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Photo TR's: JordyC's Theme Park Adventures

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Efteling (Preview Symbolica) - June 2017


Hello everyone!


Today, Tuesday June 27th 2017, their was the preview for annual pass holders to experience the park's newest dark ride Symbolica before the official opening this Saturday, July 1st. First of all, I would like to thank Efteling for organizing this preview. For the park, it is an excellent way to hold a 'general rehearsal', but it is also a great opportunity to experience Symbolica before everybody else. Also, I want to appologize for the lack op photos. But because Symbolica will only open to the public on Saturday, we were not allowed to make pictures from the ride itself, hence why I only have pictures from the exterior of the ride.


After all the teasing from the park, the amazing Making-Of series, some leaked pictures and videos and knowing that this ride costs 35 million euros, my expactations for Symbolica were pretty much as high as they can get. And you know what, it exceeded all of them! From the moment that you enter the queue from the majestic Palace of Fantasy until you exit the ride, you are in a completely different world. Symbolica just has so much theming everywhere you look, and I really love all the little details. Since it was the preview, we were only allowed to have one ride, but that certainly isn't enough. The ride didn't really feel 7 minutes long, but that's because there's so much to see. And I am sure that this ride will get better everytime you ride it. I heard some people say that they were a bit disappointed by the ride. And I can see why. It is just so big, and there is so much going on and so much to see, that it might feel a bit overwhelming after the first ride. But as I said, I am sure that this ride will get better the more you ride it. But for me, it is the best ride at the park and my new favourite Dark Ride.


**SPOILER ALERT** If you want to be surprised by the wonderful world of Symbolica, then stop reading here!


Symbolica takes you on a 7 minute journey, but the total experience takes much longer. It all starts when you enter the queue, in the beautiful gardens of the Palace of Fantasy. After a wonderful walk through the gardens, you enter the lobby of the Palace. Here you are greeted by lackey O.J. Punctueel, which is the first of many amazing animatronics. He is explaining the house rules of the palace, in preparation for your audience with King Pardulfus. Suddenly Pardoes - the park's mascot - appears on top of the stairs and says "Alle Tovertwinkels" (All Magic Twinkles), after which the stairs magically open and creates a secret doorway towards a stairwell.


After a walk down the stairs, you arrive in the station. You have to choose between three different routes: Tour of Heroes, Tour of Music or Tour of Treasure. The three vehicles, named Fantasy Sailors, will leave at the same time. On my ride, I chose the Tour of Music.


Initially, the three Fantasy Sailors stay together. First, you drive into a dark corridor with flashing candles and blue crystals. On the way to the Observatory - the work room of the old wizard Almar - you pass by a staircase and a treasure chest. Once you arrive in the Observatory, Almar is saying all kind of spells. Suddenly behind him Pardoes appears once again. With his Twinkle Torch in his hands, he says: "Use your imagination!", after which the Fantasy Sailors are enchanted and beautiful stars appear in the sky and on the Fantasy Sailors.


Next, the Fantasy Sailors drive to the Panorama Salon. You first pass by a large painting of a Symbolic landscape at daylight, that is absolutely stunning. Then you drive to the balcony of the palace, overlooking a huge illuminated miniature city. This is the most impressive scene! Seriously, it is just stunning. All the little houses, the rivers, the beautiful butterflies, the gentle breeze; there is just SO MUCH DETAIL! I would ride it again just for that scene alone.


The next room is the botanical garden Botanicum, with magical flowers that open and close. The Fantasy Sailors stop in front of some dark windows. Or that is what it first looked like. It turns out to be an aquarium. A big fish appears and breaks the glass. Water is pouring into the botanical garden, after which Pardoes appears behind a plant and says, "Come here, it's safe!"


Then you enter a six-door hallway. The Fantasy Sailors split up and enter the Music Salon, the Heroes Cabinet or the Treasures Boudoir. Then some objects appear in the mirror. You can use the interactive control panel in the front of the first row to decide what objects you want to see. Next, the Fantasy Sailors take you to the Hidden Fantasy Depot. All Fantasy Sailors drive to somewhere different, depending on the chosen tour. As mentioned before, I had the Tour of Music. Musical instruments starts to play and move, depending on what you touch on the interactive panel.


In the Royal Champagne Stock, the three Fantasy Sailors come back together. Then the Fantasy Sailors take you to a pile of pots and pans in the "Provisie Passage", where the cook Polle appears. He is pushing a large piles of pancakes, which are wobbling back and forth.


In the big Royal Hall, Lachey O.J. Punctueel is waiting for you. "Unfortunately, you are too late for the audience." King Pardulfus and Princess Pardijn are sitting on a large table filled with all kinds of magical delicacies from a 'Hoorn des Overvloeds' (Horn of Abundance). Pardoes is on the table and ignites the chandeliers in the hall with the saying "Illumina Symbolica!" Here you start to dance with the other two Fantasy Sailors. Once again, you can use the control panel in front of you to decide if you want to spin left or right.


The last scene is the "Gallery of the Imaginatives". Here you see a collection of moving paintings by all residents of the palace, such as Pardoes, Almar, Pardulfus, Pardijn, O.J. Punctueel, Polle and the fish from Botanicum. Your photo will also appear in a painting, which was really cool.


Now on to some pictures.



I am here at the sneak preview of Symbolica.


What is that behind the gates?


Here it is, the wonderful Palace of Fantasy.


Everything was already set up for the big opening later this week.


A sneak peek of the Palace's garden.


There are lots of things to read while you are waiting in the queue, and that in 4 different languages.


A little back gate to the gardens of the Palace.


Yes, even the back side of Symbolica looks great.


Where else do you have a waterfall at the back of a dark ride?


There are so many little details. I love it!


A look at the amazing roof of Symbolica.


Some more people waiting to enter the Palace of King Pardulfus.


Pagode taking a closer look.


I will end this report with this fantastic view.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Tivoli Gardens - June 2017


Hello everyone!


June 28th and 29th 2017, I went for my first ever time to Copenhagen to visit Tivoli Gardens and Bakken. I spent the first day in Tivoli Gardens, and the second day in Bakken.


On June 28th I visited Tivoli Gardens. This was a park I wanted to visit for a very long time, and especcialy after my visit to Liseberg last year. I don't know why exactly, but there is something about these city parks that I just love. The park is very beautiful with all the gardens (hence why it's called Tivoli Gardens). I did not know what to expect from the queue times, but they weren't bad at all. Most rides had a wait time of 5-10, except for Dæmonen with 15-20 minutes. Overall, I had an amazing time at one of the most beautifully landscaped parks in Europe.


Dæmonen (7,5/10)

This was my first B&M Floorless, and I just loved how compact it is. The elements follow each other so quickly, no time to have a break, and I really liked that. I also liked that you start off with the helix after the lift hill, that's something unique. Also, the zero-G roll is just perfect! The ride was perfectly smooth, but the theming was okay, nothing too special. The area looked nice, but that's pretty much it. In terms of comparing it to the other B&M's I've ridden, Dæmonen is my least favourite. But don't get me wrong, it is still an awesome ride and gets a 7,5/10 from me.


Rutschebanen (7/10)

The fact that this coaster opened in 1914 and is still this awesome just blew my mind. Seriously, Rutschebanen is definitely in my top 10 wooden coasters. The airtime is insane, especially in the back. Also, it was surprisingly smooth. And the mountain that you're going through looks great. I knew this ride would be a blast, but it exceeded my expectations.


During my last ride, we had to stop in the second corner. The brakeman told us there was something wrong with the train in front of us. After 5 minutes, we got green light and continued our ride. Because we proceeded from a standstill, the rest of the ride wasn't that good. But he asked if we wanted to stay seated and go for another ride. And since we are not stupid, of course we said yes. And OMG! That last ride was totally amazing! He barely braked and we just went totally crazy. The airtime was phenomenal, and we were thrown from side to side in the last section. Shout out to that guy, he is fantastic!


Odinexpressen (3/10)

A Mack Powered Coaster that was actually pretty forceful, but it had absolutely no theming. It was pretty smooth, though. But it's just not my kind of ride.


Karavanen (1,5/10)

Your standard Tivoli Coaster (yes, a Tivoli at Tivoli). At least this one has got some theming.



Welcome to Tivoli Gardens.


First impressions: what a beautiful park.


I bet this will look even better at night.


Tivoli Gardens is full with beautiful, well.. Gardens.


The Star Flyer is the only way you can tell that I am in an amusement park.


The big Tivoli stage.


You wouldn't say that I am in the most populous city of Denmark.


First ride of the day - Rutschebanen!




It is strictly forbidden to stand up in the cars - except for the brakeman!


What a classic, I absolutely loved it!


Rutschebanen's mountain in front, Copenhagen in the back.


The Brakeman is just chillin' around.


Mind your head!


There are lots and lots of restaurants at Tivoli.


The park's Ferris Wheel.


Minen - a fun little interactive dark/boat ride.


It had some decent theming, and it was fun!


The concert hall of Tivoli.


They also have this classic Breakdance. I love these classic rides.


Time for a ride on Himmelskibet, Star Flyer in English. (Thanks Google)


Amazing views from Copenhagen up there.


With its 80 meters (260 ft) tall tower, it's the tallest ride at the park.


I wanted to have a night ride on it, but it closed at 22:00 for the fireworks.


Anyone fancy a balloon?


A closer look at those powering wheels underneath the train.


Next up, Odinexpressen.


You get 3 laps on it, which is great!


I'll never skip a ride on the Bumper Cars.


You get a very long cycle on it. Awesome!


Astronomen; a beautifully themed flat ride.


All the rides at Tivoli just look so pretty.


"Life is the most wonderful fairy tale"


The China area of the park.


Dæmonen, with or without VR.


Peeking through the loop.


The lift hill it's not that tall, but the station is about 10 meters (30 ft) above the ground.


The lights will follow the path of the train at night.


Best zero-G roll I've done!


Rollin' towards the station.


What a beautiful mess of track.


Dæmonen doing its thing.


You can choose to ride VR, but only in the 2nd - 4th row. I am not a big fan of it..


It's like a mine Dragon Khan.


Just cruising around.


Just your standard towers, nothing special. Although you get great views of the Gardens and the city.


This is quite possibly the most intense ride I have ever done. 5 freakin' G's is a bit too much for me.


And if the 5 G's doesn't make you feel sick, the spinning definitely will.


Monsunen - an inverted flying carpet.


The newest ride of the park - Fata Morgana. The "twirl" sides are definitely the best.


They have a Tivoli at Tivoli, how awesome is that.


For those Booster Wheel enthusiasts out there.


Helix helix helix!


What a beautiful park it is.


There is a fountain and water show on this lake at night.


Floating garden, only at Tivoli Gardens.


I love little things like this.


A Danish bird, standing on one leg. What a great act!


There is a restaurant in that ship.


Yes, we are still at Tivoli.


They had a garden (of course) with dozens of little fountains like this.


Another restaurant. You will not be hungry here.


This park is just so relaxing.


Anyone in for a bit of Jazz?


Did I already mention how beautiful this park is?


Nobody has made this shot before.


Little boat ride in the front, B&M in the back.


Isn't she pretty?


It is time for the fountain show.


And there is fire! Fire is always a bonus.


Let's have a look at the park during night.


Rutschebanen is even better at sunset.


Who doesn't love some gorgeous B&M curves?


I love Chinese theming.


I will end this report with this amazing view.


Thanks for reading. I will soon upload my report from Bakken.

Edited by JordyC
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This is such a beautiful park. I truly hope I can get to it one day. Great pictures!


It surely is a very beautiful park. I hope you will be able to get out there someday! It is very easy to get to, and the park itself is just so relaxing.

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Ooooh I really want to get back to Tivoli. It's easily one of The Parks in Europe I want to return to.

And of course, the wonderful city of Copenhagen.


Great shots you took. I am always amazed how much "amusement park" they pack into this place,

along with all the wonderful landscaped areas, etc. Everything looks as awesome as it did back

in 2014, my last visit there.


Thanks for sharing your visit there. I Tivoli.

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Great shots you took. I am always amazed how much "amusement park" they pack into this place,

along with all the wonderful landscaped areas, etc.


Yes, indeed. I felt the same way. It's amazing how they have so many beautiful gardens, and they still find the space for the rides, without losing the "garden feeling".

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Eftleing and Tivoli are just beautiful parks. Thanks for the trip reports!


They are indeed one of the most beautiful parks in Europe!


Tivoli Gardens is a beautiful park, and Rutschebanen is a lot of fun. I haven't been there since they restored the ride's "mountain" setting.


I really enjoyed Rutschebanen. It is an awesome ride, especially for its age. And when you have a good brakeman, the airtime is insane!

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WOW what a great trip report!


I have been to this park with my brother and we absolutely fell in LOVE with it!


Your photos are great and kind of really give a good "feel" of how the park actually is. Anyone notice how the "sea of concrete" is lacking at this park? I wish some of the chains out here in America would take notice! Instead of concrete, plant some FU**ING trees! Make a small pond! People do not go to theme parks JUST for coasters, and this park is a great testament to that.


Just a question, when I went there about 5 years ago, they had this awesome policy with their cups. You buy a drink with a cup, but you don't dispose it, if you bring it back you get some actual money back, and they reuse it. I just thought that was a fantastic idea to avoid trash, to avoid litter, and over-using. Do they still do that?

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Your photos are great and kind of really give a good "feel" of how the park actually is. Anyone notice how the "sea of concrete" is lacking at this park? I wish some of the chains out here in America would take notice! Instead of concrete, plant some FU**ING trees! Make a small pond! People do not go to theme parks JUST for coasters, and this park is a great testament to that.


Thank you! It is indeed a very natural park, hence why it is called Tivoli Gardens and not Tivoli Concrete, I guess But you are absolutely right about the fact that people don't go to parks only for the coasters, at least for me. Of course, the coasters are a major factor, but I'd much rather have a very natural park with a few less coasters than a 'concrete' park that has coasters on the parking lot. Also, most of the people weren't even there for the rides, they were just relaxing in the park's beautiful gardens. And I can't blame them at all!


Just a question, when I went there about 5 years ago, they had this awesome policy with their cups. You buy a drink with a cup, but you don't dispose it, if you bring it back you get some actual money back, and they reuse it. I just thought that was a fantastic idea to avoid trash, to avoid litter, and over-using. Do they still do that?


Yes, they still do that! And it is indeed an awesome way to avoid waste. Another reason why this park is awesome!

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I live a 10 min walk from this park. Every night in the summer at 11.30 I hear the fireworks as if they were in my kitchen. Anyway, I love Tivoli. It rarely feels crowded even though it's a popular park and it's located right in the city centre. Great trip report!

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I live a 10 min walk from this park. Every night in the summer at 11.30 I hear the fireworks as if they were in my kitchen. Anyway, I love Tivoli. It rarely feels crowded even though it's a popular park and it's located right in the city centre. Great trip report!


The fireworks were indeed very loud. And for it being in the middle of a big city, I was wondering what the people living near the park would think about that. But it is indeed a very lovely park!

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Great report! I always love seeing photos of Tivoli since the park's landscaping looks so nice. I'm always impressed by how compact Daemonen is and that first elevated section reminds me of Great Bear.


Thank you! And yes, Dæmonen is a very compact ride, but lots of fun. And the helix before the drop is definitely unique.

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Bakken - June 2017


Hello everyone!


June 28th and 29th 2017, I went for my first ever time to Copenhagen to visit Tivoli Gardens and Bakken. I spent the first day in Tivoli Gardens, and the second day in Bakken.


On June 29th I visited Bakken, the oldest amusement park in the world. It is located on the edge of Copenhagen. The park does not charge an entrance fee, but like Tivoli Gardens, you have to buy individual ride tickets. You can also buy a wristband with access to all the attractions. The wooded area and many access roads provide a free and open atmosphere that I had never experienced before at a theme park. Queues were pretty much non existent that day, which led to numerous rerides (and that's something we all want). Overall, I had a brilliant time at one of the most unique parks in Europe.


Sadly, Tornado (the Intamin Spinning Coaster) was closed during my visit. It is a shame, because I was really looking forward to riding this insane coaster. But that is how it goes sometimes, so we dealt with it and enjoyed the rest of Bakken!


Rutschebanen (6,5/10)

One of the oldest coasters in Europe, and it's still awesome! Definitely not as good as Rutschebanen at Tivoli, but still better than some of the newer woodies. The airtime was great, especially considering its age. One downside, you got braked fairly hard before every drop. And I am sure that if that wasn't the case, the airtime would be insane. Don't get me wrong, it was still great, but nothing compared to Rutschebanen at Tivoli. Also, it was surprisingly smooth. There was not really any theming, though.


Also, the fact that there was absolutely no queue all day and that they were running 3 (!!) trains, is fantastic! I would love to see that at some other parks.


Mine Train Ulven (6/10)

This coaster was a surprise hit! It was so much fun. It makes me wonder why there aren't more of these. They are very smooth, and they have a really good pacing through the entire ride, without being too intense. It is definitely one of my favourite family coasters!


Vilde Mus (5/10)

Your standard Mack Wild Mouse, with some slight changes in the layout. It is my second favourite Wild Mouse (after Matterhorn Blitz at Europa-Park). Mostly because this one has some great theming, it is very smooth and it is barely braked.


Racing (3,5/10)

Racing was a fun classic coaster. It is actually quite an intense ride.


Mariehønen (2/10)

Although it is a standard Tivoli Coaster, this one was very different. The operator stops the train on the lift hill after a few laps, after which the booster wheels launch you over the top. It was very fun!



Welcome to Bakken - the oldest amusement park in the world!


Like Tivoli, this park is full with lovely restaurants.


I love all the little buildings! And oh yeah, the woodie in the back too.


These rides are a lot of fun.


London Bus Stop. Weird, because there's a train next to it.


Let's start with a ride on Mine Train Ulven.


Going up the lift hill.


What a very fun ride. It's one of my favourite family coasters!


Hands up if you love Mine Train Ulven! No? Okay..


Next up, Rodeo Banen.


Start your engines!


Why is this so funny to pronounce?


Not too often you see some swans in the air.


They also have this classic log flume. I really liked it!


Some more beautiful Danish buildings.


Lots of places to eat and relax at this park.


Bakken is also home to multiple games. All very well themed.


Someone fancy a ride through the jungle?


Classic Tea Cup ride.


It's time for Mariehønen.


Back view.


If all parks would operate their Tivoli's like they do at Bakken, I would ride it every time!


Another well themed restaurant.


Like almost every other park, Bakken also has Bumper Cars.


Tornado. Unfortunately, I won't be riding it today.


I don't speak Danish, but I know what this means.


No Tornado-ing today.


A closer look at the lift launch.


Great theming, though!


If you want to roll in the sky, Sky Roller is the place to be!


They also have this awesome Fun House!


Extreme is too extreme for me. No, thank you.


Time for a ride on Vilde Mus!


More sharp turns coming up.


This one has magnetic brakes - thank God!


There is also hardly any braking, which is awesome!


De 'Empty' Mus


This was an awesome S&S tower. Some of the best airtime I've ever had on one of these!


Ready for a race?


Number 7 for the win!


What a great classic coaster!


Don't even ask.


Pirate ship thingy.


This is one of my favorite flats in the world, and it has a very long circle. What more could you ask for?


Pissoir, this way!


Some more games.


Another classic ride - a ghost train.


It was packed in front of the stage! I am not even trying going to sit between them.


Crazy Theatre. Nothing special, though.


You can even go on a safari at Bakken!


They also have a train that takes you around the park.


I have got no idea what this is.


Apparently, it is always Christmas at Bakken!


What is this supposed to mean?


Some beautiful paintings of Bakken.


It's time for Rutschebanen!


3 train operation + barely any people = empty trains


Go home lift hill, you're drunk.


Three train shot for y'all.


Double down through the Scandinavian flags.


It's a shame I wasn't able to experience this park at night, but I had a plane to catch.


When life doesn't go right.. Go left!




What a classic, I loved it!


My last photo at Bakken, which means the end of the trip.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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I really enjoyed Bakken when I visited with TPR years ago. Any park that has Desperadoes is OK in my book, and their ghost train was lots of fun.


Indeed, the ghost train was a lot of fun. I really like the feel of classic rides. Also, it was surprisingly well themed.

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Walygator Parc - August 2017


Hello everyone!


August 7th and 8th 2017, I went to France for my first ever time to Walygator Parc and Nigloland. I spent the first day in Walygator Parc and the second day in Nigloland.


On August 7th, I visited Walygator Parc. I've heard some stories about it being terrible and that it was a park run by zombies, but to be honest it wasn't too bad. Yes, it is probably my least favourite park, but it was "better" than I expected it to be. Probably because my expectations were very low. Also, the park has some of the worst operations I have ever seen. 10 minute dispatches were no exception. Granted, everything was a 2-3 train wait at the most, but oh man those dispatches were awful. And because they only have one train on every coaster and only a few boats on the rapids and the log flume, that surely doesn't help either. Overall, I had a fairly good time (most likely because of Monster) at one of the most bizarre parks in Europe.


Monster (8/10)

It is a cloned and pre-owned B&M, but Monster is just pure awesomeness. It is probably one of the most intense coasters I've done. The first half of the ride is very good, but after the MCBR (without midcourse brakes yaaay!) it just gets insane. The corkscrews are fast and furious and the final helix pulls some great forces. Also, Monster was very smooth. And you even get some airtime before the final corkscrew. The only downside is that this ride has got zero theming, and I love theming. Hence why I don't rate this coaster higher. But the ride itself is excellent, and it's great to have this ride as my 150th coaster!


Comet (4,5/10)

It is a fun little Vekoma with a few inversions, but nothing to shout about. It was surprisingly smooth for an old Vekoma, though.


Anaconda (3,5/10)

Well, what is there to say about this ride? It was horrible. It was rough, but not as rough as Bandit, so I'll give it that. Anaconda's layout is also very boring. There is no speed (not even at the bottom of the first drop), no airtime, no nothing.


Family Coaster (1/10)

Just your standard Wacky Worm. Nothing special.



Welcome to Walygator Parc!


Nice little fountain at the entrance.


The park's Wave Swinger is the first ride you will see.


It has lots of different European countries on it.


Walygator Parc has also a classic Tea Cup ride.


Most of the food stands were closed during my visit..


Some more classic rides.


At least they have got some theming in the park.


They also have a boat ride on their lake.


You can meet the sheriff of the park. How awesome is that?!


And suddenly, you are in Hawaii.


The Saloon was fairly busy at noon, because this was pretty much the only one that was actually open.


They even have a little dark ride. Nothing special, but at least they have got one!


The children's log flume.


No, we are not in Ferrari Land.


I have to admit, it looks nice.


I probably should mention that the weather was very good that day.


Acro-Games, were you can do Acro while Gaming..


Welcome, to Jurassic.. uhm.. I mean, Dino World!


Which one is bigger?


They also have this awesome Rapids!


This was probably my second favourite ride at the park, behind Monster of course.


More dinosaurs!


They also have this little family ride in Dino World.


It is definitely the best themed area of the park.


And gets you absolutely soaked!


Children have to wear life jacket's on the rapids, and I can definitely see why.


Hello, big guy!


It has great theming!


Terror House - a walkthrough Haunted House.


The park's S&S Tower is themed to a Space Shuttle, I guess..




Going up or down? Guess we will never know..


Anyone for a Waly Game?


G-Lock'ing around..


Loop the loop!


I spy with my little eye some B&M goodness!


Next up, it's time for Comet.


Comet climbing its lift hill.


It is such a classic, and surprisingly smooth for its age.


The brakes hit pretty hard, though.


There is a great Illusion show behind that wall. It doesn't really fit in with the space theming, but hey.. At least they have got a show! And to be honest, it was actually very good!


Something, somewhere went terribly wrong..


Always love these water slides, especially on a hot summer day!


The log flume's station looks pretty good.


That moment before the splash..




Les Jeux de Waly.


The time has come to ride Anaconda.


Those are very brave people who hold their hands up..


Hurray, we survived. Just barely, but we survived.


At least the trains were somewhat comfortable.


It looks alright, though.


Just hold on.. Trust me, it is the only option..


Anaconda through the trees..


The moment when gravity takes over.


Which one is worse; the coaster or the Nicki Minaj song?


Wacky Worm!


This was the other place in the park were you could get something to eat. At least it looks good.


It is time for Monster!


My expectations were pretty high for this ride, after hearing how awesome Raptor is.


The Monster is going up.


Plummeting towards the ground.


Perfect Zero-G!


Cobra Roll'ing around.


The corkscrews are insane! I loved it!


Who needs a roof nowadays?


Lots and lots of steel!


Awesome helix!


Monster doing its thing.


What a fantastic coaster it really is!


Aaaand into the brakes.


Monster behind the green stuff.


No brakes!!


Happy riders!


What a massive looping!


Some parts of the park look good, while other areas look like there hasn't been anyone for months..


I've got no idea what is behind these rocks..


They also have this Pirate Ship.


Who doesn't like some good fountains?


One last look at Monster to end this report.


Thanks for reading! I will soon upload my report from Nigloland.

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Nigloland - August 2017


Hello everyone!


August 7th and 8th 2017, I went to France for my first ever time to Walygator Parc and Nigloland. I spent the first day in Walygator Parc and the second day in Nigloland.


On August 8th, I visited Nigloland. I heard some great reviews from this park, but I always try to keep my expectations as low as possible, to avoid disappointment. And wow, this park is absolutely gorgeous! It has some good theming, and I really loved the atmosphere in the park. Of course, the main reason I visited this park was because of Alpina Blitz, the Mack Mega Coaster. It is clearly the best ride in the park, but Nigloland has much more to offer. New for last year was a 100 meter (328 ft) tall drop tower, that is located in a medieval castle. The weather forecast for the day was pretty bad with lots of rain and high winds. But it did not rain one bit. it was cloudy for most of the day, but in the afternoon even the sun came out. This resulted in very low crowds, and thus also in low queue times. Almost every ride was a walk-on, except for Alpina Blitz with a 10 minute wait.


Alpina Blitz (9/10)

Alpina Blitz is clearly the best coaster in France. It is packed with airtime, and the awesome trains make it even better. Like all Mack Mega Coasters, it is also very re-rideable! I liked it more in the front seat, where you get ejector airtime all the way. Whereas the back seat gives you more very strong floater. Also, I greyed out about four of my nine rides during the high force turn after the first drop, which was something I had never experienced before. Like almost every ride at the park, it is nicely themed. It did have a bit of a rattle though, which was a bit surprising. But apart from that, Alpina Blitz is just butter smooth. Overall, it is a fantastic coaster that I would rank just in my top 10!


Schlitt'Express (5/10)

This has to be the smoothest Wild Mouse I have ever been on! These coasters are always lots of fun. It is now my second favourite Wild Mouse, after Matterhorn Blitz at Europa-Park.


Bobsleigh (4,5/10)

Bobsleigh is a Schwarzkopf Boblsed which holds up really well. There was more force than I expected, which is great. On top of that, it was well themed.


Spatiale Expérience (4,5/10)

Spatiale Expérience is a really fun “Eurosat-style” indoor coaster. It is not as rough as Eurosat, but not much smoother either. It has some very nice theming, though.


Gold Mine Train (3,5/10)

It is one of the best Mack Powered Coasters I have done (and I have done quite a few now). Once again, it has some very nice theming. There even is a little indoor section that I didn't expect. Also, it interacts very well with the park's log flume. And I got 3 cycles instead of the usual 2, thanks to the awesome operator! It is a very fun ride, but not quite my cup of tea.


Chenille (1/10)

Just your standard Wacky Worm, nothing special. Although this one gives you 4(!!) cycles.



Welcome to Nigloland!


It is the park's 30th anniversary.


First impressions: what a beautiful park.


Great views as soon as you enter the park.


All aboard the Nigloland train.


First, we'll head of to the Canadian Village.


Just cruising around.


Pirate ship thingy.


What a great and relaxing atmosphere this park has. I love it!


You can take a Canadian boat ride around the lake.


Are you brave enough to encounter the Grizzli?


It was a very busy day at the park..


Time for a ride on the park's log flume. Just a one drop special, this one.


Great theming in the station.


Next up was Gold Mine Train.


It interacts beautifully with the log flume.


I love little areas like this.


Anyone for a ride on the antique cars?


What a beautiful park it is.


Grand Prix is much like Autopia at Disneyland Paris, but without the massive queue.


Both hands on the wheel, please. Thank you.


Yes, they have an African Boat ride at Nigloland.


Who doesn't like a relaxing boat ride?


No questions, please..


Which one is taller?


Just a random flying dragon..


It is time for the park's massive 100 meter (328 ft) tall drop tower!


Ow, that looks smaller than I expected..


Okay, that is more like it!


Donjon de l'Extrême, which means The Keep Of the Extreme.


It only has lap bars! Awesome!


That guy in the middle seems to love it a bit too much, I guess..


Plummeting down at 115 kph (72 mph) in just 3 secondes.


The park's Dark Ride.


It is time for a meeting in the air on Air Meeting.


I really like these kind of rides.


And suddenly, we are in Las Vegas.


JukeBox is themed after a.. Well, a JukeBox.


What a lovely area!


There is also a Statue of Liberty in France.


Believe it or not, but there is a massive coaster in this building.


Flying apples, only at Nigloland.


The real reason why we got here.


Slowly climbing its lift hill.


It is Alpina Blitz!


Hands up if you love the Blitz!


Alpina Blitz rising towards the sun (somewhere behind the clouds)..


In my opninion, the best coaster in France!


Don't scream too loud, mate.




Rising out of the trees.


The area around the coaster had (once again) a very nice atmosphere.


Aaaand into the brakes.


Happy riders in front of the park's Ferris Wheel.


Floater in the back, ejector in the front!


Even more airtime!


You can get real close and personal with Alpina Blitz.


Threatening clouds, but that doesn't stop the Alpine Expedition.


This ride is just awesome!


It's such an impressive coaster to look at.


Going full speed.


The exit of the ride goes right over the lift hill. This is excellent for those lift hill enthusiasts out there!


Airtime filled from start to finish! More of these please, Mack!


This is where gravity takes over.


Flying high on the Blitz!


Who doesn't love some gorgeous Mack curves?


Get ready to grey out!


It is such a beauty!


Some close up airtime.


The first drop is great!


It is time for a ride on the tractors.


The park's giant Ferris Wheel.


Sadly, no beer today..


Schlitt'Express has to be the smoothest Wild Mouse I done!


These rides are always lots of fun.


Wacky Worm!


Hold your horses.


Next up, Bobsleigh.


Going up its Spiral Lift.


It was a fun ride.


Welcome to yet another Dino walkthrough.


T-Rex hates push ups..


It is a nice little attraction, nothing too special.


One last look at Alpine Blitz to end this report.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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This is amazing you took a photo of people on the third row breaking the park rules the rows are only meant to be for 2 people not 3!


Well noticed! I did not notice that myself. I guess it is not really breaking the park rules.. Because if it was they wouldn't have dispatched the train, right?

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Great photos and review! I was interested to hear how Mack's version of the Mega Lite turned out and glad to hear it's a home run.


It's also cool to see another one of those Funtime drop towers. I thought Dollywood had the first for some reason and didn't realize there were others.

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