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Justice League - Battle for Metropolis SFMM Hardhat Tour

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We were invited to take a hardhat tour of SFMM's new "Justice League - Battle for Metropolis" dark ride. Not much in terms of the actual ride has been installed, but the ride building is up and the surrounding area is being transformed. Gas station and climbing wall are gone, and the area for the beer garden is being prepared. Much of the area will remain the same, with new theming and landscape changes to fit the Metropolis re-theme. Okay, pictures...



When they say "hardhat tour"...THEY MEAN IT!


Yes, I've got a helmet on for this tour, that's how excited I am!


When you see this guy, there is sure to be everybody's favorite...footers and dirt!


Footer, as promised!


This area remans mostly the same with some landscaping.


Queue goes over there.


Rock wall gone.


Gift shop goes here, I think, pretty sure it does...


Ride goes in here.


This building is quite large.


Hard at work.



You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out...no, really he's pointing at the square on the floor where the ride thing goes.


There it is! This is the path of the ride vehicle.




I need all this trash to finish building my go-cart!


Tools, very important for building rides.


All sort of fasteners...FACINATING!


More to come...

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And here's more...




This is why we needed the hardhats.


Boxes of construction crap.


Tuby things.




Not sure how this works, but there's a marking on the floor next to it, so it must be important!


Queue up here.


Electrical looking stuff.



Outside, electrical looking stuff.


Connie parked her truck here.


All this should get a facelift.


Beer garden somewhere back here.


Roller coaster.





Behind the scenes, really, cause it's the back of the building.



Then beer garden area seems like it will be a decent size. Now about those beer prices?


Full frontal.


No more gas station.


Roller coaster over there, might get paint.


And that's all I got! I did however take along Jennifer (berryfarm) to help taking pictures and I will be posting those after a break.

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Thanks for all the great construction tour photos, Caesar! It's looking good.


I also think, that they should consider adding the fake green Astro Turf, as shown in the art concept!

It would make the surrounding area so surreal/comix-like for the show building, itself. IMhO.

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Thanks for the report Caesar. I'm looking forward to riding Battle for Metropolis (here or elsewhere). Magic Mountain has always been lacking when it comes to dark rides.

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Thanks for the report Caesar. I'm looking forward to riding Battle for Metropolis (here or elsewhere). Magic Mountain has always been lacking when it comes to dark rides.


Agreed. I've never been much of a dark ride person, but the park desperately needed an indoor ride with AC that the whole family could enjoy.


Interesting to see the RR will be painted green and yellow. I was honestly expecting them to paint it green and purple and call it Joker lol

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Thank god they got rid of that ugly looking gas station thing, whatever. Was sitting there for years. What was it for?


It was the on ride photo sales place.


Also, Magic Mountain vehicles are terrifying. Back when I worked there, the electricians van door was opened with pliers...

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Trying to picture what they removed to make room for this ride. Help me out here. I keep mixing up Gotham with the area where Riddler is.


Batman Stunt Theater - demolished

Gas station - demolished

Climbing wall - demolished


I take it the upcharge Flying Burrito ride is still there, as is the BBQ restaurant?

And the totally non-DC-themed Tidal Wave which is okay since it's always closed?


And I'd still like to think those electrical-looking conduits were really for pyro shells.

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The gas station was used, in the new Katy Perry video chained to the rhythm. So we will always have a strange video of it.

Nice report lots of cement and conduit nice construction, Looking forward to this when it opens. I like the ride path looks pretty random



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Thanks for the photos! Nice to see the attraction progressing right along. I am glad SFMM is moving into adding more diversity into their line-up for the attraction roster. A good first step for them. Probably going to be an uptick in theme park tourists in 2019/2020 coming to socal, great time to go all in on a DC universe. Also happy Apocalypse is being worked on, pretty great in it's early years. They should probably flip the theme to Doomsday or to "Apokolips" to be , to tie it into the DC theme. Ride already looks sun bleached and desolate as it is, not much painting required.

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Okay, tonight we had an opportunity to preview the new Metro Park Pub in the soon to be open Metropolis area of Six Flags Magic Mountain, which will also be home to "Justice League: Battle for Metropolis" (Opening July 12!). This is an outdoor beer garden that not only has beer, but great bar food as well. We were treated to everything from flatbread pizza, to fried shrimp, and even a vegetarian kale salad(For the vegis out there, SFMM is trying to put at least one vegetarian option at all food locations in the park.) At the moment there are bottled selections, but beer on tap will be installed shortly. There's a stage for live entertainment and plenty of seating with umbrellas for shade. I will say it was very nice in the evening, very shady and cool with a nice atmosphere.


As this is a thread for JL:BFM, the official opening date is July 12, with technical rehearsal the July 9-10. Remember technical rehearsal means no guarantees, it may or may not run at any time! Other fun stuff, free admission is being offered to anyone who dresses up in full DC character costume on opening day July 12. Now this doesn't mean you wear your favorite Superman shirt, it means an actual costume. Details should be released shortly on the Six Flags Magic Mountain website, and you will have to sign up to get your free admission.


Okay, pictures...



Beer here!


Quite a large area, should be very popular.


Some sort of seating area. I was wondering if there is a smoking area, and if so, is this it? I do not know.


Nice long tables for all our friends! Also, bar stools if you have no friends...the shrimp will be your friend.


Plant with a rock in it.


Stage for live entertainment, or possibly they are going to stomp grapes and make Six Flags wine.


Pass out here. Kidding, drink responsibly!


Long row of bar stools.


This will be where you pick up your food.



Chris Parker was in charge of food and did an amazing job.


Kale salad, it was um...yeah, I didn't eat any, but those who did said it was good.


If you're really hungry you can order the trough of pork rinds! No, really it's for the pork rind nachos...yes...pork...rind...nachos.


Did I mention they are topped with meat?


Beer battered fish and chips. If you like fried fish, this is good stuff.


The fish was good, the shirmp was awesome!



Fried cheese curds! I think these would even meet Elissa's standards, and she doesn't fool around when it comes to cheese!


These pizzas are very good, the flatbread crust had a really great taste and texture.


i actually took the end pieces, because I liked the crust. Very good.


Fried green beans, not bad, I actually ate a few.


Did I mention fried cheese? Cause, um...FRIED CHEESE!


Metropolis, city of...


Dirt, the public loves dirt!


Sandwiches maybe?


Can't put my finger on it, but something isn't done?


Opening July 12th, because...JUSTICE!


Thank you to Six Flags Magic Mountain, the Metro Park Pub turned out great!


Okay, there you go, and thanks to Six Flags Magic Mountain for inviting us for a beer and some great food! As I've been doing the last few trips I had berryfarm help with taking some extra photos, so stay tuned for her post. Definitely more pictures of the Justice League ride.

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Here are my thoughts about the Metro Park Pub.


The flat bread pizza was tasty and filling. I liked it but who doesn't like pizza?

Deep fried fish and chips, fried shrimp, deep fried cheese balls and loads of fries lots other stuff to all make appropriate accompaniments to the craft beers on hand. IPA's and premium lagers grace a generous beer selection. You're sure to find a favorite.


Metro Park Pub





Last call one hour before park closed



Stage for live entertainment









Look like riddler's revenge sign redone



Thank you six flags magic mountain inviting us :)

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Can't wait to see the prices and the lines when it opens but it does look really nice! Will any of the new food options be on the season dining pass? If so the dining pass may become more attractive.

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I will be curious to see if they do any more with the landscaping for sun/heat protection. The area seems a tad sparse, so far at least. Will be there Sunday to check it out.

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