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Pictures From The Abandoned Great Mall Of China Project

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Some of you may remember the Great Mall of China project being built in ther east of Beijing. First announced almost 10 years ago the project was due to have three fairly major coasters but after years and years of delays it never got off the ground. The park was originally meant to be built by Berjaya the people who own Berjaya Times Square and Supersonic Odyssey in Malaysia but has now had several owners it seems.

The history of the project is somewhat confusing but the park was due to open a vertical lift Vekoma coaster seen here


Which Vekoma still have track for at their plant in the Netherlands. They were also due to open a Vekoma Motorbike coaster which may have been partly installed and a Premier Sky Rocket 2. The Sky Rocket 2 itself has an interesting history as I've read the ride was fully fabricated for the park but with its continuing problems was sold on elsewhere. I've read in different places the ride ended up as both Sky Scream and Phobia Phear Coaster and never been able to prove either.


Anyway a couple of Urban explorers recently went to visit the site of the project and it turns out a few rides were installed and that people are still sort of working on the project. Their visit can be read about here. http://burbex.org/2016/09/26/the-great-mall-of-china-yanjiao-grade-a/


A couple of highlights here.


A forlorn looking Zamperla sits in the middle of the giant structure


Supports for what could well have been the Vekoma Motor Bike stand like a blue stone henge


Another Zamperla ride sits waiting for riders that i doubt will ever come


More of what could have been the launch track of the motorbike coaster or maybe a monorail ride of some kind.

I highly doubt the park will ever see the light of day now but its kind of weird seeing pics of the place half built.

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I like creepy abandoned things, especially theme parks. It's even weirder to see one that was never finished. Thanks for the share.


Anyone read Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's novel, "The Silver Eyes"? These pictures reminded me a bit of the unfinished abandoned mall in that.

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