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[PLC] Adventure Point!

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Hey guys! I wanted to start the new year with a brand new Theme Park, Adventure Point! This park will consist of my creations as well as items I find on the workshop from you guys! I've already used Andy P's shop at the entrance as well as CaseyBrian's Temple & the wonderful Mexican restaurant built by Knighty! Also found that Seafoam's Asian Food court worked perfect right outside of Traders Village! I feel that with going with an Adventure theme it opens the doors to all kinds of rides & creations and doesn't box me into one set of ideas. I'm always eager to hear your feedback so let me know what you guys think! Also if you have any adventure themed buildings you'd like to see if I can use send me a note & if I think it goes with the style I'm going for I may use it!




















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Here is the next section of the park that will be anchored by my Transformers 3D Ride! I'm thinking of making Bumble Bee as well and place him in this red feature circle for pictures & such. I've also added a frontier type coaster that is based off Fire Chaser Express.











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This only shows me that I don't delve into the workshop enough. The intricate theming, the playground, rock climbing wall... so many things I hadn't even thought of including in any of my parks! You've meshed these things together so well, great stuff!

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