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How many B&M Roller Coasters have you ridden?

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2/6 Stand Ups: Vortex (Carowinds), Green Lantern


your number for stand-ups is a bit off.


B&M have built a total of 7 stand-up coasters.


  1. 1990 - Iron wolf - SFGAm - moved to SFA in 2012 - OPERATING
  2. 1991 - Vortex - CGA - converted to floorless in 2017 - DEFUNCT (as a stand-up)
  3. 1992 - Vortex - Carowinds - OPERATING (assumed to be getting a floorless conversion soon)
  4. 1996 - Mantis - Cedar Point - converted to floorless in 2015 - DEFUNCT (as a stand-up)
  5. 1997 - Chang - Kentucky Kingdom - moved to SFGAdv in 2011 - OPERATING
  6. 1998 - Riddler's Revenge - SFMM - OPERATING
  7. 1999 - Georgia Scorcher - SFOG - OPERATING


Thank you for catching that. I keep on forgetting that there are now 5 operating Stand-ups and that there used to be 7. For some reason I thought there were 8

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18 and that was really fun!



19 in US



26 in the US now.


That's a big jump! Where'd you go?


19 was back in February, since then I visited SFMM for the second time and BGW and Carowinds for the first time.

I still missed out on a two B&M's from those trips (Tatsu-down, Vortex- We skipped).

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57 out of 62 in North America. Missing Mako, Valravn, Leviathan, Behemoth, and Fury. (I'm not double-checking opening dates, but I want to say there was a brief stretch of time where I was fully caught up on B&M's in the United States!) For the zero people who care, I haven't ridden Patriot or Rougarou as floorlesses.


59 out of 101 in the world, or 58%. Diavlo and Hollywood Dream are the additional two.

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12, all in US:



Apollo's Chariot





Wild Eagle


Batman The Ride SFOG

Georgia Scorcher

Superman Ultimate Flight



Gonna pump those numbers up this summer!

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I’ve ridden 25 B&Ms, unless you count Mantis and Rougarou separately, then it’s 26. Haven’t left North America.


Invert: Banshee, Afterburn, Raptor, Silver Bullet, Great Bear, 2 Batman clones

Floorless: Dominator, Scream, Bizarro, Batman, Hydra, Rougarou

Dive: Valravn

Wing: GateKeeper

Stand-Up: Mantis, Riddler, Green Lantern, Apocalypse, Vortex (Carowinds)

Hyper: Intimidator, Diamondback, Fury 325, Nitro

Flying: Tatsu, Superman (SFGAdv)

No Sit-Downs

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By my count, I'm at 43 U.S. B&M's. There are 1, maybe 2 relocations included in there. After next season I should get past 50. I haven't been on any of the hypers or gigas or wings (except Wild Eagle) built in the last 10 years. Looking forward to Intimidator, Fury, Diamondback, Banshee, Leviathan, Behemoth, Valravyn, and Gatekeeper this summer!!!!

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21. All in the southeast US.




Invert- Montu, Banshee, Afterburn, Raptor, Alpengeist, Dragon Challenge (HH-Ice), DC (CF-Fire), Batman The Ride (SFOG)

Hyper- Mako, Diamondback, Apollo’s Chariot, Intimidator, Goliath (SFOG)

Giga- Fury 325

Wing- Gatekeeper, Wild Eagle

Stand-up- Georgia Scorcher, Vortex

Dive- Valravn, SheiKra, Griffon

Sit/Floorless- Kraken, Kumba, Incredible Hulk, Rougarou

Flying- Manta, Superman - Ultimate Flight (SFOG)

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All 4 wing X-Flight, Wild Eagle, Gatekeeper, Thunderbird

Invert Afterburn, Raptor, Batman, Batman

Floorless Kraken

Sitdown Kumba

Flying Manta

Hyper Raging Bull, Mako, I232, Fury 325

Dive Sheikra

Stand Up Mantis Vortex


There is prly more but that is all I can think of at the moment

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I have ridden 30 different B&M coasters in Europe the USA up till now.


11 inverted coasters: Flightdeck @ CGA, Batman @ SFMM, Silver Bullet, Nemesis, Nemesis Inferno, Black Mamba, Katun, Dualing Dragons, Montu, Batman La Fuga, Oziris

4 dive coasters: Oblivion, Sheikra, Oblivion-The Black Hole, Baron 1898

3 sitdown: Dragon Khan, Kumba, Incredible Hulk

3 floorless: Scream, Kraken, Superman La Atracción de Acero

3 flying: Air, Tatsu, Manta

2 hyper: Silverstar, Shambhala

2 wing coasters: Raptor, The Swarm

2 standup: Vortex @ CGA, Riddler

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Currently 26:


Fury 325









Raging Bull


Flight Deck

Dragon Challenge- Fire

Dragon Challenge- Ice



Batman the Ride (SFMM)

Batman the Ride (SFGAm)

Silver Bullett





Riddler's Revenge

Vortex (Carowinds)

Superman (SFGAm)

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Inverted: Talon, Great Bear, Raptor, Montu, Alpengeist, Batman: The Ride (SFGAdv)

Sit down: Kumba, Incredible Hulk

Hyper: Nitro, Apollo’s Chariot

Floorless: Bizarro, Hydra, Dominator

Stand-up: Mantis

Wing: Wild Eagle

Flying: Superman: Ultimate Flight (SFGAdv)


Could’ve swore I had been on more but 16 isn’t terrible.

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Inverted: Batman the Ride (SFMM), Silver Bullet, Raptor, Banshee

Wing: Gatekeeper

Dive: Valravn

Floorless: Scream, Rougarou

Standup: Riddler's Revenge

Flying: Tatsu

Hyper: Diamondback


Total: 11

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Batman Clones - 3

Other Inverts - 2 (Raptor, Banshee)

Wing - All 4 NA

Floorless - 2 (SKC, Rougarou)

Sit-Down - 1 (Wildfire)

Dive - 1 (Valravn)

Flying - 1 (SUF @ SFGAm)

Hyper - 2 (Raging Bull, Diamondback)


Total should be 16 I think

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Six in total.


1/1 in Denmark

3/4 in Germany

2/62 in the U.S


That's two floorless, one flyer, one dive, one wing and one hyper. In less than two weeks I'll make my first invert (Black Mamba) and make it 4/4 in Germany.

Now I'm 4/4 in Germany and have two floorless, one flyer, one dive, one wing, one hyper and one invert in total.


Hoping to make Valkyria my eight B&M and second dive once it finally opens. Then I'll be 1/1 in my home country (until the Gröna Lund invert opens).

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With two new B&M's added to my list this year, my B&M count is now up to the following 19 coasters:


Batman la Fuga

Superman la Attracion de Acero

Nemesis Inferno




Batman the Ride SFGADV

Superman - Ultimate Flight SFGADV

Great Bear

Batman - The Dark Knight SFNE




Incredible Hulk

Dueling Dragons




Flug der Dämonen


I hope to go to Liseberg and make it 20 this year!

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In no particular order: 20


Batman SFStL

Patriot WOF

Wildfire SDC

Batman SFGAm

Raging Bull SFGAm

Superman SFFT

Batman SFOT

Great White SWSA

Kumba BGT

Montu BGT

Batman SFOG

Batman SFMM

Scream SFMM

Silver Bullet KBF

Raptor CP

Afterburn CW

Intimidator CW

Fury 325 CW

Vortex CW

Wild Eagle DW

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Right now it’s 12, but it will probably be 16 by the end of the year! The list is in no particular order.


Batman (SFNE)


Green Lantern


Superman Ultimate Flight (SFGAdv)

Batman The Ride (SFGAdv)



Superman Krypton Coaster

Goliath (SFFT)

Great White

Silver Bullet


Riding this year:

Great Bear

Either Mako, Manta and Kraken or Sheikra, Kumba and Montu

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