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[RCT2] Coaster Crazy

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Good Morning TPR! For the day! I have an very interesting scenario to show you which is from Corkscrew Follies!



The scenario is Coaster Crazy! A Terrain Amusement Park that opened in a small town in Greenville Maine in 1974 for a destination entertainment!



So this is a lot to show! Even though I did edited this scenario to make it into my own dream, & I know I couldn't do it in RCT1 because I have never made it that far in RCT1 back then! So only one area for the day, & from now!



The front entrance where you will see two hilly coasters onto your right! This park was very hard to build but not until I edited it, & this park has mixtures of inspirations from other park, I explain in this, & the next posts of this!



Here is an Custom Coasters International Woodie, & a B&M Flying Coaster on a hillside! So when I was building CCI Coasters like the Boss, & Boulder Dash it was very hard because the rating would go bad, but I made it pretty good, & the CCI Coasters are wonderful! I'm glad I built something like it!



The CCI Monster is named Silent Hill built in 1995 as the longest, & tallest wooden coaster in maine! Also it has nothing to do with the Silent Hill Horror Film! Also Coaster Crazy is the only park in the world with four CCI Coasters isn't that great?



Silent Hill is inspired by The Boss but went totally into a terrain style as you can tell! This was fun to build! It's one of those most creative rides that go through tunnels, & trees!



The Green Gigantic B&M Flying Coaster is named Bird of Prey built in 2006 as the only flying coaster in the Northeast of America!



Sorry if the name is not very good at all! Basically I run out of names or have no other thoughts so this how it is! Bird of Prey is inspired by Tatsu from SFMM!



Up on the top there is an Mack Bobsled named Rainfall Bobs in 1985 by Mack as the only one of it's kind in the NE of Maine! So I guess I'll call this area Hillside Forest! Sometimes I'm not that good naming areas, or sections! Also I figured maine could use some big amusement parks! Last screen for the day see you!

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A small update for Coaster Crazy!



The front entrance plaza! I guess it's what i will call it Front Way Plaza!



Also this section only has one roller coaster, & a bunch of flats! The coaster is an Arrow Dynamics Mega Looper named Sky Rider built in 1986 as the world's first coaster with six inversions! The first starter coaster but not really!



Sky Rider was the first lopping coaster in the park! I would ride this if it was real! It's almost inspired by Valleyfair's Crokscrew but I made it my own way, & painted the inversions different! So this is the last screen for the day!

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Here's an awesome update for Coaster Crazy!



An Asian Themed Area as you walk into the area you'll first see a Zierer Tivoli Coaster named Chinese Dragon built in 1999!



I used most of the pagoda scenery!



At the very corner of the area! You will see a B&M Floorless which is a big monster!



Named Shogun which is I guess some emperor that ruled over asia a long time ago! Also this was relocated from a Closed Horror Amusement Park in Colorado in 2006!



Relocated to Coaster Crazy in 2008, & it's inspired by former Geauga's & Kings Dominion's Dominator! Well this is the last screen for a while!

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Good Afternoon! A Exciting Update for Coaster Crazy!



The biggest area of the park with the most roller coasters is I guess I'll name it Wild Outdoor Adventures! The first ride you'll see when you first walk in is a Dueling CCI Wooden Coaster built onto a hill!



The name of this Racing Monster in Bobcat & Mountain Lion built in 1999 as the only racing wooden coasters in the Northeast! Mostly it's inspired by former SF Kentucky Kingdoms Twisted Twins but mines is totally different! They both are the same but go differently. & sometimes it doesn't race but only a few times! But it was fun building this!



A Intamin Hyper is seen at the very edge of the area, & it's a MONSTER RUNNNNNN!



Named Overdrive built in 2000 as the park went into a great expansion years later! As you can see it's inspired by Superman Ride of Steel from SFNE as I adore it very much! Was the first hypercoaster in maine until next year!



Over a high hillside! A Vekoma Family Coaster named as the Bat Cave in 2000 as one of the most creative coasters ever made! Also it goes in & out of the hill mountain which is very exciting becasue in these tunnels you can see real bats, & many hidden minerals which sounds pretty good to me!



A Dueling RMC T REX Coaster was built here in 2017 as the Fighting Green & Red Dragons but I know the name might be boring but I sort of had no other thoughts! Even this isn't a medievalish themed but I think it's tons of fun!



Careful! The Overdrive is passing by!



Over a small pond! Another CCI Wooden Coaster is seen which is a CCI/GCI Prototype built in 1993 as the Outlaw!



The Inverter is a Relocated B&M also along with Shogun that was at a Closed Horror Amusement Park in Colorado! In 2008 the ride was refurbished, & named Bear Mountain as the Grizzly walks towards roaring at you! Inspired by Great Bear at Hershey Park!



The RMC is named Grinder built in 2013 as a terrain made! Inspired by Goliath at SFGAM! Well this is it before the last update with the download!


Also it's story comes from Adventureland Iowa's Outlaw which looks pretty cool that I thought I would! Also this is the first wooden coaster in maine since they lost good classic parks in the 50's, & 60's!


At the very far corner next to Bat Cave is an B&M Inverted Coaster, & a RMC Wooden Hybrid!


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Good Afternoon TPR! Here's the final update, & download for coaster crazy!



The last final area i guess it's called Haunted Cypress Wood something I came up with, & why because there are some coasters built in, & out the hills! This green coaster is Steel Venom built by Intamin AG in 2000!



Over the lake is an B&M Stand Up named Pyro meaning a Man Creating Fire as I heard! Built in 1990 as it takes from being inspired by former SFGAM's Iron Wolf! The only stand up coaster in maine!



Also building this stand up was pretty tricky because I had to build on a higher starting point to make the ride smoother see at the end in the first Pyro Screen? I know it may look awkward but this sure looks pure fun!



On a Mountain Top in the middle of the park is an Arrow Mine Train built in 1974 as the parks first debuted coaster named Mystic Mountain! Still is popular today!



If you look closely there is an Underground Premier LIM Coaster named Limestone Cavern built in 1996 as the park began building more coasters for expansion! Also I take it that it's inspired by Flight of Fear at KI but this is build underground as the only indoor coaster in maine!



At the edge of the park a Morgan Hyper Coaster is seen as an Anaconda built in 1997 as the tallest coaster in maine at the time for only five years! I had no other name for it!



I went for a Steel Force feel but it ended up being a terrain which I think it's good because this was pretty hard to build but I like it! Even though I know anacondas are located in Jungles not Forests!



At the very end it isn't over yet you'll go up another hill with more exciting airtime, & g forces, & man I would totally ride this if we had anything like this!



On the north edge there is an Long Out & Back CCI Wooden Coaster named Chainsaw Timber Fall built in 1998, & has nothing to do with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!



Also I felt this would be like Shivering Timbers from Michigan's Adventure but it's terrain too but it sure looks fun but chainsaws are pretty loud, & dangerous!



This ride is not really what you think! I really wanted to build something like Volcano The Blast Coaster from KD! So I used a trainer, & sort of made me one, & it's called Sunshine built in 1998! I know it may be boring but this is the last screen enjoy!


Coaster Crazy.SV6

Here's the file!

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Good Afternoon TPR How is your day today? Well my day is going pretty okay just busy though! But will be for a few months and I just had done some more work on Coaster Crazy as my last! Well lets check it out! Looks very glamorous!



Its not much for Coaster Crazy but its very gigantic & twisted! Has bought a whole lot to the Northeast!



Wow oh my! What is this! It looks something similar to Vertigo Views Triple Dueling Gertslaurer! But much more different and longer!



To my looks it a Gertslaurer Infinity Quad Dueler named the Four Chinese Symbols as the Azure Dragon, Green Tiger, Vermilion Bird, & Blue Tortoise in 2025 as the World's Tallest Fastest Longest & Most Extreme Coaster in the Northeast! Oh my I might love to ride this!



Well theres two dueling Gertslaurer Infinitys in the United States one in Vertigo Views as the Battle of Hades Hercules & Zeus located in Alrington Texas and now this one! But which one is better! We dont know until one of us tries the other!



Well it has bought many changes to Coaster Crazy and seems already popular!



Well not any of them are racers they race very differently as they do and the Green Tiger is always the winner! The Blue Tortoise is the second place! The Vermilion Bird & Azure Dragon are the two last winners! But the Azure Dragon is the most intense out of the four! Well I wouldnt mind traveling all the way up here to ride this!


Coaster Crazy.SV6

Well if you like to find out here is the new file!

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Good Evening TPR! I have some sad news from Coaster Crazy and i had to demolish it! The Sunshine Coaster that I showed two years ago that was inspired by Kings Dominions Volcano RIP! It kept on crashing and i couldn't fix it and the SOB Trainer does not work anymore no matter how many times i try to download it and start over! Well here's what i replaced which is an okay coaster and by the way the park will be in debt since the Trainer wont work anymore! Sadly but have no other ideas for this park anyways as its a good park with good coasters & terrain settings!



So here's where the Sunshine used to be as you all know! So I replaced it with something better but mostly same old! I replaced it with a Vekoma SLC with Extended Helix from an unknown park from another country that closed right after! As its built over the pond its is named Sunshined as you go through the tight sun bright inversion until the end of the helix which makes this a one of a kind coaster in the northeast! Well just like La Ronde with a B&M & Vekoma Inverted Suspended! Well There are three parks with a B&M Inverted & a Vekoma Suspended! Crumbly Woods & Funtopia in Colorado and here in Coaster Crazy up in Maine! Nothing special about the ride just what i had in mind!


Coaster Crazy.SV6

Well here's an new file enjoy!

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Good Afternoon TPR! I have some good news & some bad news for you for Coaster Crazy! Well I was able to build only one new coaster for Coaster Crazy before I have ran out of money as the sob trainer wore off as it is much of a thrilling amusement park & most of it all terrain & underground built though as the most beautiful terrain amusement park! Well I built a one of a kind special terrain S&S Air Powered Coaster I have thought the park would needed! And I am very happy the way it turned out thought it took me ten times to build at some different spaces while i had less money!



And here is the last final new coaster for Coaster Crazy as the Expedition Bigfoot in 2031 as the tallest & fastest ride in the park! It is the only S&S Air Powered Coaster of its kind built in a small inside & out of a terrain space & interacts with other coasters! Now Coaster Crazy is the best amusement park with the most beautiful terrain landscaping as well as the most second largest amusement park in the northeast as it offers great family attractions & selections of coasters!


Coaster Crazy.SV6

And here is the last new file enjoy!

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