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What do you think is the best name for the new impulse coaster?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best name for the new impulse coaster?

    • Twin Towers
    • The REAL Flight of Fear
    • Chaos Theory
    • Ghetto Twist
    • Good Zilla

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Finally, after almost a week of investigating the black trucks coming in and out of Van Pikeson Lake, you found what they were for while riding the Sky Tower observation tower. You whipped out your( fully loaded )camera, and took these pictures:


An overview of the park.


A nice view from the top of Xtreme Xpress.


One of those black trucks, and some track!

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Opening Day!!

Finally, after months of waiting and missing media day because of a buisness trip, you have gotten to Van Pikeson Lake to ride Boggart! You took many pictures of the event, and here are some of them:


Another view of Boggart without scenery.


Boggart without scenery.


The queue and the station.


A really good view of the layout from the trusty Sky Tower!


Here you can see how close you come to the structure of Double Threat.


A train coming out of the hidden barrel roll, and some of the track going over a lake of goo.

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If you want to look at an example of what Twister II is talking about...


(I hope I'm not bragging TOO much lol)


Go to the RCT2 park that TPR made, download the most recent park, and look at Catalyst... I think that may be a good example of what Twister is trying to get at...


Other than that, the park is looking good!

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Well, it seems that the park has taken advantage to Boggart's first-season breakdowns to add much more theming to it. It's looking a bit like Nemesis now, with the extreme terrain effect. Boggart is finally back up, after almost three months of being down because of an accident involving the station building. Nobody seems to want to tell you what the accident was, so it remains a mystery. You took some pictures of Boggart's new theming while at the park one day. Here they are:


And finally, the full layout with the new theming.


Here you can see the now famed near-miss with the mid-course brakes and the loop, and the new fire effect in the middle of the track.


In this picture you can see short tunnel added on the lift hill, and some of the places where people seem to try to touch the terrain with their feet.


The near-miss with the corkscrew, kind of like on Nemesis.


As you can see, major theming has been done on Boggart. You can see many of the newly-added near- misses on the coaster.

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Youg got a special chance to get a preview of what Van Pikeson Lake has in store for next season. You were able to see behind the green construction wall. They told you that they were building a childrens section for next year, including a kiddie coaster, called Snoopy's Wild Log Chase. Also, through the crowd of employees trying to block your view of it, you saw pieces of--- Oh no! :shock: Your computer crashed as soon as you were going to post what you saw! It may take days to fix your computer!

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