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Gyeongju World 2018 Attractions

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^That 1st shot was taken from the parks official youtube video. I'll post the link below.


It was kept hidden in a lot of recent footage, drone shots etc. Now is one of the first times it has appeared in the official footage.



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The POV on the site being the TPR video being of Sheikra made me think it was a Sheikra clone but it looks like the second drop will lead into a second immelmann so perhaps a Griffin clone instead?


That's A-Okay by me!! The world needs more Griffin's!!

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It's interesting to see them use the old school trains/restraints on a larger scale dive machine. I guess that just goes to show how it's a park's decision and not B&M's.

I would say it's definitely B&M's. They design the ride, after all.


Also, if this IS a straight clone of Griffon, then that layout would call for the old trains anyway, even though these are 8-across instead of 10-across.

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Isn't the track gauge different for trains with vests, versus traditional? I'm not sure if that's the case with dive machines, but I remember hearing that about Banshee when the topic came up of retrofitting existing coasters with vest trains. I'm sure they could make it happen if they wanted to, I mean B&M found a way to fit their trains to a Morgan, but it was probably cheaper/easier to just go the traditional route.

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Draken will open May 1st. They also updated some of the older pictures I posted in this thread with that date as well.They're advertising it on the site as being Draken Valley replacing the old Snow Park tab while still keeping a bit of the Midgard/Asgard/Nibelheim theme.






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