

ride when they start coming down more. 6/10

-Firechaser Express: Wow! This would be a great starting point for little thrill seekers. You get a great launch, a not to tall ride and a ride that doesn't go to fast. It's

been forever since I went backwards on a roller coaster (since Backwards Racer at Kings Island). 7/10

-Mystery Mine: I've only rode 1 Eurofighter which was Spongebob at Mall of America, and Mystery Mine, just by looking at it, was better than Spongebob. Loved the

double roll at the end and the hangtime! 7/10

-Thunderhead: Alas I wanted Mystic Timbers to be my first GCI but this was fun! I was hoping for a lot of ejector airtime but was mainly given just a tad floater. Rode

two times, one in front and one in back. Honestly found it pretty smooth for a woodie. 7/10


-Dollywood Express: I know, I know, this isnt a coaster. If you go to Dollywood, PLEASE! take the time and ride the train. You will not regret it honestly. 10/10/10.


(videos will be edited in once I get them uploaded and finalized).


I think we made it.


Another FUN! Ride




A quick look up at DropLine!


And it's neighbor Whistle Punk Chaser


Another smooth woodie and enjoyable!


Taco Pizza!? I think Yes!


An amazing train ride to say the least!


Wonder what the Mystery is




Loved all the small details they had all around the park.


Yup! First time being here!


The Majestic Bald Eagle.


First riders of the day on Lightning Rod!


Well we tried on our third time but walked away with a rollback experience and this!


Oh. Boy.


After waiting in line for an hour after got there, they had announced the ride was closed for the evening.


Better than Thunderbird?.......Nah


It does provide some great photos!


Such beauty! I am impressed by the woodcarvers talents!




Best Arrow I've rode!

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I love Dollywood. Just love it. It looks like you had a great time!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures.


P.S. -

You did not mention Cinnamon Bread - If you didn't have the Cinnamon Bread, then unfortunately, you are dead to me!!!

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P.S. - You did not mention Cinnamon Bread - If you didn't have the Cinnamon Bread, then unfortunately, you are dead to me!!!

Unfortunately, my money was a little tight and I wanted to get some but didnt have the money for it


I would like to say that my next big TR/Update will be from Kings Island next weekend, which will include footage and pictures from the Mystic Timbers First Rider Event on the 13th as well as footage from the opening day on the 15th.

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I used to love lumberjacks pizza but just look at that pic!! Those that don't believe the post of quality going downhill, just look at the pic for proof haha!


Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk

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I can confirm that the food quality has gone way down this year. Lillian's used to have some of my favorite park food anywhere as recently as Smoky Mountain Christmas but this year it was trash (aside from the smoked sausage).


I'll stick to the giant skillets and cinnamon bread which are as good as ever.

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This past weekend I visited Kings Island for the First Rider event of Mystic Timbers, working Friday night and not getting off till 1 (the last Mystic train was sent at 12:30), and visiting the park on Saturday for opening Day!


So first the first rider event. As some may know, sometimes associates that work at an amusement park sometimes get to ride the newest attraction before anyone else.......................well this wasn't the case. Thursday night was my first time riding! I have to say........This is something the park was missing. Before at the announcement and watching the animated POV, I wasn't impressed that much but was glad it was a new coaster. After watching the POV of the real ride................color me impressed. The park was missing something fast and relentless as a wooden coaster, but keeping it on the same level as The Beast and The Racer, but as smooth as possibly a steel coaster (with that wooden feeling). I only felt like I got about 2 pops of ejector airtime (maybe more), but I loved the intensity and airtime on this! That evening, I got 8 rides in and 2 night rides, sadly, the ride is not as good as that world class coaster right next to it "The Beast"


Front Entrance looks a little different with the metal detectors that will be here all year.


The gang's all here! Myself (CoasterMatt Productions), FYE Coasters, Coaster Guy101, CCU (Coaster Clubs United), Ohio Valley Coasters and Kings Islands#1 Fans!


Something's different in Snoopy this year................. any guesses?


Has that big box been there this whole time?


Slowly peeking into Rivertown.


Andy Dalton! (WHODEY!) All of us (187 to be exact) came together and raised 60,000 dollars!


Love the theming to the ride! Honestly would say that this is the best themed ride since Tomb Raider


Love the theming to the ride! Honestly would say that this is the best themed ride since Tomb Raider


Riders ride into the unknown!


They survived the Shed? That's not supposed to happen..........


I've grown on the middle vine.


The trains are really cool though!


Front entrance plaza!


Seems like someone crashed into this.


Onto Opening Day with 3 hours of sleep. I arrived at the park at 7 AM and waiting in the employee parking lot until around 8, as I wanted one of these first riders shirts that I was told would be given out. Fastforward to 9:30, we where walked into the park around to Mystic Timbers entrance and was on in about not even 10 minutes.


Onto some things that are new this year (other than that new woodie in Rivertown):

- Coke refill stations! There where about a couple new ones that I saw! one where a water gun game was in Rivertown right next to Larossa's in rivertown, one at the old ICEE refill station in Coney Mall right next to Killmart.

-Tom & Chee!: Cinci's famous grilled cheese resturant has made a permanent home in Kings Island, right over where snakepit by Diamondback was! Come get your grilled cheese donuts!

-Winterfest footers and buildings: A new building was being constructed behind the Blackout maze, and footers are around International Street.

-International street now has Instrumental music! It's really a nice touch

-Dodgem's received some LED lights on the ride ceiling and outside the ride as well. That leaves only two ride in Coney to need these nice LED lights, Monster and Zephyr.


I would like to give a shout out to everyone of my friends on the Mystic crew! From having an about 8 hour wait on friday evening, i was very impressed with fast dispatches and a 1-2 hour wait on Saturday!


Enjoy the videos and pictures!


Big crowd for opening day!


Turning 30 and still giving IMO a good ride


Well hello there!


Such a great and FUN ride!


Best invert I've been on (Raptors the only other one I've been on)


Dive Dive Dive!


Kersplush! (with some new paint to the rise up out of the splashdown)


Vortex recieved a nice refurbished sign over the offseason!


Dodgem's new LED lights!


The lights outside of the ride!


Firehawk turns 10 this year (15 total) and is really in need of a repaint. The red is chipping away and you can see the green coming in.


Overview of Mystic Tibmers!


Stay tuned as my next trips include to be either: Kentucky Kingdom, Kings Dominion, Coney Island, Strikers Grove, Cedar Point and maybe Indiana Beach!

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Great TR! I actually passed Strickers Grove recently (which I forgot existed). I took a wrong turn and was trying to get back and then was like, "WHOA roller coaster WTF? Where am I??" I didn't realize it was so close to where I lived (like 30 min away).


Pass preview for Mystic Timbers was definitely a lot more hectic than official opening! On Saturday, the line cleared out later in the day, after we had already waited another 4 hours (due to there being a one hour delay when we were almost to the stairs).


Thanks for the back row hookup on pass preview day, it was definitely INSANE in the back! By the way, I don't know any of those people in real life, but after spending 4 hours with them in line, I got to know them! Definitely the longest I've ever waited for a coaster, but worth it! I still can't believe we waited through all those caves and in the back areas and then some.

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Well after slaving away at Kings Island for weekends after weekends, I finally found a park that was open DURING the week...............Holiday World! So on May 11th (the day before KI started Daily op), myself and a couple ACE'rs decided to take the trip over! This was my second time visiting the park was pleasantly pleased with everything despite the school groups and the shitty weather (it always seems to rain when I go to the park). Last year (i was an idiot at most new parks) I focused on riding all of the coasters, this year it has changed! with not only the coasters, i rode many of the flats and thrill rides at the park (including Firecracker) and some types where ones I've never rode like the S&S Shot tower "Liberty Launch" and "Firecracker" A Calypso! Check out some of my videos from my visit and some of my pictures!



Corn...Corn..........Corn.........ROLLER COASTERS!


So cool to see the old train ride!


"Voyage coming to dock"




Love the Voyage but Lightning Rod has to be my new #1 woodie


Dive! Dive! Dive!


Two great coasters in one picture!


Such Beauty


So Photogenic


Climbing the voyage!


Plymuth Rock Cafe is still great to eat at, sadly it was closed and we ate at Kringle's




It was weird to see a carousel but not hear loud organ.carousel music



Raven time after lunch!


"Don't look back"


Still one of the better woodie's I've rode


Not today...............


Who doesn't love a good viking ship!


Still a vacant plot of land.......................


How bout some Voyage shot's!


So graceful


"Thunderbird Clear for launch"


Not a bad element is on this ride




Soars like an eagle


Fly's like one to


Someone wants some attention


Honestly this was my first time on an OLDER set of flyer's and no i never was able to snap.


There's something in this area i forgot to ride last year.


Yup here it is.....


LOVED the ejector airtime at the top!


From w hat I heard this was slow compared to others but it was still FUN!




You can't go without getting a pic here


the day has ended


everything is calm


thank you Holiday World for another great visit and having great rides!!!!

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Nice trip report. Glad you had a good time. I don't think it's idiotic at all to only want to ride roller coasters, especially if you're at a new park. Flats have only recently started to interest me and they have to be of a certain variety. Any small diameter spinning is a no-go for me.

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From w hat I heard this was slow compared to others but it was still FUN!


Yeah they're Calypso is probably going to run slower than others that are out there. They literally had no manual on how to run that ride and had to figure it out on their own. They said on their podcast that they brought some of their staff down there to ride it until they found a speed that they thought would be comfortable for everyone. I'm sure if they get enough feedback asking them to make it faster, they'll speed it up.

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On May 19th and 20th i attended my first ever Coasterstock! Let me just start by saying that if other events where well planned out and have the same type of tours/ERT and everything as Coasterstock, i would love to go to many more! This event was the best I've ever been to (I've only been to Chill-Out and Keys To The Kingdom).


Friday, first day of coasterstock we where given ERT on everything in Action Zone (minus Congo) and after many laps on Banshee it turned out to be a great morning! After that i wandered the park until meeting back up for lunch with special guest speakers Logan Joiner and Jeff Joiner from KoasterKids (really inspiring story from Logan and always great to hangout with them) and as well as Lance Heal (director of entertainment). Lance talked about Winterfest and Haunt very heavily. From what I heard that was for Haunt, one maze will be retired and two new attractions will be introduced this year. They are working on new skeleton key rooms and back story's for all the mazes. So far one of many huge crates featuring animatronics and props to be installed into existing mazes to get some new love. Some new things in Slaughterhouse are that the hallway with new wood will be filled with props and scenery. Finished with winterfest information and then went to our lights on tours. Unfortunately the Diamondback tour was postponed due to weather but ERT that night still occured!


Day 1 for Coasterstock looks to be a great one!


First ride of the day is possibly one of the best arrow's in the park!


Swinging through the tree's


Banshee needs some love to!


Such a FUN ride!


Onto a cloned ride that I like!


One of the best mine train's I've been on but Everest is still my favorite!


Sneaky Snake


I love the footage and pictures you can get from WWC's line!


Who doesnt love a good train ride!


Hey it's Logan!


Maze time!


I got bored so I went through Dino's!


Dive! Dive! Dive!


That does it for Day 1!


Onto Day 2! ERT was given in Coney Mall and FOF was giving lights on rides every other train! BOO YEAH! I finally got a lights on ride and it's interesting to see the whole ride in the building! after that we ventured to ERT for Mystic and Dback. At 2 we got our Beast tour in and our Diamondback tour in at 5! After that we ended up going to Dinner where Don, Mike Kuntz and Jeff Pike (Designer from Skyline Attractions) talked about the park, their history and Mystic Timbers. I will say i was wondering why Mystic's brake run is slanted and according to Jeff, since Mystic uses mag brakes, the train alligns perfectly with the brakes when it comes up and thus the brake run is slanted. Also to note that the s-turns weren't originally planned BUT WHO CARES IT STILL A GREAT RIDE! Unfortunately after dinner and a couple ride on Banshee/ Bat, i headed home and did not stay for ERT.


It's a little foggy. Did they bring out the Haunt fog machines?




slippery snake


still never got to be able to snap.


Went through the petting zoo!


Beast riders riding into the unknown!




backstage tour time!


Don gives the backstory on the Beast. really wish we could've gone back farther into the ride...........


re-track soon?


Such a great ride


Dback tour time!


Choo Choo!!!!!!!!


A huge shoutout to Don and everyone at KI for an amazing event!

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