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What do you think is the best name for the new impulse coaster?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best name for the new impulse coaster?

    • Twin Towers
    • The REAL Flight of Fear
    • Chaos Theory
    • Ghetto Twist
    • Good Zilla

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Okay, this REALLY sucks ! I have two computers, a Mac and a Windows. Today, on the Windows, I tried to post the update, and suddenly, the entire computer just starts flipping out! We're trying to get it back up, but I think I'm infected with all sorts of internet viruses. Kinda scary that I posted that your computer crashed, and now mine has! :? Hopefully, we will be able to get the internet back up, so I can post this update and more, but until that happens, don't expect any updates any time soon.

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Wahoo! My computer is back up! Okay, here is the update:


You can finally post what you saw at the park the other day. But first, here are some pics of the new kiddie section, Camp Snoopy:


...this picture a couple of days later. Looks like Van Pikeson Lake is getting a GCI woodie!


Here it is! There seemd to be just piles of wood laying around, but then you took:


The entrance to Camp Snoopy right near Spire Shot, and the new Alleycat resteraunt, which sells the most amazing park food. Ever.


Here you can see the other rides in the section, and the extreme popularity of Snoopy's Wild Log Chase on a hot day!


Kids love getting soaked by those water jets near the end of the ride!


An overview

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Well, here it is!


Opening Day!


You have finally ridden Thunderhawk, and it is your new favorite woodie! You have a couple pictures of it. Here they are:


Later on in the day, as you can see, there was almost no line, which gave me plenty more rides!


The small but forceful turnaround.


Early in the day, the coaster was REALLY busy, as you can see.


The 90 degree banked turn. INSANE!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry for all these double-posts, but I have another update.


A whole season has passed with no updates to the park. One day, while reading Amusement History Magizine, you found this article:


Van Pikeson Lake : Thriving Amusement Park, and Family Destination!


November 23


Mr. John Egerson, CEO of the popular amusement park Van Pikeson Lake, has finally confirmed rumors spreading around about a new expansion to the park. He has not said much about it, just that there will be a new roller coaster and a new food court. He has not given any information of what type of roller coaster it is, or what its name is.


The amusement park, opening in 1964, has been in buisness over forty years, and has acquired a now legendary roller coaster, named Xtreme Xpress. It was one of the first modern roller coasters to have a vertical loop. The park was bought by former owner Mike Johnson, who had owned the park since its opening, by the amusement company Cedar Fair, who owns such parks as Worlds of Fun, and the world famous Cedar Point, in 2005.


Since then, Cedar Fair has had big plans for the small park, adding a new attraction almost every year since they bought the park. We managed to get an interview with Mr. Mike Johnson:


"I am glad to see the park that I once owned and loved has flourished into a major tourist attraction," says Mr. Johnson, who will celebrate his 81st birthday in January. "It was always my aim to attract and entertain the whole family, and thanks to Cedar Fair, we have accomplished that." He later stated that Cedar Fair had offered him a job in the park, since he quote, "knew what attracted the townsfolk".


Since it opened, Van Pikeson Lake has been a destination for both thrillseekers and families, now more than ever.(continued on page 45...)


You cut the article out, and pinned it on the bulletin board you had in your computer room. What could that new coaster be?

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