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The Great Escape (TGE) Discussion Thread

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For my first post, I wanted to share this geeky art/picture of Comet. I've only been to the park once in 2006. Had a great time, even alone, and the Comet seriously kicked some butt. Really wish I could go back in time at ride it in it's original home at Crystal Beach (with old lap bars!). (Thanks to ernierocker for re-directing me. I could not find the Great Escape Discussion Thread when I went to post the first time.)



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Screamin' Eagles!

Screamin’ Eagles Puts You in the Pilot Seat


Starting in Spring 2013 you will be able to take flight and pilot your very own flying scooter — known simply as a “flyer” by avid fans — on the all-new Screamin’ Eagles.


Every flight on this open-air centrifugal force ride decked out with eagles and blazing wild flames is guaranteed to be different than the last. Each flyer is designed to give you control over your own flight experience by letting you manually control the moveable front wing. As the Screamin’ Eagles starts spinning faster and faster, sending you soaring up high into the air, depending on your piloting skills you can simply just glide through the air or you can swing the flyer side-to-side, gain altitude, and nose dive with each revolution of speeds up to 40 mph. You are ultimately in control.


If you’re new to flyers and you’re looking for a mild ride, take some advice from the experts at Flyers Addicts Anonymous: Hold the front wing nice and steady throughout the duration of the ride. This creates a nice, smooth flight perfect for sighting seeing over the historic River D.


If you’re a little more adventurous and looking for a more heart-racing, blood-pumping flight, the experts at Flyers Addicts Anonymous recommend you familiarize yourself with and play around with maneuvering your front wing. You will pleasantly discover that strategically positioning your front wing in relation to things such as ride speed, wind direction, and the position in the ride’s natural dive cycle will lead to a much faster, intense, and completely unexpected wild flight with dips and dives!


The Screamin’ Eagles is a new generation of a classic ride rich in history. It harks back to the 1940s and 1950s when it was a huge fan favorite at theme parks across the country, allowing little boys and grown men alike to hop in and suddenly, if only briefly, become fighter pilots over the great Pacific. Even more interesting is that even though the flying scooter was sold and marketed by Bisch-Rocco Amusement Company it wasn’t originally meant to be a theme park ride. According to Flyer Addicts Anonymous, a group of avid flyer enthusiasts that travel the country for what they refer to as their “flyer fix”, the original open-air centrifugal force ride was actually originally developed and built by Alvin Bisch (1888-1965) in the early 1930s as an airplane pilot training device.


Flying on the Screamin’ Eagles is truly a one-of-a-kind experience because there really aren’t many rides out there that let you control your own ride experience.

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Flyers are a great family ride, and Great Escape is much more family focused than most other Six Flags properties. I think this will be a winner for the park. However, I'm more glad that the random Screamscape rumor about backwards trains on the Comet turned out to be false.

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I am happy to see so many positive statements about the addition. their Facebook page and a few other forums have been sharing the love.


As I've said before, I approve as long as you can snap. And yes, I'd say that's in the realm of possibility.


Neat article. I didn't realize Flyer Addicts was still active. Hadn't checked them out in a while.


From the inscription I think you will be able to snap them. they talk about it operating at a high speed and stating that if you want a mild ride hold the Rutter steady.

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Another addition to the park, but THIS year, is a something that looks like an haunted-house walk through. I saw this in the Ghosttown last time I went, with ads and the empty salloon, ready to host... It's a ghosttown, so Ghosts, maybe ?


An add of the new "Salloon of darkness"


An empty salloon... Is it already haunted and that's why all peoples are gone ? Scared ?

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Guys, while I would LOVE for the flyers to be awesome, keep in mind we're talking about a Six Flags park here. They're probably going to be run even slower than Hersheypark runs their horrid version. The sad truth is that Knoeble's is the last park to have the balls to run the ride the way it is meant to be run.

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While the park is owned by Six Flags. TGE is anything but a Six Flags park. they have always been their own thing except for the short stint were they had the Loony Tunes themed area which opened with a unique theme not seen before. The news report talks about higher speeds. This is a ride were even a few extra MPH makes a big deference.


Most parks slow then down because the arms are pron to warping, cracking, and braking. Story Land Bought Whalom's Scooters that ran as hard as Knoeble's and the ride had so many cracks and warps it was cheaper to buy a new Larson model then to rehab Whalom's to be operated gain.

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