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Robb Alvey back on the "Big Fat Panda" Show!

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Just watched it, great show! You really have a great presence and speak well and put across interesting knowledge in that format.


Though, I spoiled a little bit of flight of passage for myself ever so slightly considering I knew nothing about it. I'm glad that you enjoyed the attraction only because I have the same kind of thoughts as you going into media based attractions... but you loved it anyways, so I'm really curious what it's all about. I'll get back to Florida eventually and I'm looking forward going back to Animal Kingdom.

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One more thing...


Big Fat Panda is giving away a free panda T-Shirt! All you have to do is check out this video and leave a comment about the video! (Hopefully something nice about Robb being on the show!) Go do it now!


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"Robb and Panda Bear ~


Riding on a Banshee ~


H - U - G - G - I - N - G"




Great interview guys. You make a great co-hosting team for this media......medium.......uh.....XtraLarge!


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A+ for your much appreciated insider information.   And a special "+" for the infectious fun you have in sharing it. You and 'Big Fat Panda' have a real rapport and put on a great show.

Awesome! Thank you! His show is really the only "podcast" type of thing we do anymore just because I really like his format.

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How does Pizza Ponte compare to something like Blaze Pizza? I love some good pizza and am debating on which to patronize on my next visit.

They are different styles of pizza. IMO, Blaze is what I call a "Five Dollar Pizza" and I think it is VERY GOOD for a "Five Dollar Pizza" but Pizza Ponte, which is a sister location from Via Napoli at Epcot is the REAL DEAL. Their flour is imported from Italy, the water they use to make the dough is also a special kind that is more like what you'd find in Europe, and they use higher end ingredients.


My only thing I would say about Pizza Ponte is make sure you get your pizza HOT. Sometimes if the pies are sitting out too long the slices may need to be heated up.


I personally think that Disney Springs went from not having any pizza at all available to guests to now having TWO really good pizza locations, but if I had to choose between the two, I'd go with Pizza Ponte every time over Blaze.

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OMG, can't wait to try this pizza our next visit to Disney Springs! So hard to find really good pizza in Bradenton/Sarasota.

The only thing I will say about Pizza Ponte is because it is a "slice" place, if the pie isn't brand new out of the over, make sure you have them heat up whatever choice to make. It will absolutely make a difference!

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I enjoyed the interview and it just got me that much more excited for Tron. I wouldn't have been able to do the trip to Shanghai so I flipped out when they announced Tron for MK. We will for sure be back whenever that thing opens.

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