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Robb Alvey back on the "Big Fat Panda" Show!

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That's right! I'm back on the "Big Fat Panda" show talking roller coasters, Shanghai Disneyland, and parks around the world! Check out this awesome video and be sure to give it a thumbs up and leave a comment on YouTube to win stuff from Panda!


Now it's Elissa's turn!

Elissa speaks very honestly about what goes on behind the scenes at TPR on the Big Fat Panda Show!

Skip to 3:34 for her interview!



New 2018 Interview!

Skip to 14:00 for the interview and there is also a bit towards the beginning where we go check out the new pizza place at Disney Springs!


2017 Interview!

Skip to 14:45 below for the interview.


Please help out Panda by sharing this on your socials!


Thanks for watching!

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I agree with 100% what you said about Shanghai. My initial thoughts about the park was excellent and during grand opening day, I put it in my top 3 parks. But that was because about 1/3 of the people in there were Disney fans from Japan and US, lots of CM were from Hong Kong or overseas, they only let about 30,00 people in, almost all the effects were working well etc. Then the second time I went there during winter break, I would say the park is rather chaotic with Mainland Chinese CM not well trained enough to handle a lot of the situations.


Hong Kong has been going really strong lately, I have high hope for that park's future!

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Watched the entire thing. Loved it! It was nice to see a comparison of the Asia Disney parks and how USJ is a much improved USF. I also like your statement that stats aren't the end all be all when it comes to determining good rides.


I wish I had the $$$ to go to Asia and visit the good parks over there

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I also watched your segment and enjoyed it! You have a wonderful way of speaking that makes things exciting and informative. I was especially interested to hear about how Shanghai DL's castle is positioned strangely and you can't really walk through it like the others. I had no idea about that based on your TR. Thanks for sharing your interview with us!

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I never watched the Big Fat Panda Show before, but just watched all three of Robb's appearances (and Yehaa Bob). Very entertaining, amusing and educational. Even though I have been there I did not realize the Tokyo Disney parks were back to back (to share service areas).

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Stop what you are doing and go watch my interview with the Big Fat Panda Show right now!


My interview starts at 14:00 into the video and there is also a bit towards the beginning where we visit the new pizza place at Disney Springs!


One more thing...


Big Fat Panda is giving away a free panda T-Shirt! All you have to do is check out this video and leave a comment about the video! (Hopefully something nice about me being on the show!) Go do it now!


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Awesome! I'll be sure to check it out.


I watched the last one you were on and remember being pleasantly surprised with this show. The production value (for a small podcast style show) is impressive and the conversations are fun and the perfect balance of being relate able to everyone even if they have very little industry knowledge but still being interesting for people that do. I'm looking forward to watching it.

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is it just the resolution on my screen, or is that a navy blue Club TPR shirt?


if yes. . . hmmm. . . the one I have is black (in Texas!!!). . .might be time to get a blue one.



(oh, and great interview, gets those tips out there for those who don't bother reading your fantastic advice right here on the TPR message boards -- Animal Kingdom thread, or the "we're finally going to Disney World" threads )

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Great show, loved the variety of talk from pizza (shout out Scott's!) to Universal, to Disney all past present and future! The Slinky coaster keeps slipping my mind and so does the DK cart coaster idea.


Great insight on Flight of Passage, too - you really painted a picture for what goes on in the ride and explain how it's different than a stereotypical screen based attraction.

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