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Photo TR's: JordyC's Theme Park Adventures

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Efteling - February 2017


Hey everyone!


On February 2nd 2017, I visited my home park Efteling. It was my first time visiting this year, and also my first theme park of many in 2017. It has always been and will always be one of my favourite parks. I visit this park many times a year, but never actually did a decent size trip report from it. Until now! So sit back and relax, and I hope you enjoy my trip report from the always beautiful Efteling.




It still is one of the most recognizable entrances of any theme park -- Welcome in the Efteling!


As soon as you enter the park, you will see this stunning view. This is also the place where the evening watershow Aquanura is held.


The frogs will make the pond come to life at night, resulting in a magical show.


It is the park's 65th anniversary this year. And unlike most parks, the Efteling does care about that. They are building a massive new ride that is opening in 2017. But I bet you already knew that..


Most of the winter decoration was still in place. Even the bird on top was especially dressed in white.


Beautiful and stretched out entrance plaza. Guests gather here in the morning before the opening of the park.


First look at the new for 2017 dark ride; Symbolica.


"Have an audience with the king", this summer.


A lot of work has been done since I was here last time.


I am sure this will be an amazing new attraction for the park. I can't wait to ride it this summer.


There is a massive building behind the castle.


In case you're wondering, this is their cash machine. Yes, you heard it right.


Lurking through the trees, it's the Baron!


What a beautiful park it is.


Some miners getting ready for the dive into the mine.


The White Women will do anything to prevent you from taking their gold.


Did you find the gold?


Luckily they were able to escape from the White Women.


Looking straight down into the mine, getting ready for descent.


Is it just me or is it kind of weird that the Zero-G Roll starts left after a left exit of the Immelmann?


An underneath lift hill shot.


The queue for this ride was pretty much non-existent that day, like almost every other ride. The last 2 hours of the day, you literally didn't need to enter the queue anymore, they let you enter from the side. I had never seen that before with Baron.


Zero-G Rolling over the pathway.


A better look at the mine Baron 1898.


Some more miners going up, getting ready for their descent in the mine.


This ride has some of the best theming that I've ever seen. You really are getting more hyped up with every preshow you see, it's so immersive. The ride itself is good, but nothing mind blowing. Yes, the drop in the mine with the fog in it is fantastic, definitely my favourite part of the ride. But after that, it's pretty much your standard Dive Coaster. Don't get me wrong, I really really like this coaster. And IMO, it is the best coaster in the park. But it lacks that extra thing that, for example, Lost Gravity has with its unique layout. It might not be the best coaster out there, but I think it's pretty safe to say that it's one of the best themed coasters in Europe.



Piraña was closed for its annual maintenance.


It is a great family rapids ride. Nothing special, but just good fun.


De Vliegende Hollander was still closed. Later that day they were testing it, so it should open soon.


Next ride was Bob. It's an Efteling classic, isn't it?


I am not a big fan of these bobsled coasters. Nonetheless, it's good fun.


This is the little gaming area of the park. I don't know what to think about this really. It doesn't feel very Efteling, does it? But I understand why they did it.


It's been awhile since this ride was operating when I was in the park. I have to take advantage of that.


Another family ride.


It's a very big ship, and you get some fantastic airtime on the top.


Just one of the many beautiful restaurants here at the Efteling.


Rise of the Fountain of the Apes.


Next up was Python.


Python going through one of its loops.


I am always relieved when I enter this part of the ride and I am still alive.


Yes, I know. It is a classic ride with a great history, but it has zero theming. And that would be okay at another park, but not at Efteling.


Corkscrewing around.


Joris & De Draak was next.


That's actually just the time you need to walk to the station. No queue at all.


Who will win: Fire or Water?


Charge into battle against the dragon!


"The brave who defeats the dragon, receives 1001 ducat." It sounds better in Dutch, believe me.


Does this count as a Quadruple Down?


I caught myself laughing like a teenage girl when we hit the brakes. It's such a crazy ride.


Joris & De Draak is an awesome wooden coaster, and the fact that it duels makes it even better. It isn't the smoothest GCI that I've ridden, but I don't really care. The looks you give the people in the other train when you are climbing the lift hill, until the moment when you hit the brakes and laugh at the ones that lost the race (unless that's you, then you try to ignore them..), is just absolutely great fun! I still prefer Troy and Wodan over this one, though.



The stunning looks of DVH.


It is so well themed. Shame it was closed.


I really love this view.


Another look at Symbolica.


Even the fountain on the backside of the building looks fantastic.


There's a massive building behind that castle.


A look at their 4 major coasters.


Another Efteling classic, Vogel Rok. I don't really like this ride.


Carnaval Festival, Efteling's version of Disney's It's a Small World. I am still stuck with that song in my head..


Some kiddie rides and a playground in this area of the park.


It's full of little buildings like this. It is great to walk through this area of the park.


Villa Volta, one of the best Madhouses out there.


The ultimate Efteling classic, Droomvlucht. Really, I can ride this all day long.


Raveleijn was closed as well. It's a shame, because it's a fantastic show with horses.


This are the bins at the Efteling.


There's a big carousel in there.


A visit to Efteling is never complete without a walk through the fairytale forest.


This tree tells multiple fairytales to the kids.


Keeping an eye on the fairytale forest from above.


The newest fairytale, Pinocchio.


It's time for the magical nighttime fountain show of the park; Aquanura.


Let the spectacle begin!


It still is one of my favourite nighttime shows.


Fire is always a bonus!


It is beautifully lit up at night.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it!

Edited by JordyC
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How was the weather? I'm guessing it must be decent as most of the rides were open


Exactly, the weather was pretty decent. It was clouded all day long, but it didn't rain at all that day. It wasn't too cold either, 8C (45F). As long as it's not freezing, the park tries to keep the coasters open which is awesome. DVH was closed for maintenance, but in this weather it would have been open as well.

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Hello JordyC, I would like to use your photo of Villa Volta for another theme park site that I participate in. The site is lacking details of Efteling in general, more specifically, photos. This would help greatly to expand the site... (Would have pm'ed you, but somehow the feature isn't enabled for my profile?)

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Plopsaland De Panne - April 2017


Hello everyone!


On April 3th 2017, I visited Plopsaland De Panne to check out their brand new GCI Woodie, Heidi The Ride. It has been a few years since I last visited this park, and I have to admit that Plopsa is really stepping up their game. They are investing in some bigger rides, which they really were lacking a few years ago. Also, the theming has become much better, I mean the new area looks fantastic. But enough talking, let's check out the report!


Anubis: The Ride (8/10)

This is a fantastic coaster! The launch surprises me every single time, it is so powerful. You start nice and gently, and then suddenly the launch kicks in and you're off for a totaly kick-ass ride. The airtime you get on the tophat after the launch is just insane, you really are flying over it. Also, the theming is great; The station looks awesome, and so does the queue. The only 'problem' I have with Anubis is that it is not the smoothest coaster out there. It's fine in the front, but in the back it's just not that great. I don't know why, maybe it's because the back seats are placed higher than the front seats, my guess. Don't get me wrong, it is still the best coaster in the park, even in Belgium, but just don't ride it in the back.


Heidi The Ride (7/10)

This ride proves that a coaster doesn't need the most impressive stats to be a very fun and great ride. And that's what this coaster is! It is just pure fun, from beginning to start. It's full of airtime, some crazy twists and it is so well paced. The drop is good, nothing too spectacular. It's better in the back ofcourse. The airtime is just everywhere on this ride. It literally is so much fun. The ride isn't too intense, but that's okay because it's still a family park, and the families seemed to love it! I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed with the theming of the ride. Yeah, it looks fantastic from outside but in the queue and station there wasn't much theming at all, unlike Anubis.


Overall, I think it is a fantastic coaster for a park that is more geared towards families. It really is the coaster this park needed, a very fun 'big' family coaster.


SuperSplash (5/10)

The airtime after the drop is acually pretty decent. It just takes the boat so long to go back to station after the splash, it's 4 minutes at least. You don't get that wet either, which is a good thing.


Draak (3,5/10)

A Mack Powered Coaster with some great views of the log flume below it. But the ride itself isn't that great. It's just helix after helix, after helix, with here and there a little bunny hop. I know, it's supposed to be like that. But it's just not my kind of ride.


Rollerskater (2,5/10)

Just another Vekoma Junior Coaster, nothing special. Although this one goes through a washing machine.


Viktor's Race (2/10)

Your standard Tivoli Coaster. At least this one has a bit of theming.



Welcome to Plopsaland De Panne!


The park map, with on the left the new area and the new coaster, Heidi The Ride.


I probably should mention that the weather was great that day.


You will find this fountains in every Plopsa park.


The indoor area of the park, called Maya Land.


In some way, this reminded me a lot of Arthur in Europa-Park.


It has some very nice theming.


If you want to slide, this is the place to be.


A fun flat ride for the families.


You can learn how to drive a car at Plopsaland, isn't that great?


The crowds were actually pretty light that day. The longest I waited was about 25 minutes for Heidi, and that's not bad at all!


Vleermuis was closed.


It's nothing special, and the queue can get insane for this ride.


The entrance to the castle.


The new area of the park. Doesn't it look great?


The entrance to Heidi The Ride.


You can get real close and personal with Heidi.




It's actually pretty hard to take some good photos of Heidi.


Turning around, for some more airtime!


Beautiful theming, that's how I like it.


A small carousel completes the area very well.


The fences and the tunnel didn't bother me at all. It actually makes the ride better, I guess. I mean, I'd rather look at a fence or a tunnel than a parking lot.




The entrance plaza for Heidi.


Lost and lots of wood.


Coming down the first drop.


Some riders getting ready to climb Heidi's hill.


For those lift hill enthusiasts out there.




Aaaand into the brakes.


It really is a beautiful area.


Rollin' out of the station.


Climbing the lift hill.


Crazy fun, the two words that describe this coaster.


Plopsa did a great job with this ride!


A look inside the queue-building. As I said, not that much theming inside.


It's so much fun and it's full of airtime. I really liked it.


The station of the log flume.


Great weather for a little sprinkle.


Look at that. Great theming!


Next up was Draak (Dragon).


This is not the only helix of the ride.


A look behind the castle.


Conquer the dragon!


Heidi looking over the back of the park.


Just another flat ride.


If you need a wash, this is the place to be.


Little boat ride.


Next up was Viktor's Race.


At least, it has a decent theme.


Heidi photobombing the swans.


It's not possible to get the swan boats next to the splash. That's a shame..


Some great views from up there!


No, we're not at Disneyland.


Next, SuperSplash. It's a Mack err.. SuperSplash!


Some random people going down the big drop.






After the splash, it's a really long way back to the station. But seriously, a very long way..


Here you see the boat.


Now you don't.


Great theming!


No questions, please.


It's a beautiful park, isn't it?


Wickieland! For those who doesn't know, Wickie is a viking.


This area has a Splash Battle and, in case you didn't notice, a Disk'o Coaster. (No, it's not a coaster)


Even the lanterns are themed!


Are you ready to Invade?


More theming!


It's actually one of the few flatrides that I really like.


The park is also home to a fairground area.


It's home to a Wave Swinger, called Wienerwalz.


And a carousel, called Carrousel. Original, I know.


The tractor ride of the park.


What's that blue thing towering above the tractor ride?


Plopsaland is also home to a water park, called Plopsaqua.


Het bos van Plop (The forest of Plop), the park's dark ride.


It's finally time for Anubis!


This is what I call great theming.


It's all nice and gentle, until the launch kicks in.


Dive Loop!


Some random people enjoying their ride, I guess.


Great ejector airtime on that hill!


Anubis through the trees.


Who doesn't love some nice curves?


An underneath shot for you all.


Aaaand into the brakes.


Curving into the last inversion.


Falling down.


Still the best coaster in the park!


One last photo from Anubis to end my day.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

Edited by JordyC
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Thanks for the awesome report and pictures. Two things came to mind for me:


1. I love the "Steampunk" feel of Baron and,


2. The theming in the Disco is freaking awesome. For some reason that brought me some joy.


Thanks again



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Thanks for the awesome report and pictures. Two things came to mind for me:


1. I love the "Steampunk" feel of Baron and,


Thank you! Yes, I really love the theming of Baron as well. It's just so "not magical" for the Efteling, if you know what I mean. And that makes it even more special.



2. The theming in the Disco is freaking awesome. For some reason that brought me some joy.


It is awesome, indeed! Theming makes a ride so much better.


Great pictures showing climate:)


Thank you!


I would love to ride Heidi , with the wood structure and compare it to White Lightning at Fun Spot Orlando, with the steel structure. Just to see if there is any difference in how the two ride. Well, and just to go to Plopsaland. Cool pics.


I haven't ridden White Lightning yet, so I really don't know if there's any difference. The layout is not 100% identical, so I guess there will be a slight difference

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Definitely a park I need to visit during a future trip to Europe


It sure is! Anubis has always been a good reason to visit, but now that they have Heidi I feel like this park is finally complete.

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Definitely a park I need to visit during a future trip to Europe


Agreed! Looks like a great park for families, with enough big rides to keep teens and adults busy.

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Definitely a park I need to visit during a future trip to Europe


Agreed! Looks like a great park for families, with enough big rides to keep teens and adults busy.


Exactly! The last few years they really invested in some big rides, such as Anubis, the Disk'o and now Heidi. It now really is a park where everyone can have a great time.

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Ferrari Land - April 2017


Hello everyone!


From April 10th - 12th 2017, I went for my first ever time to PortAventura World to visit the new Ferrari Land and - of course - PortAventura Park itself. I spent one day in Ferrari Land, and the other two days in the main park.


On April 11th I visited Ferrari Land. When the gates opened, literally everybody ran to Red Force. But big disappointment at the entrance of the ride; Red Force was down for technical reasons. So after 30 minutes of just standing in front of the entrance, hoping for a miracle or something, we decided to try out all the other rides at the park. At 13:30, we heard the sound of the launch and everybody left the queue line for whatever ride they were waiting for and ran to Red Force. The queue line soon reached 60+ minutes (which is not too bad, in my opinion). I was able to get 3 rides on it, before it broke down again at 16:30 (park closed at 17:00).


Honestly, I am not too sure what to think about Ferrari Land. Red Force is clearly the highlight of the park. All the other rides are pretty standard, nothing special. Although, I have to say that Flying Dreams was pretty awesome! Yes, the park looks fantastic and has some great theming, and if you love fast cars, this is the place to be. But in general, I don't think it is possible to spend a full day in the park. Unless you want to ride Red Force over and over again, but in my case that wasn't possible for obvious reasons. Overall, I think it's a great addition to PortAventura World, and I really hope that it all goes well for this park.


Red Force (9/10)

This ride is just insane! Not is it only super tall and fast, but on top of that it also has great theming around the ride and in the station. Because it uses an LSM launch, it doesn't have that initial kick to it like you get with the hydraulic launches on for example Furius Baco. It is about halfway the launch when you are accelerating insanely fast. It is just crazy, especially in the front! The top hat provides some decent airtime, and you are out of your seat during the whole vertical decent! Seriously, that straight drop down is just INSANE! If I really have to say something slightly negative about Red Force, it would be that it gets a little shaky at the end of the launch, but nothing too bad. Apart from that, it is butter smooth! Even the weird camelback at the end. Also, the trains are super comfy. All of this makes Red Force a top 10 coaster for me, and the reason to visit Ferrari Land!



Welcome to Ferrari Land!


You get this stunning view when you enter the park.


Beautiful Italian theming all over the place.


A look inside the gorgeous (and expensive) Ferrari Shop.


The entrance to Maranello Grand Race.


There are two sides, both follow a similar route.


Great views from PortAventura Park in the backgound.


It's a fun relaxing ride, that lasts about 5 minutes, depending on how fast you want to go.


I bet that in a few years this park will look even better, when all the trees and plants are fully grown.


The main building itself, located right in the middle of the park.


Ferrari Experience is home to two simulators. Flying Dreams is a Flying Theatre, where you fly around the world following a Ferrari. The other simulator, Racing Legends, takes you around the world's most famous race tracks.


While in the queue line, there is this very cool Ferrari car that changes colour.


OMG, now it's yellow!


The buildings look great!


You also have this simulator, where you can race like a real F1 driver.


Fun little kiddie ride.


Yes, we are still in Spain, not in Italy.


For some inexplicable reason, my car was here..


Fancy one ice-cream?




Red Force really dominates the park!


Still no launching..


You can also experience what it's like to be a real pit stop mechanic. Show off your skills!


Ferrari Land Gallery tells you the history of Ferrari. There are also some very cool cars in here. No photos were allowed inside, though.


It's time for Thrill Towers.


The towers are themed to pistons.


Most of the time, they "duel" perfectly!


One tower is a free fall tower, the other shoots you up.


Going up or down? Guess we will never know..


They are pretty much your standard S&S Towers. Not that much airtime.


Red Force finally opened! Chop-chop, get in line!


Shooting up for the sky!


Because of the pigeon incident on opening day, riders in the front have to wear glasses now.


That drop is huge!


Maximum velocity!


It looks beautiful with the two towers next to it.


Really, pictures don't show how impressive this looks in person.


Going up!


And going straight down!


The sound that the launch makes, is absolutely perfect!


They really thought about the location of these rides.


Did I already mention how tall this ride is when you stand in front of it?


They take a photo of you at the moment that the launch kicks in - guaranteed for some awesome onride photos!


The launch does some pretty weird things to your face.


Some random people going super fast!


I mean, look at that drop! Straight down!


I really love the Ferrari logo on the tower!


Hands up if you love Red Force!


Do you dare to challenge the wind?


You can see Red Force from pretty much everywhere in the resort.


One last look at Red Force!


Thanks for reading! I will soon upload my report from PortAventura Park.

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Great photos! Ferrari Land looks amazing but your review sums up my thoughts when I heard it announced that they needed more rides to make it a true day park.


I can't wait to try Red Force in the fall. I'm excited to hear the drop gave great airtime since the ones on Ka and Top Thrill Dragster don't really.

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Great photos! Ferrari Land looks amazing but your review sums up my thoughts when I heard it announced that they needed more rides to make it a true day park.


Thank you! Yes, but with your Ferrari Land ticket, you can also enter the main park. So by this, they are kind of admitting that it's not a full day park yet. But that is okay, because that means that you can squeeze a few more rides in on Shambhala!


I'm excited to hear the drop gave great airtime since the ones on Ka and Top Thrill Dragster don't really.


I can tell you, that drop is insane! You won't be disappointed.

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