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Retro Photo TR: Epcot 1983

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Well gang, I found the motherload of old theme park pictures over at my folks house tonight. I decided to start with Epcot May 1983. The park was not even a year old yet so everything is still quite shiny. Actually the park looks very similiar now as it did back in 1983. Anyways enjoy!!


This is me a long time ago. Check out the original Epcot map/booklet.


Japan at night.


Some "Hooray for oil rigs!" exhibit in what I think was in one of the communicore buildings.


This used to be a show in the World of Motion where Test Track is located now.


France, a few minutes later we discovered the awesome bakery (no visit to Epcot is complete without the bakery visit.)


Check out the band, they pretty much look the same now.


If you look in the background you can see my mom, sister, her old boyfriend and me.


This used to be inside the toy store in the UK building. Not sure if it is still there.


O, Canada! That's 10-year-old me getting wet by the waterfalls.


Check out the crowds in the background, it used to be very crowded back then.


I have not been in the building for a while, can you still walk in this part?


Awwww....I miss Dreamfinder and Figment. Journey into Imagination was my favorite Epcot ride when I was a kid.


Another shot in front of Journey.


Hooray! The jumping water thingy in front of the original Journey Into Imagination.


It still looks pretty much the same now as it did back in 1983.


This is us walking up to the brand new Spaceship earth.

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The park looks amazing in the 80's because then it fit with the time period...the 80's...now it looks so outdated with random cloned E-Tickets and 80's-esque 3D movies shoved wherever possible.


EX. The Living Seas...o Lord...the cast members are even dressed like Michael Jackson in Thriller...

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I was there the November it opened, I think it was 2 weeks after the Grand Opening. There was nowhere near the crowds in your photos. My parents pulled the wool over my school's eyes and said the trip would be "educational" therefore my sister and I could miss a week. We ended up making reports for our teacheres on what we "learned" while at EPCOT.


I have very similiar pictures somewhere.....man I hated those shorts.

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All these retro Photo TR's by Erik are really making me lose track of what year were really in.


This morning... I put on a hot pink t-shirt and some short shorts on with my socks pulled all the way up past my knees. :shock:


These are great Erik! Thanks for taking the time to post all these

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