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Which of these Chicken Restaurants do you like the best?

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Well...Raising Cane's is an awful company, so that's out...


I only eat seafood at Popeye's, and I'm long-term sick of it; at least get the same thing from a local place.


I hate myself for feeling this way, but Chick-fil-A (still don't know how to spell this) IS amazing. It just is. I mean maybe it's just that I haven't tried equivalent meals from competitors, but it's surprisingly good to this person who's only recently developed a slight taste for chicken. The basic sandwich is good enough, but I relish the spicy #2, plain with the pepper jack.


Not a fan of KFC, but that's more the whole not loving chicken thing (want burger)...

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Zaxby's. We just got one of those in Springfield, and it's some of the best fast food sh*t I've ever had.


Agreed. During my last two visits to my cousin who lives in Augusta we got Zaxby's and wow was it good plus it's a Coke freestyle place which are the best.I really wish there's one here in IL where I live.

My second favorite is Chick Fil A no question.

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In West Palm we have all of those except Raising Cane's, but Popeyes, Zaxby's, Church's, and Chick-fil-A do the best job overall. I never go to Church's often because its a little ways to drive.


But KFC is BAD. They have poor service, and the people are always giving me the wrong order and then they throw the food on the floor and then put bleach on it, and then give me it. I will never eat there EVER again. And I tell them that what their doing is wrong, but they say "Shove it up your a**", and then they ask me where im from, and I say Hawaii, and then they call me a Hawaiian racist name, like Pineapple Nigger, Lava Nigger, Moke, and Poi-belly. Then, they always tell me to "Stay the **** in Hawaii, where you belong"

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We like Church's. Always have, and always try to find it, no matter

which city, or country, we're in. And generally speaking, it's not too

bad, when eaten around the world, heh.


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For me, it's Chick-fil-A. One just opened up a couple of weeks ago near my sister's house in Grand Rapids and I've been there. It was really good. They are extremely organized! There was a line out through the parking lot to the main road (CFA's entrance is off a side road behind a Bob Evans) and I was through there in less than a half hour. There were people stationed in the line with iPads taking orders and more people taking the money before the drive thru window. I would imagine it was moving smoothly inside as well even though the line was to the door. Onto the food, my sister and I had chicken nuggets (which are nothing like the nuggets other fast food places sell) which were yummy!


Of the other places, I've only had KFC. Zaxby's, Church's, and Raising Cane's don't have any locations within 200 miles of me (as far as I know). I've never had Popeye's despite there being at least one location in Grand Rapids (it's in a part of town that I don't get to often).

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Given the fact that there are so many decent chicken wing options available in Western NY, I would rather blow my cholesterol readings eating good wings than visit any of the chain chicken restaurants.


I can't even remember the last time that I ate KFC...maybe when I was like 16?

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I feel compelled to upgrade my opinion of KFC. I had previously been unaware of Chicken Littles, which are perfectly edible. They got nothing on Chick-fil-A*, though.




*I still don't know how to spell this. Apparently I can spell it now, but I had to Google the precise formatting.

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VERY rarely, I'll eat at Raising Cain's, or PDQ (not sure if this one is only local or not). . .


but for years, since I discovered it while in Atlanta (and they have a location in Little Rock that I've eaten at, and one in downtown Austin that we eat at often). . my favorite is "Gus' World Famous Fried Chicken"





there's only one way they make it. . spicy as hell. . and it is so, so good.


the sides are great too (Potato Salad, corn, beans, slaw, Fried Green Tomatoes, Okra, Fried pickles, etc. . ), and the Chess Pie is among the best version I've ever had.


so yeah. . .Gus'



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