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Good Afternoon TPR! I'm having a really bad time right now becasue my grandma was in the hospital, & rehab for falling, & she's back home now, & my grandpa is now in the hospital being real worse, & sorry I hadn't been back in a while! I have something very interesting to show you!



Razor Rocks from RCT Corkscrew Follies which is a desert scenario with mountain sharp rocks which I really found it interesting! I have used them for scenery, & building coasters in, & out of them!



Opened in 1926 in Tuba City Arizona almost near the Grand Canyon State Park! Has been a thrilling park since then! Also this is mixed up with Six Flags, Kennywood, & some Cliffside Amusement Parks that I can't remember!



I'll just show you the first part of the park! There's just to much to show right now!



Where you first walk into the Mountainous Park you will be confronted by a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Double Looper named Double Zero which was relocated from an unknown park!



This awesome B&M Dive Machine Mountain named Razor Mountain built in 2003 with an Intamin Gyro Drop!


This spooky mountain has a Old Mine Coaster named Claw Mountain that was built in 1945 after World War II! Well this will be it for the day! Going through some family troubles right now see you soon!

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Will there be a ride (or an entertainer) called Razor Ramon?


I don't know what you're talking about!


Also my grandpa just died four days ago, & we just buried him today!



Almost in the central part of the part there is an Schwarzkopf Speed Racer built right above the peeps named Jet Stream built in 1981!



On this mysterious mountain which I had something in mind similar to em city from Wizard of Oz! A Morgan Hyper is built in, & out of the mountain as Blue Flame Mountain built in 2004 as one of the most creative coasters in the world!


The first corner on south east is an Prototype Vekoma SLC named Katanga in 1994 when I had Condor from Holland in my mind, & a inspired Kennywood Thunderbolt Coaster built in 1926 as one of the parks first coasters! Well I'm going through some family troubles now see you soon!

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Will there be a ride (or an entertainer) called Razor Ramon?


I don't know what you're talking about!


Also my grandpa just died four days ago, & we just buried him today!

Razor Ramon was a WWF wrestler that was extremely popular in the 1990s:

After his WWF run, he went to WCW where he performed under his real name of Scott Hall.


Also, my grandpa passed away just after New Year's

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Im sorry for you and your family.


Thank you very much im going through some trouble right now some ahole just bumped behind me while i was parked, & he was blaming me him & his wife for hitting him like accusing me for hitting i said no i was minding my own business, & they both assaulted me but I got away safely because I don't want any trouble now but anyways here's the update!



At the edge of the park there is an Mobius Loop Wooden Coaster built in 1926 as Rolling Razor which is one of the first rides built at the park!



Also it doesn't race for most of the time, & why I did put it on synchronizing adjacent stations, & the rating keeps going bad so im not going to mess with it anymore i just like it the way it is!



In the very middle part of the park a B&M Flying Coaster is built named as Firefly in 2006! Not much inspiration for this but it's little like manta from SWO!


This is it for the week more to come sooner!

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Hey TPR I have been very busy latley with family crap because it's hard right now so I'll show you some more Razor Rocks, & might post the download for those who want to see!



In 2000 the park wanted to build an Hyper Coaster but they couldn't afford a B&M, & Arrow was bankrupted at the time! So they had only one choice was to contact Giovanola!



So it took an Year in a Half to complete, & the name ended up to be Dustbowl! An out & back design with many twists, & airtime!



Currently the Tallest Ride in the park since it opened! Also the most popular at the park too! The Bluish Wooden Coaster below is an unknown 1940's Wooden Water Splash Track Coaster named Whitewash!



The B&M Coaster that you saw in the first screen is an Stand Up Coaster named Scorpion in 1992! Inspired by Carowinds Vortex but I added another Corkscrew so it has three inversions! I just got bored so that's why I built this!



A Premier LIM that I sort of made but not likely Poltergiest i just wanted to make my own! Named Quantum Thrasher in 1999! Pretty good thrill ride in the park! I would ride it!



I sort of built me a Disneyland Splash Mountain Flume just for fun!



A New B&M Floorless in 2015 built in the central part of the park! I named Abacab which is a song of Genesis I just thought the name was just magic or something like making you dizzy which is pretty much so! I heard, & saw Nitro from Imagica in India, & thought about it! Also a Wooden Wild Mouse is right next named Cryptic Mouse Cavern from 1930!



A while back on this sight! Someone posted a old vintage roller coaster picture Dipolocus i think! So I made one like it which is a Virgina Reel named Sharp Edge Mountain in 1931! Also a Observation Tower is built inside!



A Steeplechase named Camel Hills in 1926!



At the far edge of the park! There is a Double Dip Coaster by John Miller named Jack Rabbit in 1926 which takes it's inspiration from Kennywood!



A unknown dueling split racing track coaster named Lightning & Thunder from 1933! Sure does look fun I would love to ride!



A Prebuilt Triple Corkscrew named Dino where I used Dinosaur Theming in 1996! Pretty smooth!



A Vekoma Family Terrain named Red Dragon Mountain which is kind of inspired by Tibidabo's Muntanya Russa in 2008! I would definitely tide this!



The last final screen is an Dueling Wooden Reversers named Crazy Dancers from 1926! The download will be posted!


Razor Rocks.SV6

Here it is! Enjoy! I will show more every once in a while!

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Hello TPR! Just did little more work on Razor Rocks!



I made me a Hopkins Coaster like Texas Tornado from Wonderland Amusement Park in Amarillo in front of the park!



I named it Canyon Rider from 1985 as the parks first looping coaster! Razor Rocks has a whole lot of interesting attractions of its kind since 1926!


Razor Rocks.SV6

Here's the new file!

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Good Afternoon TPR! Razor Rocks has recieved a new coaster for 2020 which is a Custom Launched Premier with ultra extreme batwing dives as the Shrunken!



And here is the Custom Launched Premier as the Shrunken as the tallest & fastest ride in the park!


Razor Rocks.SV6

And here is new file enjoy!

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Good Afternoon I had just went back to Razor Rocks cause I had something very special in my mind that I thought about building!



The overview of the most scenic terrainish Razor Rocks looks different once again!



As we get closer we something very similar from somewhere don't we? Also I revamped one of my coasters to a better rating! You'll notice it!



It has changed the park's coaster history ever since & a one of it's kind in Arizona!



At the L shape corner where Dust Bowl & Jack Rabbit is when the park first opened in 1926 a Side Friction Desert Sun Railway was built as the longest side friction coaster ever built with great airtime! I thought the park would look fun with it!



And here is the new attraction that completely bought new records to the park as its inspired by Universal Studios Singapore Battlestar Galactica a vekoma dueling inverted & sitdown coaster as I used B&M Ttracks though & the ride is very popular! Well last screen for the park & the ride rarely races & this is the only screen that I have when it was dueling!


Razor Rocks.SV6

Here is a new file enjoy!

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Good Afternoon TPR Happy Halloween & Thanksgiving to you all! Sorry I haven't been showing any which i don't hardly have anything to build much anymore! But I have went back to razor rocks again & built two new coasters recreated some selected prebuilt coasters!

The first screen is a Custom B&M Teardrop Inverted Coaster named Empire Express as the tallest fastest & longest inverted coaster in the grand canyon! I liked the selected design from the menu which the ratings wasn't good & no room in the park so I built my own version & made it spaced out!


The second screen is a Custom B&M Launched Sitting Coaster named Lunar Launcher in 2000 as it is a redesign of the selected menu track which turned out really good but took about five tries!


Well this is it! The last final update for Razor Rocks as it has become a mega thrilling terrain amusement park enjoy!Razor Rocks.SV6

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