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What do you think is the best name for the new impulse coaster?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best name for the new impulse coaster?

    • Twin Towers
    • The REAL Flight of Fear
    • Chaos Theory
    • Ghetto Twist
    • Good Zilla

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You are a resident of Van Pikeson, NY, and also a coaster enthusiast. You live near a local theme park, Van Pikeson Lake, and a season pass holder there. A couple months ago, you saw on RCDB that Van Pikeson Lake had been sold to Cedar Fair, who is turning it into a major theme park. You are extremly excited, considering the park has had only one main attraction, Xtreme Xpress. These are some pictures you have taken for the roof of your house:


Overview of Xtreme Xpress.


Another view of Midway Americana, and the Americana food court.


The splash boats, Double Threat.


The heavily themed Xtreme Xpress.


Midway Americana, home to most of the attractions.

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Media Day!

Media Day for 12-Guage was held on May 2. everybody on the TPR forums have been awaiting this day for months, and you have posted an event on the forums. You took many pictures from the top of Double Threat, the top of one of one of the buildings of Xtreme Xpress, and your house once the ERT was over and had dinner at the nearby Carrabbas with the people who came to the event. Here are some of the pictures you took:


Obviously they enjoyed their ride!


Robb and Elissa showed up later in the day.


The twisted mass of Intamin steel that is 12-Guage!


Here is one of the queue early in the day.

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Over the next few months, you were able to catch some of the theming work being done on 12-Guage. They have added a tunnel at the launching stretch, themed the queue to a mechanical theme, and have added extra supports on the tophat. Here are some photos:


The queue and the station.


A view of the tunnel, simulating a gunshot.


The complex support system for the tophat.

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The locals to Van Pikeson, NY have started to talk about the black vans constantly coming in and out of Van Pikeson Lake theme park. You have been eyeing those vans, and have noticed the small yellow print at the bottom of the doors of the vans. It looks like a foriegn language of some sort, kind of like German or Swiss. You are beginning to suspect that the vans are from the company Bolliger and Mallibard, and also suspect that they are responsable for the many topics on the Screamscape forums titled "New coaster for VPL?" Hopefully your theories are correct.

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