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SFGAm to recieve 300 foot tall looper - NOT!

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Its nice to see that according to the hard hitting fact checking by the press, that both Kingda Ka AND Dragster opened this year.


I had a cross between Millenium Force and Collossos in my head until the memo mentioned it would be built by Pax, at which point it turned into a shuttle loop with a cobra head on it.


I feel the terrorists' may be winning...

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Jeekers! Don't these guys know Ice Moutain Splash isn't in County Fair? It's in Yankee Harbor, damn it!


Just kidding, that was probably the first thought of a billion enthusiasts who live like a mile away from the park.


Anyways, I'm sure there would be many unhappy members of TPR about the removal of another Arrow Hydroflume.

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I didn't even hear of this rumor until now. Anyways, it sounded like something I would have run across on coaster-net.com .


(Yes, once in a while, I do one of those rumor updates on that site that are usually made by 11 year olds... )

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