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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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^^Looking at the video it seems like the bars/grips were redesigned compared to the gutbuster we have on the LIM bowls/Backlot clones...I'd so like to see FOF & BLSC upgraded to these type of bars especially if it also means no more footbars too.


The shin bars are still there...

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From the park's FB page, I just love this pic....



The POV makes me really want to ride it. Looks very smooth.


We were in the second row on that train! Too bad you can't see us. There is another picture where you can see our arms and my hair. I don't expect to see us at all, but it was a lot of fun. The ride was comfortable and intense.

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Here's a quick review of our day at the commercial shoot! We ended up riding the ride over 20 times! The first few rides were fun, but the more I rode it the more I liked it! It is a short ride, but there are a lot of great intense throw-you-out-of-your-seat moments. It is a lot faster and intense than it looks. I think my favorite part is the reverse launch. It kind of reminds me of the intense pop you get when you hit the back spike on a shuttle loop. Then the first vertical 'hill' has some intense airtime in the first few rows. The corkscrew is slow, but it gives you a nice fall out of your seat feeling. The drop after the top of the ride is really good and yanks you out of your seat. I was really surprised at how much the ride feels like it's trying to throw you off of it. Anyway, the commercial shoot was a lot of fun. Before lunch we only got a few rides in while they were setting everything up. After lunch, they did shots from the ground and shots of the corkscrew so they just sent us over and over again as fast as they could. It was cool to see how much goes into the video and photos for the ride. Sorry for the quality of the photos, I only had my iPhone because I wasn't sure I would be allowed to take pictures. Oh well. Anyway, on to the pictures!


We arrived bright and early for the commercial!


On our way to the ride! We had to wear solid bright color shirts with no logos.


Our first view of the normal entrance.


The dual sided entrance to the station.


We waited here while they picked people for some of the shoots. I was way too ugly and fat to get picked ;)


Looking back towards the normal entrance.


Amy is all excited to go!


They had these comic billboard panels to read while you wait in what could be a very slow moving line.


Ok, so the real reason I came was for the free breakfast!


Nice and slow roll.


Noobitizer gives us a rundown of what to expect and to pump us up for the ride!


The first official non-employee train! (I think. But it doesn't really matter because it's another day closer to opening to the public!)


Captain Lee hung out with us quite a bit. Too bad Piers wasn't with us!


Rigging up the vehicles for all the cameras and GoPros.


We met two other TPR members, Sunfire and JeffyJosephNorCal!


The sign is really big, shiny, and new!


The main entrance to the ride taken from under the giant Superman sign.


Left safety sign.


Right safety sign.


Looking towards the beginning of the line from the station building.


And now the other end.


Looks like they may have a sports bottle rack. They didn't have one during the commercial but they may have one when it officially opens, or they may just let you have it on the side.


Superman getting attacked by Kryptonite.


This sign is right in front and above you when you first walk into the station building.


Waiting in the station for a few more rides!


The loop is too big for the iPhone camera.


The crane in the back was taking the shots of us through the corkscrew. It was pretty windy and that crane was moving a ton. So glad I wasn't up in it.


It's a really good looking ride, and it really stands out from the freeway. You also get a nice view of the roll from the offramp.


Thank you Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for an incredible time! Now it's time for a quick run through the park.


This is sooooo much better than those ICEE machines!


He was just waiting for me to throw him a child.






The white tiger was out and about as well.


Well, they missed it by a season but oh well, at least we already got to ride it!


And what better way to end the day than with the Cheesecake Factory!

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^ Type the word l*o*c*k*e*r*s without the spaces in between and you get lockers. It's a word filter that was put in during the exhaustive discussion about Six Flags' new item storage policy a few years back.

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I don't know why, but I don't like outdoor roller coasters with completely enclosed station platforms unless they're part of an elaborate theme (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad). I mean, sure, on hot days the enclosed building can have decent air conditioning. I guess I just like being outside.

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I don't know why, but I don't like outdoor roller coasters with completely enclosed station platforms unless they're part of an elaborate theme (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad).


I think you guys in CA have a few more "open air" stations than we have around here. Like the ones I've seen in pictures for Vortex and Afterburn (or whatever the B&M invert is called) at your Great America park. I bet those are kinda cool at night!


Speaking of Great America, I'm off to ours here in Illinois in about 20 minutes!


I would think the enclosed station for the new Superman coaster may have a little to do with the magnetic motors needing to be cooled down. From the videos I have seen, I think those bright white lights would be better if they were tinted red or blue. So bright...

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Got back late last night from media day. Will do a full report later. The ride is pretty good. My favorite at the park. Had a great time and the staff was great. Had a chance to ride it in all rows. The front in my opinion is by far the best. Great negative Gs at the top and a great view. The back row for me was a little cramped for my feet and the restraints were uncomfortable on my shins. On my sixth ride we didn't make it to the in-line roll and had a roll back. Awesome! I leave you with a few pics.


Cool and yummy!


The ice sculpture melted pretty quick and after a few hours you can tell which cupcakes had been eaten and replaced!


Plenty of time to look around as you go through the roll!

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I just got back from opening day. And I have to say, Superman did not disappoint! The ride was intense with a surprising amount of airtime! The lapbars where a little uncomfortable mainly due to those ankles restraints but nothing to unbearable. Overall the ride is really awesome and great addition to the park! Oh and I also took some video.( Sorry about it being shaky.) EDIT: I couldn't attach it so I posted as a link.



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We attended the Superman Ultimate Flight Media Day yesterday. What a blast! The ride is very unique and is awesome!


We saw Bob (gisco) there along with a few other friends. The event started with the President of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom speaking and then Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the 49ers spoke as well, after they rode Superman. Once they dropped the rope, it was time to ride.


I know some have explained the ride and everyone has their opinions. I will give you my take on Superman. The ride is like V2, completed. Whenever I rode V2, I always wondered what it would be like to have the track continue into a loop, or corkscrew. Superman settles it for me. The ride is fast, smooth, and the lap bar makes it very comfortable. Thank you Six Flags for not putting in the over the shoulder restraints.


We had the only rollback during the Media Day and I was able to get 20 rides on it!


I know, blah, blah, blah, SHOW US THE PHOTOS!


We must be at the right place.


Gyendolynne is getting throught the "special" media gate.


Good Day Sacramento was there.


They were eating the kryptonite BEFORE they rode...more on that later.


We're here, complete with the red carpet treatment.


My friend Burt came along too.


Which way do we go?


For everyone that wants to see signs.


Keep your head back and don't hurt yourself.


EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!


Good Day Sacramento is getting ready to ride!


He made sure he had a barf bag.



A pre-ride...you know.


His wig fell off during the ride.


WOW! Superman has made me powerful enough to bend steal with my bare hands!


Kryptonite makes me not as strong.


An incredible ice sculpture and cupcakes positioned in the Superman "S"


There's that PaperBoy that I have been looking for.


After a quick change in the phone booth, I will be ready to ride Superman!


The Media is here and ready to go.


Charles is excited to let us ride!


but first we must wait for 2 special guests to get done riding.


They're on that ride!


Here they come! The President of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of the 49ers.



First the Dale Kaetzel, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom President speaks.


then Jim Harbaugh...


Drop the rope!


It's time to ride. Hi Bob and Kevin!


Some photos of the ride coming up...





Burt and I waiting for our on-ride video.





The only thing that can stop me from riding...Kryptonite. After 20 rides, I had to stop.


We're out of time here folks. Get out to SFDK and ride this new ride!

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The only thing that can stop me from riding...Kryptonite. After 20 rides, I had to stop.


You beat me, I got to 15 before my body said NO MORE! What a great ride. One of the most intense in California, easily the most airtime out west.


And since Rick posted the picture of Bob and me on the ride, here is that POV. The first is from the SFDK B-Roll and the other 2 are our actual ride. If you look close you can see the guy in front of us lose his cell phone as we go up the vertical tower at full speed.



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^Great video! They really did a fantastic job with allowing most of everyone to get POV footage of themselves on the ride.


I was also at the Media Event (along with about 10 other ACEers) and boy was the ride a thrill! I totally loved it and suggest anyone to get out there and ride it yourself!

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Premier does a great job with launched shuttle coasters, and Superman looks like the strangest one they've ever done--in a good way. I really like the looks of the noninverting loop.

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Premeir does make good launch coasters but their trains need a serious makeover. It's very hard to get in and out of their trains due to lack of leg room (see Sky Rocket at KW as an example)


Glad to hear that Superman is an excellent coaster and despite the capacity it's at least something unique. Thanks for the reviews, photos, and videos.

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I was at the season pass preview event for Superman today. I got to the park around six this morning and there were not that many people there for the event. The longest I saw the line was two rows full of the lower switchbacks in front of the station building, which was about a 15 minute wait; however, it was almost a walk on at some times. I got 6 rides in overall today and rode the other major coasters and flats as well. It looked as if the Superman line was full after it's opening to the general public at noon, however the crew was really efficient with dispatches, and I don't think the waits will be too gruesome. Overall, the ride is a great and fun addition that was really needed for this park. It is a little short and can be quite forceful (mainly during the re-entries into the station from the vertical sections), but I really enjoyed it, and it looked as if all other guests were enjoying it as well.

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