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Want to plan trip to SFMM, desperately need help!


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hello all. I realize that you guys don't need to plan a trip a SFMM rather just get in your car and drive for a couple of minutes and your there...but not all of us have that privlage. I live in Illinois and really want to get to SFMM because I'm having my mid-winter coaster withdrawls and need to get on some before I go crazy but my family is on a tight budget so I need some help getting the best prices for everything. the dates I want to go are somewhere between March 25th and April 1st. I greatly apreaciate your help. Thanks


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Well, that's spring break week for a lot of the country so there aren't really any bargains but I found this:


Leave Midway (MDW) Monday March 28th

Arrive LAX


Leave LAX Friday April 1st

Arrive MDW


These flights would give you all day Tues, Wed, Thurs...Knotts, SFMM, Disney or Universal.


The flights are $197 each, you could get a hotel for around $40 a night...and you'd need to rent a car, usually on priceline for about $25 a day.


Elissa "hope this helps" Alvey

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Hey are you a student because you can go to http://statravel.com and they have some real good rates. Thats where i got my ticket to tokyo for 1050.00 after taxes. You can also try http://expedia.com they seem to be pretty resonable because I got a flight, hotel, 5 day pass one night HHN with express pass for under 400.00!


Hope that helps...

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Thank you very much for your help but my family is too broke :crying: so I have to push the trip back until my b-day next year. I will leave Chicago on Friday Feburary 11th and on Tuesday the 14th. I will be checking around on sites for deals (if they even have any this early) thanks again Elissa and Jarmor.

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