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[RCT3] Verona Resort

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Verona Resort will encompass a grand hotel called 'The Grand Verona' which is themed to the lush green forests of the US. The highlight of the hotel will be a 5 star restuarant with stunning views called the Sonoma Grill. In total, there will be 280 rooms within the hotel. Verona Resort will include a large theme park with many rides and attractions, as well as room for expansion.


Verona Resort - Opening Soon!


The Grand Verona entrance.


The lobby.


More of the lobby.

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The Grand Verona at Verona Resort is almost completed! Reservations for rooms will be available soon! You should expect the hotel to be completed within the next few weeks to months. Park officials have released new information on the park with the first confirmation that there will be three roller coasters upon the opening day of the resort, along with many other exiting thrills. Lets see the progress on The Grand Verona.


The Sonoma Grill, a 5 star restaurant serving modern takes on classic dishes.


The back lobby. This is the view right after you enter the hotel from the parking lot. Above the steam engine is Sonoma Grill, which will require an elevator ride. Some of the rooms have views of this pleasant lobby.

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The Grand Verona is almost complete! Most of the interior work is completed and all thats left to do is the outside gardens, as well as some lighting and furnishings. Park officials are saying that the hotel should be completed within the next few weeks. New information released by park officials is saying that one of the three coasters will be a Boomerang model ride, however there is still no concept art for anything in the resort. More information was released saying that starting Friday, February 10, 2017 at 8am, Verona Resort will start accepting reservations for the opening day ceremony. The reservations can only be done in person, so that means that guests will have time to look around the hotel and property. No date has been announced for the official opening day, but many people are saying that it should be sooner, rather than later... As for now, lets look at the progress on The Grand Verona!


The lobby next to the parking lot for The Grand Verona.


The view after you enter the second lobby. Some of the rooms have interior balconies which have a view of the beautiful lobby.


The view atop the Verona Resort parking structure. The roof is complete on the hotel!


There will be a pleasant garden walk in the bare space between the hotel and the trams. The park is bringing in some plants and trees from Oregon.

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Verona Resort has made a lot of progress in a matter of a few weeks! First, we started and completed the garden walk next to The Grand Verona. Next, we redesigned the entrance plaza to make it more efficient, along with adding employee paths. All thats left to do for the entrance plaza is to add litter bins, benches, and lamp posts. While we were constructing the entrance plaza, the construction team started digging up and flattening the ground within the park. Looks very strange. In the entrance plaza, the bag check for hotel guests is complete, along with the ticket entrance. The path that combines both the hotel entrance and standard entrance is completed, however it needs a lot of details to be ready for opening day. No information on the rooms for The Grand Verona has been released, but park officials are saying that there will be three different room designs: The Verona Standard, The Verona Deluxe, and The Grand Verona Suite. We should expect to see some room layouts soon. As for now, lets check on the progress of Verona Resort!


The garden walk, which is now finished. The hedges follow all around the path. The environment is very peaceful.


The Garden Walk at night.


This is the completed building for the bag check for the hotel guests. Very small but efficient.


The ticket entrance for the hotel guests. Once you pass through the bag check, the hotel guests will turn in their tickets to this entrance, which leads into the park. The other, one day guests have their own entrance which is completed.


To purchase one day tickets, you will go to this building, which is located at the tram plaza. If you are a hotel guest, tickets to the park are automatically included with your stay!


Some construction going on in the main park...Wonder what it could be.


The construction team hard at work.

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Construction on Verona Resort has been going extremely fast! So much progress has been made in the past month of the park construction, and it is looking very positive! A lot of path work has been made as well as our first attraction! The name of the attraction has not yet been released, but it is a spinning flat ride that lifts you up and down and spins you around. The first themed land that is being constructed is a jungle themed land. The name has not yet been released. However, as soon as the first attraction was completed, the construction team quickly built the second ride which is a roller coaster! Again, the name has not yet been released, but it is themed to the jungle with lots of foliage and very terrain intensive. The jungle themed land is not yet complete, but the park officials did confirm a sit-down restaurant with a jungle/tiki theme, so we could be expecting that soon. No news on any of the other lands or attractions has been released.


For now, lets take a look at the progress of Verona Resort!


(p.s. I would really love some feedback)


Some barriers set up for when guests can tour the grounds of the resort when they make their reservations.


The first attraction at night...


An overview of the spinning attraction. I think it looks lovely.


Construction on the roller coaster.


After a few weeks, the coaster was finished!


The team brought in more lush trees from Oregon for the land.


The first backstage area, right between the hotel and the roller coaster.

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Progress on Verona Resort has been great! Today was the first day for reservations for the new resort in The Grand Verona and the Park officials have released the room details and prices per night, however, no pictures were released. Park officials also released the name of the jungle themed land, and that is 'Forest of Fantasy' Construction on the park has been going steady and a new attraction is currently under construction, and has made A LOT of progress in the past month and a half. The ride looks to be a water ride/coaster hybrid and is located in the Forest of Fantasy section. No future plans have been released.


It was hard to get pictures of the new construction.


Some of the landscape which is just the base of the new project.


Some of the track for the new ride.


A waterfall!?


A view from the crane above.

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Verona Resort has made a huge amount of progress within the last three months. A new attraction has been added to the line up of opening day rides, and it is another family ride like the octopus spinning ride. This new ride is a pirate ship style ride which spins around a mountain of treasure. New planters have been added in the entrance plaza and trees are currently being planted. The day of reservations, over 300 people attended, however there are still many rooms to fill so if you would like to make a reservation, just message me! (I will name a ride or shop after you!) New lights, rockwork, and effects were put into the Forest of Fantasy section. The water coaster ride has been built, but there is still a lot of work to do before it can be ready, but tests are already being conducted. New facades have been built next to the station for the water coaster (no name has been released) and construction on the barbecue restaurant has began.


The new pirate ride.


The new planters in the entrance plaza.


Lots of people in the main lobby of the hotel!


More people in the smaller lobby! People could also walk around and tour the grounds of the resort, and ride the Octopus ride (no name has been released)


New lights for Forest of Fantasy. Looks....creepy


People in line for the Octopus ride!


New landscapes being built for the water coaster area. Looks great!


The boats for the water coaster being tested.


New effects for the water coaster.


Magical effects!


Construction on the ride going smoothly


The main square of the Forest of Fantasy.


The facades next to the station for the water coaster.




Into the darkness!


The Verona Standard room. Details were released on the reservation day.


The Verona Deluxe. Details were released on the reservation day.


The Grand Verona Suite. Details were released on the reservation day.


Okay literally I need your guy's help, I have no idea what to do for the entrance plaza. Any ideas?

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Verona Resort has made some more progress! After testing the water coaster, park officials as well as engineers noticed that the track was too bumpy during the first drop. Park officials decided that it would be best to replace, and redesign the first drop. In a very short three weeks, the water coaster was back, and better than ever! New fire effects were added to the water coaster in certain areas. I think they look great and really give to the experience of the attraction. The Octopus ride now has a name, and is called, 'The Kraken'. As for the pirate ride, that name has also been released, and it is called, 'Lost Treasure'. New billboards were put up with concept art for Forest of Fantasy. From what I can see, the land is almost completed! Also, more effects were put in Forest of Fantasy land and they look great, along with more lighting. After about a month, park officials are saying that the barbecue restaurant is completed for the interior work. All thats left to do is the air vents along with the water piping. Finally, those planters in the park entrance plaza are now being filled with new palm trees.


The new drop for the water coaster. No name has been released.


Fire effects next to the second drop. I think it fits in pretty good with the theme.


More fire!


The back entrance into Forest of Fantasy. With concept art!


Also, you can see new effects being tested at the back entrance of Forest of Fantasy.


Lighting is also being tested.


An overview of the restaurant.


Some of the new palm trees being planted.

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Verona Resort has made quite some progress in the last month! First, the construction team has built more landscaping in Forest of Fantasy, and it really makes you feel as if you are in a magical forest. Also in Forest of Fantasy, new water effects have been installed on the water coaster, and they look very good! Those effects are sure to get the guests wet. No name has been released for the water coaster. Park officials have confirmed a name for the barbecue restaurant. 'Atlantis' BBQ', is a barbecue style restaurant, named after the person who discovered Forest of Fantasy. You will dine within Atlantis' museum which contains artifacts from all of his discoveries. A few backstage pictures have been released by some workers who took the pictures, as well as one from a helicopter. Finally, some construction has started in the land next to Forest of Fantasy. Concept art shows a path that goes straight through the middle of the land, as well as something very interesting...



This entire project is all sorts of epic. Where did you get the Water Coaster CT?

I got the ct from the Park Enhancement Project: http://pep.rct-3.org


More landscaping in Forest of Fantasy.


Landscaping for Forest of Fantasy seen from the entrance plaza.


Atlantis' BBQ restaurant queue.


Even more landscaping is being installed on the water coaster. I think its looking really great!


Water effects in the first scene of the water coaster. Make sure to wear your poncho!


An enchanted forest.


Mysterious fairies inhabit Forest of Fantasy.


The backstage area is still being constructed, but this backstage area will be one of the larger backstage areas.


Another picture of some backstage facilities.


A helicopter view of the backstage area behind Forest of Fantasy. As you can see, Verona Resort is using solar panels to bring in some of their energy. Its good to be green! Park officials have hinted at the fact that they will try and incorporate solar panels on almost every building in the resort by opening day.


Some concept art has been placed next to some construction fences.


The view from the parking structure. As you can see, construction is starting to take place in Verona Resort on another land.

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Verona Resort has more progress, however, construction, for some reason has slowed down these last month and a half. The park had a small, one day preview for Forest of Fantasy. 230 guests were invited to the preview, some being guests who made reservations for the opening day, and the others were celebrities of the theme park and movie world. One of these stars included Lucile Monroe, from the hit TV show, 'I love Marilyn'. Both me and park officials are happy to say that guests really enjoyed the preview. Park officials received very positive reviews for not only the attractions, but the entire land! Although Atlantis' BBQ wasn't open, the park did provide free food and drinks from a catering facility located about a mile away. There were burgers, pasta, fries, cotton candy, ice cream, and lots of drinks to choose from. The very next day after the preview, construction has started on a new, confirmed land. Park officials have only released that the new land will be inspired by the continent of Africa. About two weeks later, there was a new path completed and it looks like it separates two different sections of the park. Almost a month goes by with just ground leveling before we started seeing actual construction, and it looks very strange as to what is currently constructed...


A view of the preview day. Lots of people are enjoying Lost Treasure!


From the roof of Atlantis' BBQ. You can see the ground leveling of the new, African inspired land.


An overview of the progress of the new land.


New construction on the land right across from the new land.


The new path that divides the two sections.


Park officials haven't released any details on the divided section of the land.


The first sign of construction on the lower part of the land.


Well this is...strange.

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Verona Resort has very much slowed down on their progress. With great response to the preview day for Forest of Fantasy, park officials have confirmed a water show for the park! After the preview day, the construction team put in some signs for the attractions and the land. Some more construction has started to take place on the space between the entrance plaza and the entrance to Forest of Fantasy. The ground is being flattened and risen to prepare for construction. Park officials haven't released details on what this will be. Construction has began on what looks to be a new attraction. Supports can be seen currently being constructed. No word on what attraction this could be, however, it looks to be a roller coaster. Water can be seen filling up where the strange looking construction was. This could be the water show that park officials confirmed. Along with the water, there is also seating for the show which is already set up and it looks kind of small...


Cool. You are so talented.

Why thank you very much!


The new sign for Kraken.


The new sign for Lost Treasure.


The Forest of Fantasy sign.


Some construction next to the entrance plaza.


More construction in the new African themed land.


Water being filled up in the small lake for the water show.


The ground has been flattened, and is now ready for construction.


The seating has been placed for the water show. Looks very small.


Some testing for the water show...

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Verona Resort has continued construction on the new attraction in the African themed land. As of right now, the attraction is completed, and is a boomerang model. The station for the coaster is currently being constructed, and park officials have not released the name of the coaster. Some more construction has started behind the coaster, currently just ground leveling. Also, more ground leveling is being done in front of the coaster, preparing that land for new vertical construction. Vegetation has been placed next to the queue, and it looks very good in my opinion.


The first pieces of the track for the new coaster.


The view of the coaster from backstage. It looks massive!


The station is currently being constructed.


The view from the entrance plaza. You can see the coaster looming through the trees.


The vegetation for the ride looks great!


Ground leveling is currently being done behind the coaster.


More ground leveling in front of the coaster. Good things are to come.

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There has been a lot cloudy days at Verona Resort these past few weeks. Reports for rain are coming in, however it shouldn't be much from what i'm hearing. Again, construction on the park has still been slow, however things should be picking up soon. First, some ground leveling is still being done in front of the coaster in the African themed land. Park officials have released the name for the coaster, and that is 'The Call of the Wild'. I think that name is great for the coaster! The park opened up more of the path which wraps around the water show. Some land has been reserved for something at the end of the path. A few weeks later, park officials released that there will be a 'natural' water way that goes through the African themed land. No word on the name of the land or how far the river will go. The construction team has also began work on a bridge that will go over the river as you enter the new land. Park officials have also released the names for the water coaster, and the small, family coaster in Forest of Fantasy, and those are ,'Enchanted River' and 'Forest Explorer'. Park officials have recently bought more land right next to the current property, as most of the land around Verona Resort has already been bought up by hotel companies, and restaurant chains. Speculations are that the land that the park officials bought exactly doubles the space that the current resort has. The purchase will be finalized in the upcoming days. No word on what their plans are for the land.


Some ground leveling being done in the new land.


Taken from a crane, this shows the new section of path next to the water show.


A long, skinny trench being dug in the new land. This is going to be the water way. Taken from a construction worker.


The new bridge being constructed. Taken from a construction worker.


The new sign for the coaster. (does anyone know how to get rid of the black line)


The 'Enchanted River' sign.


The new 'Forest Explorer' sign. I will be the first to say that this coaster is in possibly the most awkward place you can put a coaster, but hopefully there is no congestion in the pathways when there are guests in the park.

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Verona Resort has continued to make more progress! The construction team put up some more construction fences and signs around the water show area, with the new water show name, 'Dreams'. A few weeks later, I returned to the park to find out that they had put in a new attraction! It looks to be a circular building in the African themed area, but I couldn't get a good view of it. New photos were released of the entrance to a new tunnel for backstage. It looks to be over behind the coaster. No word on where the tunnel will exit out of. Construction has continued on the building between the entrance plaza and Forest of Fantasy. The construction team has completed the interior work of the building and it seems to be a restaurant. No information on what it will be selling. Another building which is connected to the new restaurant is a gift shop that will sell hats, shirts, candy, and toys! More work on the trench in the African themed land shows that it will divide the new African land with the pathway. No vegetation has been planted yet.


The new sign for the water show, 'Dreams'.


A helicopter view of the water show area. you can see the construction fences that block off the seating for the show.


The coaster as well as the new attraction in the African land.


A photo released of the new backstage tunnel.


I am very happy with the interior of this new restaurant.


No word on the name for the gift shop, but it looks nice!


Some more work on the trench.

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During these past two and a half months, Verona Resort has made a lot of progress! A large part of that being the construction of a new flat ride! First, there was a new building that was constructed, and it is located right next to the entrance to the Call of the Wild. It has a very dark, Caribbean theme to it, and it houses a restroom. I think that the building looks really cool! We started seeing some construction start with the land just across from the coaster. Some construction workers took a few pictures of the construction site, but with in a few weeks, the attraction was in place. Within a few more weeks, the ride was almost ready for opening day, just a few minor touches left to do! The ride is a suspended swinging, and rotating disk ride which swings guests up to about 40ish feet at about 30 mph. All doing that while spinning! No name has been released for the ride.


The new restroom building.


Another view.


You can see a construction truck leveling out the ground and prepping the area for construction.


Taken from a construction worker, you can see the overview of the site for the new attraction.


Standing next to the underground tunnel entrance/exit, you can see the crane constructing the new attraction.


You can see the ride from the bridge.


A few weeks later, the ride was testing and queue was done with most of the foliage complete. Just a few more extra things to put in!

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Verona Resort has made a great amount of progress in the last month of construction! First, the construction team built a nice deck and eatery next to the lion show area. No word on what food will be served here, but it seems to be a quick service restaurant. Also, we got our first view of a vendor cart in the African area. Im sure that we will see more appear before opening day. The construction walls around the water show were taken down and now offer a beautiful, but unfinished view of the lake. That view was then modified because the lake was then drained. This allowed the construction crew to redo the concrete base of the lake. It also allowed the team to add in more pipes for the water show. Some facades as well as the water show control room were constructed on top of the restaurant and gift shop. I think these will turn out very nice when completed. The lake was soon refilled after the concrete and pipes were installed. I can't wait until opening day!


Over looking the lion show, you can see the seating area for the new, quick service restaurant.


I love how the seating is right on the trench, however, it seems very limited.


At the bottom of this picture, you can see the first vendor cart. Hopefully there will be more of these.


The walls have been taken down around the viewing area for the water show. I really love the lake!


Current construction on the facades. I think these so far look terrific!


A few days later, the lake was drained for maintenance.


Some more pipes being installed for the water show.


While the lake was drained, the construction crew also redid the concrete base of the lake.


The view from the top of Call of the Wild lift hill. We can see the fountain layout for the show!


After about a week, the lake was filled again!

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Due to some technical difficulties, my Rct3 game is crashing very often, almost every 10 or 15 minutes. Its very hard to get a good amount of work done without the game crashing. However I am still trying my best to get Verona Resort to opening day! With that said, lets take a look at the update!


Verona Resort is continuing to make progress, although slowly. The facades and control room for the water show has been completed, and I am very happy with them! There is extra outdoor seating for the restaurant, which the name has not yet been released to the public. This outdoor seating was added after the facades were complete, offering views of Forest of Fantasy, the African themed land, or the lake. The water show is currently being tested in a different park file, and that is where it will remain for the rest of this project. There has been some talk of a new land, although no there has been no confirmation of this new land by the park officials. There has also been talk that the resort will officially open some time during March, with that being the month of many schools having their Spring Break.


The facades have been complete!


Some ground has been leveled next to the lake.


The view of the restaurant. I think it looks lovely.


The restaurant as well as the gift shop.


I hope to see more buildings like these!


Some extra outdoor seating was added.


Some foliage was added to cover up the backstage buildings.


The water show is now in a different park file. Hopefully this will keep the game running.


This is not an exact copy of the seating that is in the other park, but this seats more guests. 984 to be exact!

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