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RIP - Rattlesnake (was Ladybird)

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For those who don't know Pleasurewood Hills is a small theme park based on the East Coast of the UK between Gt Yarmouth and Lowestoft. I am sad to hear that the very first roller coaster I ever went on when I was a boy back in 1986 has been decommissioned. The Rattlesnake (Was Ladybird until around 1990)


It wasn't a great coaster by any means but it was my first credit, and the one coaster that started it all off for me, although at the time I didn't know it. In fact I remember being scared as a 6 yr old boy waiting in line for it many times. (It's only a basic Tivoli, double figure eight design, but I was proper scared).


Rest in pieces dear old Rattlesnake...


Did anyone on here ever get to ride it?

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Wow the Hills really did have an identity crisis when you guys visited. Was great reading through the trip report. Do you think you guys will ever re-visit?

Oh and Unleaded petrol is probably around $11 per gallon now.

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