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How many B&M Roller Coasters have you ridden?

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Here's one more fun challenge - To see how many B&M's you've ridden!


Take the survey to see how many of the 101 operating B&M Coasters you have ridden in the world?


...And because I know a lot of members here haven't left the continent, this one's a little easier: How many of the 62 operating B&M Coasters have you ridden in only North America?


Note: If you've ridden the exact coaster at the previous location/incarnation, COUNT IT -- Because I didn't list them twice!

(Vortex = Patriot, Mantis=Rougarou, Orochi=Monster, Led Zeppelin=Dragon's Run, Chang=Green Lantern, etc.)


Note pt. 2: I chose to leave off the Chinese B&Ms supposedly opening in 2017, cause who knows when those will actually open...

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Well, for now, this is my better effort...


22 of 101 items (22%) WORLD

Rank: #73 of 163 users (top 45%)



(EDITing for current ranking)

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These are all the B&Ms i been on listed in no real order


1.Raging Bull(Six Flags GAm my homepark)



4.Superman:Ultimate Flight(SFGAm)

5.Incredible Hulk(USO)

6.Dragon Challenge(USO)




10.Raptor(Cedar Point)

11.rougarou (CP)


13.Gate Keeper

14.Sheikra(Busch Gardens Tampa)


So only 15.....:/ but B&MS I wish to go on in the future. Fury325!!!!(the one i want to go on the most)Diamondback and Banshee at KingsIsland, Applo's Chariet,Nitro,Tatsu,Griffon, Leviathan and Behemoth

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