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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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I'm expecting that SFDK's operations in January and February will be the same as Holiday in the Park.


About Roar, I found the roughness to be the same this year as last year. It's still a lot smoother than GhostRider.

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They aren't going to operate all week in the winter, just weekends, so they'll have time to paint and rehab rides that need TLC. Maybe they should take a few weeks in the winter and not operate at all during that time so that they can rehab everything, and make sure it's all running smoothly.

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On my visit I found roar to be fine. I had no problem with any sort of roughness (although there was some) and had a fun-filled ride on it. And, surprisingly, I had no problem with Kong either. I actually really liked these rides. I'm sure if I rode something like Mean Streak or basically any other SLC It would start getting a bit painful.

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SFMM uses the same weekend only schedule during the winter. Hopefully SFDK is able to better manage their train rehab so that all trains are available during the busiest months.

Yeah, if they don't figure out how to do that, it would be pretty much useless to not have an offseason, just a big waste of money.

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Something that some of you may be interested in. Six Flags is now doing running races, the first one is at SFDK on Dec. 7th.




I'm actually kind of involved in this so I'm pretty excited that it's finally time to release the info. You'll also notice when you register that park admission is involved but if you have a Season Pass the price is 1/2 off since you don't need admission.

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Something that some of you may be interested in. Six Flags is now doing running races, the first one is at SFDK on Dec. 7th.




I'm actually kind of involved in this so I'm pretty excited that it's finally time to release the info. You'll also notice when you register that park admission is involved but if you have a Season Pass the price is 1/2 off since you don't need admission.


Glad to see Six Flags getting into this! Great opportunity for them, as well as runners looking for interesting places to race. It lists SFGAm as hosting a 5K next year, I'd totally be down for that!

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It's nice to see another water ride at the park, especially one that has never been there before!


I am glad that it will be open all year. It's still 3 hours away, but at least when I visit family I have a place to escape to!

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Agree on Water Works barely being used. I don't think it was open once this summer when I went, and even when it was, it just didn't seem like there were a lot of kids in there. I would've liked to see Tsunami Soaker located toward the back of the park, just to draw some crowd that way, but this is a pretty darn good spot for it as well.

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Hey everyone! So today I visited the park and decided to put together a little "Mini TR", mainly on progress going on with Fright Fest. But before I start, I just want to say that today was a weird day, I parking lot looked full, but the park didn't seem very crowed, I don't know whats up with that. But now, on to the photos:


Time to start the day off with some Medusa and Kong. Medusa was, as always, a fun ride. And Kong, as always, beat the crap out of me...


A drained Monsoon Falls, ready to have people walking through its station as a maze.


Or at least I THINK its a maze, I don't remember it from last year, but it seems pretty small to be one. But if it is, its probably the new "Total Darkness" Maze.


Here's the exit. Unless they extend it to the bridge and or queue, its going to be a pretty short and cramped maze.


Oh yeah, you cant forget about the grave yard!




...and this seem new this year. I guessing there going to have scare actors hid behind them or preform on that stage there. Ether way its going to be pretty neat.


Superman was awesome as always! It had a little down time later in the day, but I still managed to get at least 5 rides on it.


Am I the only one who's reminded of that old NGC game "Eternal Darkness" when looking at this?!


Here's the status on Water Works.


Not much left except those water pump things and some planks. It seems like Soaker is going to be a tight fit if they really do put it in here, but Sea Port is a great location for it!


This is going to be awesome at night!


In the back behind those trees is "Slaughter House Pig Farms", the park's big indoor-outdoor maze, that has easily been the best maze in the park in resent years!


Its pretty hidden behind the trees, which makes the outdoor part that much more frightening!


The water jets in Voodoo's little poop brown colored pond were working.


One of the 2(?) scare zones in the park. This one is usually pretty good, lots of things for the actors to hind behind!


And I think this is the other one. Its usually filled with clowns, but I think this year its going to be called "Cage: the Experience".


As always, the bumper cars are being turned into "Nightmare Manor". This maze has been pretty good in the past few Fright Fest's, so I'm hoping that's its only going to get better this year.


One of the doors were open, not much to see except a maze wall.


Getting ready for Fright Fest.


SHARKS!! Oh yeah, there's a maze in here too.


One of the port holes for "Shipwreck of horror". I love the way this maze interacts with the shark exhibit, I hoping its a little longer this year though.


Heading back for some more rides on Superman, I decided to go for a quick ride on V2 and then check out the status of "Scrapyard of the dead". Here's a bunch of fences for all you "Fence Enthusiasts" out there.


The mazes look just about the same as it has in the past so far. But it looks about half completed now, there's still at the junk and such to set up.


I saw this thing right across from the sharks. I have no idea what it is, but it looks fright fest related. Maybe its that spider thing?


White Water Safaris got wood....for Massacre Mine.


Here's some rafts just hang'n out.


Remembering from last year, this maze just OK at the beginning of FF, but was great when it became pitch black! And it actually looks bigger this year, so I'm pretty excited fro this one!


On the way out, I saw Sky Screamer start to slow down and then completely come to a stop. I don't know what happened, but it was stuck up there for at least 10 minutes, which seems like it would be pretty freaky on a Star Flyer. And lastly, I now leave you with:




Thanks for reading.

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So I'm going to fright feat on Sunday for the first time and was wondering on how crowds will be and how worth it it really is. They have two different wristbands you can buy. The regular one for $15 and the front in line VIP one for $25. I saw on the website that there are quite a few mazes and only 3 hours to do them (6-9). So how is fright feast and is it worth the $10 dollar extra for the VIP and any tips are welcomed.

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^In your case, get the VIP wristbands. It's only $10 more and yet I've noticed in the past that way more people get the regular bands than the VIP's, so you will be able to get into a lot more mazes that way. Also, I would recommended waiting until its dark to do Scrapyard of the Dead and Massacre Mine, they may not seem like much in the day, but at night when its real dark, those mazes are both a lot more awesome that way.

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Has anyone gone to Frightfest yet and how were the mazes? I was thinking about trying the mazes (paying the $25 for the front of the line deal), but the promotional pics for the mazes seem pretty lame. It didn't look like they were doing anything special with the rides (backwards or pitch darkness). Is it worth it?

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Thank you Andrewpolis for the update on Fright Fest!

It does look like there are a few improvements from last year. I'm hoping that the Monsoon Falls maze isn't Total Darkness, as I don't see how it could be worth the extra fee for something so small. Maybe that's the spider scare zone? Seems much more logical. Just walk through the station and across the bridge. If so, then it's a great place for a small scare zone, and more "on the way" than the others.


I'm sad that I haven't been able to go to the park for a while, but we're planning a trip of 4 so we can get the '14 Gold pass deal, so I'll be hittin' up Fright Fest in the next few weeks.


For those of you asking about Fright Fest... I went twice last year, only once that I did the mazes. I think it was definitely worth the $15 but I don't know about $25. I was easily able to do the mazes two or three times in a few hours. Just don't expect Haunt when you go, FF is definitely on a lower level.


Has anyone done Total Darkness yet? I have three questions... how much does it cost, is it worth the money, and do you think it's too scary for someone who's scared easily in the mazes and doesn't have much Haunt experience?

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Well after the survey SFDK just sent I think it's pretty obvious what the most likely next addition will be. If you get the survey, take it to find out. They did ask me to agree not to reveal what the potential addition was, but I think it's an excellent idea from a business standpoint and I'd definitely visit the park more often with this addition.


I also found it interesting that they specifically asked for comparisons to CGA, even asking what specific advantages I thought CGA had over SFDK. Honestly I think the two parks are pretty even except for the obvious difference SFDK has in it's animal attractions. Both parks have some great flat rides, both parks have a handful of good coasters and a couple great ones.

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