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[TPS] Space Flyer

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Climb aboard this space shuttle and experience the ride of a life time; Space Flyer. Feel the intense G-Forces as you accelerate from 0-100 mph in just a few seconds! Climb a gigantic vertical loop, the 1st of not 1, not 2, but 7 inversions! Space Flyer is a must ride attraction for all thrill seekers and is the best launched coaster in the galaxy!

"It was going so fast that I thought we would reach light speed" -Coasterbilly

"The launch was so intense that I blacked out" -DJ

"It should be illegal for coasters to be this good or intense" -italicikus

"Everything this ride does, it does perfectly. From the inversions, to the airtime, this ride has everything and has certainly made my top 5 list. This is a must ride coaster for anybody in the area" -Robert Alvey, the man who is mostly credited for creating the famous roller coaster site, "Theme Park Criticism"

Come see for yourself why this coaster was rated #1 steel coaster in the Silver Ticket Awards and take off to the stars.

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Wow. Ummmm, yeah. The layout was decent. But that's really all it had going for me. Not to mention the couple of times I got killed by supports going through the track. . . Or track nearly going through track. . . Hmmmm. Maybe worth a revisit to clean some things up??

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