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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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I tried upgrading my season pass to a membership. What a nightmare. In classic Six Flags fashion, it didn't work. Of course, I didn't expect it to at all, but thought hey, why not. The issue was with the upgrade portal. You have to use the portal to upgrade and pay for the new membership, then you go back in and put your season pass info in. That's where it stopped working. Of course, the instructions they give you haven't been updated with the correct wording. They said to go to "Finish Upgrade," but that wasn't anywhere. I could figure out where to go, but when I inputed my info it said it didn't find my info. I had to put my pass number, last name, and date of purchase. I had my actual card so I know that wasn't wrong, I know my last name, and I have the email confirmation of when I bought it, and nothing worked. I tried with my upgrade, my son's, and my wife's. Not one of ours worked. So, I got the joy of playing how many clicks does it take to get to the customer service email form. I'm going to the park this weekend, so hopefully they'll have it done by them, but I'm not holding my breath.

I had a very similar experience at SFoG upgrading from a gold SP to Diamond Elite. However, I called the member services number and explained my situation from start to finish. The lady was very helpful and pleasant. After all was said and done, I was credited the full purchase price of my 2018 season pass in the form of Six Flags Bucks (in-park currency that you can use anywhere in your home park) and my 2018 dining pass was moved over to my membership. Honestly, I like the new membership options but the company rolled it out too fast creating all sorts of problems which even park staff don't know how to fix yet. Maybe by the time the 2019 season rolls around the membership buying process will advance past the 'beta' phase.


Having said that, we have been very happy with our Diamond Elite memberships.

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So, I finally got around to watching a Harley Quinn testing video... Honestly I kind of forgot that it was even being built. That being said, it actually looks like a fun addition. I'm not begging for one to come to a local SF park... But I wouldn't hate it if one did.


That being said... HOLY SH!T THAT THING IS LOUD!!!

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^Hmm, interesting. Last year when I visited in September/October and in November, basically every crew member on Joker was hustling. They also had like a wall full of operations award certificates or somesuch. It definitely helped compensate for some of the delays that can be inherent to RMC trains. Shame if they're slacking at the moment.


(I also liked that there were one or two attendants who had no inclination to assign seats--it's clearly still a policy since others were doing so during the same time periods, so it wasn't just crowd-based.)

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If you're right, then I love how I jumped straight to the assumption that they were the worst ops ever, or underperforming at best. Which was it, Larry?


None of them were speaking French. Just taking their sweet time. 5-6 minutes between dispatches.

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We went to the park last Friday and we had a good day overall! It was super hot, but the crowds were pretty light for a Friday. Joker had some issues, and quite a few rides were closed. That was kind of annoying, especially since it was 4th of July weekend, but oh well.


Jewy joined us for the morning, and I had my nephews with me as well. We had a flash pass for two people, and it worked out well between all of us and it not being too busy. I feel kind of bad that my newborn daughters first ever amusement park was Six Flags, I hope she doesn't hold it against me. ;) Jacob has finally hit 42", so he was able to hit a few more rides, but more importantly, the Sky Coaster! He's been wanting to do it for a bit and he loved it! He is not scared of heights at all, so I ended up being a lot more scared on it than he was.


I still can't believe how ridiculously priced the food is. It is more expensive than Disneyland and some baseball stadiums, and the quality is much much lower. Oh well, that's Six Flags! The operations were ok. In general, the employees that work in the kids areas are excellent at SFDK. I've always been extremely impressed at how fun, nice, and kind they are in the kids areas. It's generally the opposite operations on the big rides. Pretty slow, just going through the motions. Anyways, SFDK still seems like one of the better run SF parks I've been to.


Jacob is really excited for his first Sky Coaster!


As we were leaving, the swings were stuck in the air with people on it. Sucks to be them!


You can tell how happy we was at how long the cycle times were.


He's still small enough to like the kids ride.


We had a buy one get one free offer so we wanted to go again!


Jamie's excited for her fist visit to a theme park!


My nephews on the carnival ride.


They enjoyed Medusa as always.


He loved it!


All ready to go.


Next up was the fastest ride in the park! (I'm not kidding!)


Jewy and Amy enjoyed The Joker while the girls behind them enjoyed the hair time!




Hey, it's the Ray's at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!


He is finally tall enough for Cobra. Why this ride has a 42" in requirement is beyond me.


Just some dummies waiting to ride!


Harley Quinn still hasn't opened yet.

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^Nice mini report. I take it V2 was closed, what other rides/coasters weren't operating? I'll be there for the first time in a couple weeks and I'm wondering what I should expect to not be open.

I was there last Friday as well. Yep, V2 was closed, the train was in seemingly a thousand pieces in the station. Everything else I walked by seemed to be running, though I didn't walk to every corner of the park, so I could have missed something.

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^Nice mini report. I take it V2 was closed, what other rides/coasters weren't operating? I'll be there for the first time in a couple weeks and I'm wondering what I should expect to not be open.


V2, Voodoo, Hammerhead, were the ones I remember off the top of my head, and a few of the kids rides in Tava's Jungle Land. Nothing really that major, but my son was annoyed that his favorite Jumping Frog ride was closed.

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^I will admit I'm a little bummed V2 will be closed (unless hell freezes over and Six Flags assembles the train and reopens the ride within the next two weeks lol). I really like the Intamin Impulses I've ridden (Wicked Twister and Possessed), and this one looks even freakier than those. But I'm still super pumped for Joker, Superman, Medusa, and even Harley Quinn, so I have plenty other rides to look forward too.


Thanks for the info.

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Not to sound whiny, but does Joker have nylon wheels again? I rode it yesterday evening with some colleagues who wanted to visit the park with me, and it felt slower, and some of the airtime moments weren't very powerful at all. I actually dropped it down a whole spot.


Again, this is not to sound like I'm complaining or annoying, I'm just wondering if anyone else thinks it's been running slower.


^ And yes, to confirm, V2 was still closed yesterday.

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^Medusa treatment? lol


Actually wouldn't Nylon wheels make it better (faster, stronger) because of the harder wheels? I'd think so? In either case, I still love that ride, but it's intensity really depends on where you sit.

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^Medusa treatment? lol


Actually wouldn't Nylon wheels make it better (faster, stronger) because of the harder wheels? I'd think so? In either case, I still love that ride, but it's intensity really depends on where you sit.


Sorry, I should have been clear. I was referring to Medusa at Six Flags Mexico which had a different wheel set put on when they installed VR on the ride and it has apparently been running slower than usual due to this.

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I'm thinking of Storm Chaser opening season - people who rode it with the nylon wheels generally didn't like it as much as people who rode with the polyurethane. Could be a warming up later in the season thing?


The polyurethane also runs smoother (the stuff saved the skateboard industry because of this).

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