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[Miniature] Rollercoasters

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Hey all, big fan of TPR on youtube and only today learned there is a forum as well!


Wanted to share some pictures of a miniature version (scale 1:1200) of the Rougarou in Cedar Point:


Arrived in translucent material:



After a layer of primer and the first red "stripes" of paint:


Rougarou with painted tracks:



Rougarou finished with supports painted:



Hope you like it

Painting took me +- an hour.

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Note that you don't really need to own a 3D printer


These are 3D printed at Shapeways.

Once you order a 3D printable model, they will print on high resolution industrial 3D printers and ship it to you directly


Not sure if a desktop 3D printer at home would be able to create a delicate rollercoaster.

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This is amazing! Really cool work. How long does it take you to paint one on average?


This makes me really want a 3D printer. I'd love to do all the SFOG coasters, or even a tiny model of the entire park haha.


I would definitely consider buying some models, depending on the price.

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