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Most affordable sit-down at WDW?


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Lunch is always a much better time for finding reasonably priced meals if you can make your big meal of the day for lunch. 50s Prime Time and Sci-Fi Dine-In at Disney MGM Studios are well within that range and offer plenty of variety. Beaches N Cream at Boardwalk also falls in this category. At Epcot, San Angel Inn is pretty reasonably, and a meal at Teppanyaki Dining Room (depending on what you order) can run from $15-20, and well worth it in my opinion! Most restaurants will have very reasonable lunch prices. Dinner is obviously higher.



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^I was looking at the Disney-centric restaurants, the parks, hotels, not anything you would find at Downtown Disney, and my group isn't really into character-dining. I know for a fact that we probably won't be going to places like Les Chefs de France, Victoria & Alberts, or even California Grill. I come from a family that has never gone to the Blue Bayou at Disneyland because we feel it's too expensive for what they offer. I would prefer places that give people a lot of menu options, not just in price but quantity. For example, do they offer a healthy selection of soups or appetizers, do they appeal to the carnivor and the vegetarian. Do they offer enough proteins and carbs, good choices in the fried, baked, broiled, steamed, sauteed department? I hope that's not too much to go by.

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I am a pretty big fan of the buffets and the places that aren't buffets but serve family style, bringing you bowls and platters to your table. There is always an excellent selection. I also agree that lunch is always cheaper than dinner, so that's a great path to take, especially at someplace like Alfredo's at EPCOT.


My favorite three restaurants at WDW are Liberty Tree Tavern (last time I was there it was family style and almost like Thanksgiving dinner!!), 50"s PrimeTime Cafe (so much fun and great food) and Chef Mickey's (awesome breakfast buffet)


One thing I did on the last couple trips is to eat a light breakfast snack (ie. granola bar, banana, etc) first thing in the am, and then eat at a later breakfast seating or early lunch seating. Then grab something fast and cheap (like McDonalds, the official restaurant of Elissa Alvey) for dinner.


I usually drop 10 pounds at WDW because I eat one big meal a day and walk a ton, plus I am usually too busy riding rides, seeing shows and hugging rodents to eat!



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My recommendation: Biergarten Restaurant at Epcot.


It's an all-you-can-eat buffet with tons of menu options, which are constantly rotated, so every time you can back for more, there are some new options to choose from!


Also, if anyone in your group is of age, I've also heard they have the best beer selection (although I also believe those are the only drinks without refills!).


Best of all, though, is nobody ever goes! I think the Polka scares them off.

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