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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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It is a double spine, it just has a flat piece of metal welded on the cover the gap between the two spines, making it look like one big one. Premier usually does that with their double spined track, Speed's loop is another example.


Well either way that does make it a single spine by doing that.Aside from that it looks like I-305 track to me.

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^You would still technically have 2 legs, they would just be paired together and used as though it were 1. Or a battery pack that you can stick 2 AA batteries into/contains 2 separate batteries...it's still ran off of the 2 batteries though it 'appears' to be just a single battery.

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^ Using that logic: If I taped your legs together, then you'd only have one leg, right?


Yes b/c you'd be using it as one leg and not two separate legs since they are taped together


So if two nuts were taped together would that be considered one nut even though you can't use them as one, they are still two separate nuts?

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Figured, may as well add the base frame structure, start of station platform, and throw in a couple extra supports


It's been said before but it is very interesting how much different the final product is from the original concept...perhaps they didn't want the animator to spend too much time on support structure so that they can get this project preview rolled out. Most of the GP won't care either way that the ride doesn't have yellow rails and has a massive tangle of supports as opposed to the 'beginner's NL supportwork'


fixed :p

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Also, I "connected" the connectors on Paint and it seems like that the forward tower will be a triangular prism shape rather than a rectangular prism shape.




This isn't unusual as Premier built many of these triangular prism structures.


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I was going to mention that as well. I mean, how much support is really needed to hold up a Boomerang structure?

Yea, I'm lost....that's a lot of support work on an element that we've seen held up with much simpler supports. Don't get me wrong, it does look pretty awesome seeing a massive tangle of metal holding up a ride.

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It's been said before but it is very interesting how much different the final product is from the original concept...perhaps they didn't want the animator to spend too much time on support structure so that they can get this project preview rolled out. Most of the GP won't care either way that the ride doesn't have yellow rails and has a massive tangle of supports as opposed to the 'beginner's NL supportwork'


That's probably the case. Why waste time and money on adding detail that the vast majority of their guests aren't going to care about? They want a sense of the actual ride.

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^You would think that with all of the 3D Modeling that designers do these days with Autocad and Solidworks or whatever other software they use now it would be fairly easy to make some "accurate" concept artwork using drawings and images from the design software. It's been a while since I did any 3D modeling but i remember it being pretty easy to take a screen shot of something in Solidworks and open it in paint to create "photoshoped" image. A professional graphic artist could probably open those same images in their professional editing software and create a really nice concept art in a short amount of time.


Glad to see this project on track, for me this was one of the more interesting announcements of 2012 and honestly I had kind of forgotten about until now. Can't wait to see this thing in action.

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Keep in mind, Chiller took that cobra roll nearing 70mph. So I don't think would be complete fair accessment to compare it to other boomerangs that don't travel as fast through the element. Robin absolutely hauled through the cobra roll. Oh how I miss that ride.


I will admit though I was surprised to see all the supports in the construction of S:UF.

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Just took my first trip of the season to SFDK yesterday. The crowds were quite reasonable. Got there right at opening time and went straight to Medusa. She was a station wait for at least the first hour of the day, getting me two easy front row rides in a row. Got one ride on Kong, which was only running one train. Even though I rode it in the front, it still hurt like hell...not quite sure why I bother with that ride. Roar was a station wait as well, but got much longer after I got off. I'm not sure what they did with the ride over the winter, but it was surprisingly smooth (in the front), and delivered some decent floater air on several of the hills. A pleasant surprise, but, like Kong, only one train. I also got one ride on V2, which also had a station wait. 5 rides in 2 hours, not bad. Also, I was about to get onto V2, when 2 Flashpass people got on, making me wait for an extra cycle. They paid for it, and I've used it before too, so I certainly wasn't upset. However, I thought that Flashpass only let you into the station (you get to bypass the line, but not the station wait). Is this something new, where the Flashpass allow you to bypass all lines and sit right down in the front row?


I also got a chance to check out S:UF. Even though it's only a mess of supports right now, it's impressive looking. The structure looks substantial, and it's not even to half its height yet. I have a feeling that once it's completed, it will be a rather imposing structure...something definitely not conveyed by the artist renderings. All in all, a good day, though I'll wait until Superman is open before going back (it's tough getting out of the house when you've got 2 babies). Below is one picture I took of S:UF from Roar's station. Nothing really that new, but a different perspective.


Supports, supports, and more supports.

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Far as Superman this looks nothing like the concept artwork this ride is officially dead to me


I know right?! How could they do such a horrible, horrible thing!


To save money and the only thing relating Superman about the will be the shield tunnel and no Superman statue on the top or will there be one?!

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Had a great time on Saturday! Still a little sunburned from it too. Crowds were medium.



–-I rode Medusa first thing when the park opened, but after that, the lines were too long for me to bother until around 5:30 PM.

--Kong seemed even more rough than I remember it last time. I rode in the 2nd-to-front seat and it felt as rough as I remember the 2nd-to-back seat being! I felt really bad for the people farther back.

--I rode Sky Screamer for the first time.... it was alright. The best thing was the nice view of the park.

--I rode V2 toward the front, said to myself, "WOW! I always underestimate this coaster!" and then got back in line and rode it again. I forget how fun the 45-degree spike can be in the front!

--Since all the other coasters had taken about 15-20 minutes, I got in line for Roar in the last half an hour before I had to go back and get my stuff out of the 1ocker... but after about 20 minutes in the heat watching the video for S:UF, I realized Roar was only running one train and said, "screw that," got my stuff from Oasis plaza, then went to get a good seat at the Shouka show. This was probably when I got burned the most--waiting in the sun for half an hour expecting to get soaked by Shouka, only to find out she did the most soaking tricks for the crowd on the left side of the slideout, not the right (usually it's the other way around).


Since this was the first time I've been to a park since turning 21, I took the liberty of buying myself a beer. I enjoyed it, but it tasted less strong at the park than when I've drank that exact beer elsewhere. Do they water down their drinks?

In the afternoon I met up with a friend and took a more relaxed approach to riding coasters. Toward the evening, I upgraded to a season pass (BOOYAH! Might actually get a chance to use it this year!) and then braved the eternally-long processing line.


Here is my Superman pics + whale TR photos. I usually don't take many photos of anything besides the Shouka show, and Saturday wasn't very different


I don't remember seeing this pretty paint thing before, but I like it!


This view will look great when the coaster is completed!


Doesn't look like much happened between the day people last posted pics and Saturday.. PS: I have no idea how to get this photo right-side-up. Sorry.


According to my friend, there had been a beam here on Friday. All there was on Saturday was this cable!




No one ever posts pics of the Shouka show! So I figured I'd do the honors since love the Shouka show so much. :)


She's so cute!!


Whale tongue! Would you pet a whale tongue?


I didn't do as well this time with getting good Shouka photos, but you can count on me to be your Resident TPR Whale Photo Coverage Provider! Next time I'll do better!

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It's nice to see two trip reports.


So, everyone is complaining about Kong, but call me crazy, I actually kind of like the ride. Whenever I go to SFDK, I ride it often and its more that I ride it because there aren't that many large coasters in the park. I despise launched coasters, so I don't ride V2, so that leaves me with Roar, Kong, & Medusa. I hope that Superman will be a coaster that sucks everyone into that line, thus giving the other coasters a shorter line. Even though I despise launched coasters, I hope that I'll enjoy Superman and it won't have as much as a forceful launch as V2 since it is a Premier coaster so I'll probably like that more.


Also, for anyone who is speculating that the sheild tunnels won't be built, you can find on the ground wooden panels forming a V, so it will be placed.

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