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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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I saw those wheel pics as well. Makes me excited at the progress.

Joey, I'm not aware of any designated nursing center. Don't let the rain discourage you. I've ridden the major rides in the rain. If the rain is intermittent and not heavy (which is how it looks so far), then you should have plenty of riding opportunities. Additionally, the park should be empty. Have fun!


the nursing area is inside the first aid station apparently, which is behind the exit to boomerang.

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OOOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I get it now!!! Double mail boxes... for "Double Post." . . . Wow... Yeah I'm slow.


Anywho... Loved the wheel photo!! Can't wait to see the full trains!!

At least someone got it


I was hoping this ride would be finished and testing by now. I'm still thankful for this coaster but the timing of this thing opening probably won't be as ideal for me as I was hoping it would be. And I'm reallyyyy anxious to see the full trains and witness it testing.

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We had a really good visit this past weekend. I was really surprised that they do run almost everything in the rain. Only a few were closed, like V2, due to the rain. The crowds were also very very light. That was good, but also bad. Great because lines were short, but bad because they closed early due to "inclement weather," but it was probably due to the super low attendance. Also, a lot of the kids ride were closed. Jacob still had fun, but there were only about 4 rides he could do. They had a couple more open for the bigger kids, but his favorite ride, the Jumping Frogs, was closed. Of course he couldn't care less, but he still had a fun time. This is still one of my favorite Six Flags parks. The operations are pretty good, and the employees were really friendly.


The crepes and doughnuts are still the best thing in the park, and the food is generally pretty good. The BBQ place has a good pulled pork that doesn't have a lot of fat, which is good.


There was nothing terrible or bad, but some annoying things. My sister was thinking of going, but she has an infant and was wondering if they had a mother's lounge. There was nothing online, and no one answered any calls, so I asked when I got to the park. I asked two front gate employees and a security guard (not the metal detector ones) and they just said, "not sure." When guest services opened we asked them, and they said no. Later, I saw this post,

the nursing area is inside the first aid station apparently, which is behind the exit to boomerang.
. Oh well. Also, I asked an employee about the early entry for Gold Pass and they said there wasn't any that day, it's only special days during the summer. So I walked around a little bit before rope drop. I headed over to Medusa about 10 minutes before rope drop and see a sign for Gold Pass entry. I ask the employee there if it is early entry time and she said yes. I asked her how often they do it and she said every day. I figured out later that the first employee got it messed up with the Discover card extra ride time. You know, Discover Card, Gold Pass, they sound the same.


I only took a few pictures, and none of Joker. Nothing really new there. Just a few dumb pictures below.


Jacob loved his new umbrella.


Here's where the sports bar will be.


At the rate he's not growing, It'll be another 10 years until he can ride this.


Completely gutted for the new sports bar.


Got to love the grammar in the first ride rule.


Jacob waves hi to the "piggy."


Had to visit the best attraction there!

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^Thanks for the update. Sucks that things didn't go exactly as planned, but I'm glad that you didn't have to wait in long lines. I'm curious about progress on the Joker. You said that there was nothing really new there. Last I went (3 weeks ago), they had completed the overbank turn next to the bottom of the first drop and were beginning to lay track on the double airtime hill. Have they done anything else beyond that? Was there any new track in the parking lot? Just curious, as I want to go next Sunday and take pictures. If they haven't made any progress since my last update, then I don't think I'll bother. Thanks!

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I should have re-phrased it. There's probably been a ton of work done, but I'm not following it in detail so I have no clue what they've done. There was still track in the parking lot, I'd say about 12 pieces? I toes look great, and they were even working on it in some pretty strong rain!

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^Thanks for the clarification. I assumed that, since trains are on site, track work was completed. I guess not. I'm hoping to go either this Sunday or next in order to get some pictures for an update. Thanks again for the update.

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We got video of trains!


^Thanks for the clarification. I assumed that, since trains are on site, track work was completed. I guess not. I'm hoping to go either this Sunday or next in order to get some pictures for an update. Thanks again for the update.


video above clearly shows some track is still not in place.

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I went to SFDK today and they are very close to completing Joker!


As it is rather difficult to see from the pictures I took, here's a visual representation of Joker's Current State:



As you can see, it only needs a few more elements (Overbank, Barrel Roll, Turn)



Overview of the ride, It looks fantastic when walking into the park!



Drive wheels and other mechanisms are now in place, looks like testing will start very soon after track-work is completed!



That's gonna give some nice airtime!



Trains look fantastic in person! No front car yet



Photo booth is under refurbishment.



Station building is being renovated, Perhaps those white lines are there to stay?



Old cameras still in place, I wonder if they will stay there.


Those are all the Joker Pictures I got. From the rate it is being built, I wouldn't be surprised if it is done within the next 1-2 weeks.

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Just got back from a pleasant trip to SFDK today. I met up with ABW for some rides. It was quite warm today. The park was busy, but the lines for the coasters stayed reasonable. I got 10 rides on Superman in the morning, then a few rides on Medusa, which remained a station wait all day. Of course, I took some pictures of progress on the Joker. It's looking good, of course, and I was able to get some good (and some not quite as good) shots of where we're at in construction right now. So, on to the pictures!


An overview of the construction site. My apologies for the trucks and container in the way. I figured that they would have removed them in honor of my visit. I was sorely disappointed to find that wasn't the case.


A closer shot of the double airtime hill. Let's be honest here: it looks good, but the garbage container looks better.


Final airtime hill.


Here are the same elements from another angle.


I'm very much looking forward to this double airtime hill. It might very well be responsible for the demise of my marriage.


Another shot of the final airtime hill. I predict that this will make me scream like a little girl.


The first overbank turn after the banked airtime hill.


Final brake run. It looks like there'll even be airtime there.


The train, minus the front.


Close up.

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I'm very much looking forward to this double airtime hill. It might very well be responsible for the demise of my marriage.

If it's anything like the double-down on Wicked Cyclone, it might be responsible for the demise of my future marriage


But seriously, after riding Wicked Cyclone this weekend, I am SO MUCH MORE EXCITED for this coaster! That ride was unbelievable and this one looks like it will be as well!

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Hey, everyone! It was a very wet day in Vallejo (and it wasn't just in my pants), but we braved the thunder and lighting for a special hard hat tour of the Joker! The construction is nearly complete, and we had a special unveiling of the front train! I will say this much, the rendered pov video does not do this thing justice. It looks insane in every great way possible.


Thanks for sending me out, Robb!



They gave us some cool Joker themed hard hats


They gave us some cool Joker themed hard hats


These track colors though


I predict lots of "wheee" in this element




Look at that wood


This ride is so hung


This ride is full of pop!


Some pop before the hill.


Still needs a bit of work


Head choppers


Still no front train...




Where is it?


Oh, there it is!


It looks awesome!



Strike a pose


Who let this guy in here?

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